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I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

Being a widow

Being a widow is not being a window

Through which beautiful sceneries may be admired.

Being a widow means being a door

Through which one traverses all the vicissitudes

Of life that swing widely with variations

Of expressions on the pendulum of emotions.

Suddenly, she feels she is alone,

Alone to take care of the children,

Alone to cook and clean, alone to do washing up,

Alone to chop or shop and still alone

On bed during the long Winter nights.

Tired of crying, tired of sobbing,

Tired of loneliness, tired of tiredness,

And still tired of what people say

Both behind her back and infront of her eyes,

She decides to take her fate in her hands.

She rises from the ashes, like the phoenix,

She walks, head held high, focussed

On her achievable dreams,

She feels she is not alone,

Her children are there and a good friend as well

Though others turned their backs to her.

Most importantly, she feels her husband is still there

To support her in all her endeavours.

Like the kangaroo, she protects her children,

Like the lioness, she protects her dignity

And like the tortoise, she wins the race,

Slow and steady with a willpower,

As strong as steel.

pramila khadun

A soldier’s message

Dear beautiful people across the world,

When you see a soldier passing by,

Wait for a minute to pay your respect to him.

He deserves your love and compassion

And much more than this your respect

For the noble work that he does everyday,

In sunshine and in rain, in thunder and lightning

And most perillous of all, the mountain slopes and snow.

At the cost of his life and his love for his family,

He stands upright to fight for your security

And your life which is so precious to him,

Irrespective of your caste or color.

His pioneer contribution to his motherland,

Can neither be measured nor compared.

He believes in himself and in God,

In his motherland and the nation at large

Is his family, his prized possession.

Never say an unkind word to a soldier,

Never hurt his heart and never let his body bleed.

Though ordinary, his mission is extraordinary.

Is there a man who is greater than a soldier?

pramila khadun

Today, we shall sit together

Today, we shall sit together

And say a prayer.

Prayers have power and group prayers

Take one to those heights

Where angels are not afraid to tread.

Let us pray for the vulnerable first,

That ritualistic child abuse will disappear,

Child labour will be inexistent

And all children will have equal opportunities

For food, shelter, clothing, love and education.

Let the muslin saree flutter

Freely in the air,

Let the dress get the respect they deserve

And the salwar kameez worn with pride

By girls and women without whom

No one can exist.

Like vapour, let sex trafficking evaporate,

Like snow, may rape melt

And may no woman be battered.

May men get respect without discrimination,

Whether they are Ministers or food growers,

Single or married, gay or differently abled.

With enlightening radiance, may they build

A world where nature is treated as a goddess

And animals protected so that they

Walk by us, fearless

And head held high.

pramila khadun

And yet, all are so helpless

Hiking and skiing adventures

Have always given me rapturous delight.

Bathed in these immense emotions,

I think of global warming

And the damages we are doing

To the Amazon rain forest,

The great barrier reef,

The Antarctic and the Rhone Glacier.

The sea is rising every year

With the melting of icebergs.

Questions loom to my mind,

The first one being,

‘Will our children and grandchildren

Forgive us and our irresponsibilities?’

Aren’t we producing more than we need?

Will our greed cease or grow more and more?

The uncharted oceanic depths,

The unknown geographies,

The heart of forests and deserts

That cast a light on the divine

Are all hiding from us,

Fearing our limitless exploitations.

The quizzical gaze of grazing cows,

The soldiers with blistering and bleeding feet,

The beach-comber on the sandy shore,

The windswept fields and the busy bees

All know the karmic path of man

And yet, all are so helpless.

pramila khadun

A million roses in bloom

The poets across the world

Dug a huge hole

And buried all the weapons.

The next day, when they went there,

They were surprised to see

A million roses in bloom

And ten million bees hovering around,

All singing in a sweet voice,

May peace prevail for ever.’

Together, the poets hugged each other

And cried until the sun set

Bathing them all in beautiful colors.

pramila khadun

Has man really evolved?

A veil of melancholy hangs over my face

When I think of the way the earth

Is reacting to the accumulated

Sins of mankind.

The prominent and pioneering leaders,

The makers of civilization,

The saints with a halo round their heads,

The reasonable and reachable trend setters,

The poets, painters, singers and path finders

Are all perched in delicate silence like grapes.

I feel so suffocated thinking of air pollution,

A nausea grips me thinking of water pollution

And noise pollution is about to make me deaf.

The skycrapers are touching the sky

And the farthest recesses of the mind

Are being dug out to be able

To settle on the moon and Mars

When down below, children are dying of hunger,

Snowfall killing the homeless

And brothers are making walls

Instead of bridges.

Can we say that man has evolved?

Hearths and homes are many

Mourning the deaths of beloved ones

In attacks, confrontation, wars and blasts.

Nobody has time either for God or for oneself.

The ratrace for amassing wealth is irresistible

As if wealth is everything in life.

When will man realize that we are all one.

The day this happens, it will mean

That man has really evolved.

pramila khadun

Show me the meaning of love

When the rain will lash intermittedly

And flashes of lightning will brighten

The sky, making the flight of my imagination

Reach its zenith beautifully,

Will you hold my hand

And show me the meaning of love?

When we will lie down on the beach,

My legs softly being rubbed by yours,

Our eyes focussed on the boat

Setting sail along the crests and the troughs,

Will you whisper in my ears words soft

And show me the meaning of love?

When my spirits are low

And I listen to the hiss

And the crackle of huge wooden logs,

Face cupped in my two hands,

The child in my heart weeping,

Will you dry my tears

And show me the meaning of love?

When the petals of my womanhood open

With the grace of rose petals,

Spreading a fragrance of quality rare,

Will you look in my luminous eyes,

Tatoo my body with kisses passionate,

Touch my lips red and cheeks pink,

In a hushed whisper, clinging to my bosom,

Will you show me the meaning of love?

pramila khadun