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Passionate about Poetry writing. Favorite topic to write is LIFE AND most passionate in writing about LOVE. Aim in life is to motivate people through write ups & Want to become the greatest writer in the Universe. Written more than 200 Hindi poems, 40 English poems Love's to write shayaris Aim is that write up should go to those who need it. Winner of World Writers Competition - Get placed in Top 10 Selected out of 2200 Poetries World wide

Life is Great

Life is always great
It’s we who are afraid
Give yourself wings to fly
You will see a change
Which no one else can create

It’s fascinating to live
But it’s pampering to die
Live with your passion
Show your democracy to fly
That’s how you survive

Loads of enormous courage
Not necessary be required
Little things put together
This is what we live
And this gives reason to strive

Let’s not run
Let us all fly
As scenery
Can be more beautiful
Up from the sky

Don’t give up
It’s not the end
The twist of the story
We can see
When the road will bend

© Sha Azam Siddiqui

Life is changing Everyday

Life is changing everyday
It keeps moving day by day
We walk we run we fall
That’s how we learn each day

Today we fall
Tomorrow we will get up
This is our life
Why should we be fed up

Fighting is the nature
Which warrior decide
Which in their heart
It always reside

Life is a journey
Live it with serenity
Everyday share smile
It will remain till eternity

© Sha Azam Siddiqui – All rights reserved

Life is a Process

Life is a process
Where everyday
People feel that
They are into a race

Life is when
You learn everyday
When you fight
And you win each day

Life is not
To stay in misery
It gives you lesson
To understand each day

Life is blessed
So why to take stress
Smile and be happy
Enjoy life even in distress

Life is always
Work in progress
To prosper daily
Shine everyday

© Sha Azam Siddiqui – All rights reserved

Life is Everything


This world is wonderful
It has an enormous beauty
Enjoy life
Each and every moment
Life is everything
It’s precious more than anything
Live each day with blessings
Blessed are our souls
Blessed are we
Life is everything
Make someone’s life meaningful
A life that is so beautiful

© Sha Azam Siddiqui – All rights reserved

Life is like Raindrops

Life gives many reasons
Everyday to smile
Like a cheerful raindrop
This makes earth smile

Life is a wet road
On which we all walk
Let’s start enjoying rain
And we will see
Glory of life in soothing rain

Life is to enjoy
Every drop of rain
We can’t hide ourselves
So let’s start enjoy this drain

Each raindrops is small
But together it’s rain
This has the capacity
To remove barren lands in vain

Let us all try
To be like rain
Wherever we move
Let’s remove all pain

Life is better
And always it will be
If we have the courage
To be happy
In every situation
Whatever it may be

(c) Sha Azam Siddiqui – All rights reserved

Life is a Myth


Life is a mystery
With untold stories
People live life
With blind eyes

Life is here
It’s everywhere
If you see
Life surrounds us
With incredible delight

Still we run
Looking for life
But we forget
To see within
Where actually
Life resides

We live here
Where we have to show
And to complete that
Everywhere we vow

Live is living
With our own existence
Life without pride
It’s how we live
And we have decide

Let’s make this world
A beautiful place to live
A place worth living
For that love everyone
And learn act of giving

(c) Sha Azam Siddiqui – All rights reserved

Countless Blessings


Life is a walk
In the gardens
Of muddy way
It’s the life
We just pass
Along this way

Life is bitter
It is sweet
It is chuckling
It is amazing
It’s melody
We all sing

Life is better
In it’s every way
It’s hard and also tough
But it’s the only way

It’s adorable
It’s fanatic
Life is gigantic
Within it lies
Loads of excitement
In each and every day

For some
It’s smooth
Rest others
Find it rough
But we don’t know
This is amazing
Life makes us tough

Life is wondering
Why we are complaining
It’s the beginning
With the end of evening

Stop whining
Start Living
It’s the life
This is happening

So always
Keep learning
Life means breathing
if u keep on learning
Joy is abundance
For which
There is no ending

(C) Sha Azam Siddiqui – All Rights Reserved

Life Is A Mixed Blessing

Life is a blessing
It’s about me
It’s about you
It’s always
Worth living

Love yourself
Love one and all
It’s a beautiful life
So treasure it all

In a life
If possible
Give love and care
Harm no one
As in today’s world
Kindness is bizarre

Today on this
World Poetry Day
Let us take a pledge
To give love and
Share happiness
And stay blessed

Life is short
Live it to the fullest
If possible
Blessed someone
This deed is greatest

Life is Beautiful

You are blessed
For the people you have
You should not be amazed
For the beautiful relations you have

Life is a blessing
For many unfold greetings
Which falls in path
When you keep moving

Life is just amazing
You just stop gazing
It will take you to other corner
If you just keep flowing

Life is a gift
Keep sharing it
It will double your joy
So always keep enjoying it

Life is meant to feel happy
No matter what
For happiness
Always be ready

Life is full of surprises
Live with it always
And enjoy what it gives
Feel as if it is happy crisis

You are blessed
You can bless others
If you live life being happy
Blessing will be unlimited
And you live forever happily