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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

Where Heaven Lives

I’m eager to know about the life and likings of this abode,
all about their mundane affairs and fancy full scope.

Even the wind seems sedated when it passes through this place,
giving the inmates, some liberty to roam around at their pace.

Let my senses visit this house sailing through its crude lunette,
as it surely has a life-giving spring which has kept it retained.

Or, maybe it has a hidden talisman placed in one of its secret corner,
as I never saw before a supreme harmony of sobriety and fervour.

The charm of this refuge is inevitable, I think I’m fated to adore its glamour,
Never saw before a pure union of stoicism and high-spirited demeanor.

Wish to own a house like this, having love and longing raining on its gable,
I pray, seeing my penchant, the owner sells his house to me, it’s a plea humble.

Copyrights © May 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved.
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My Summertime

I’ve treasured a span of life,
for me, which is so dear,
once when I had nothing,
then I was an emperor;
Emptiness ruled my bare feet
and my bare hands,
even felt blessed under
summer’s fiery flashes.

I was rich as I was
with my clan and my tribe,
the ethereal bliss of mine
superseded my earthly life,
that tangy concoction
of average mint and mango,
is going to stay forever
in my heart’s mud patio.

Copyrights © April 2019 Dr. Nikhat Bano All rights reserved

Who’s a Friend, Who’s a Foe, Don’t Know!

In the dust he was lying, unarmed, unescorted,
upon his head my gun was pointed;
I was eager to register my name among patriots,
his body throbbed seeing me in a fight mode.

In an utter agony he made his head rise,
his mystic glance pierced through my eyes;
Those feeble hands made gestures to pause,
finally, my demur stopped my zeal’s flows.

Eager to know what he had to say
in his last lag; What did he wish to convey?
His frail figure and blood smeared face,
were ready to deface my myth and to efface.

The half dead entity was kicked by my boot,
hatred had blackened my heart by soot;
What’s that that he wishes to say at this stage,
seeing his end, I thanked god I wasn’t in his place.

My curiosity for him, made me bend a little,
to hear his crumbling bones unduly brittle;
“What will I lose if I listen to him once” I retorted.
“It’s him, who’s in a sinking boat, not I.” Again, I retorted.

With pain he said, “Why do you wish to kill me, Pal?”
“Ask yourself, putting your hands on your heart;
Do you really know the reason behind your action?”
“Brother, surely you don’t know any sane reason.”

“In your war room if I’m marked as an antagonist,
in my war room, even you’re not a protagonist.”
“I don’t know why I’m being killed.” He chuckled.
On his blood smeared face his pearly teeth sparkled.

Just then a gun shot was heard, echoed in the air,
a soul was seen drifting off leaving earthen sphere;
In that bleak battlefield a deafening silence prevailed then,
a clay toy was seen getting mixed with the soil, lying all broken.

Turning my back, I tried to walk on my staggering feet,
carrying along a question – how to define a victory and a defeat?
A puzzle posed by a dead soldier will always haunt me,
and ask me why I’m into this war, why on a killing spree?

Is this rationale enough that he belonged to an enemy camp?
But I have heard we’re a supreme creation, not a tramp.
In this war torn era, neither the killer knows, why’s he killing,
nor the dying knows why is he being killed?

Copyright © April 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved

A Prejudiced Union

With great religious fervour and flavour,
a harmonious alliance was solemnised;
When a fairer groom was talk of the town,
and alien gazes watched a coloured bride.

A man from the rank and file got a wife,
who was a rich man’s heiress by surprise;
Once a practicing doctor, but later
her dark tone made her a prole’s bride.

Why do we’ve such deals in our society,
where status is linked with one’s complexion?
Where a fairer sex is no more fairer,
when her soul is wrapped in colouration?

Sadly, complexion is related to gloom?
‘Our dusky beauty was failed by mental cripples.’
Can’t we respect disparity and dissimilarity?
Pray, O Adam’s children! Shun notions filthy little?

Why does complexion bothers us, so much?
When it’s a game of chance everywhere?
How come pigmentation affects one’s soul,
when a soul is exalted by one’s dealings fair?

Let’s remember the words of a messenger (PBUH),
“White people have no superiority over black people,
nor black people have any superiority over whites,
they’ll be reckoned except by piety and self-denial.”

Copyrights © February 2018 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved.

An Imperial Ghost

I think it was some ghost of yesteryears,
knocked on the doors of worshippers;
A centuries old, grudged spirit had come alive,
concocted horror and rage to live and thrive.

Carved was the year and the place on his firearm,
that day, the spirit had recalled the dead past,
smeared his hands playing bloody game twice.
With his insane moves put the groups to sacrifice.

For sure, you’re not the Roman, they were not the Ottomans,
we’re mere strugglers in life’s terrible grind, we’re humans;
Following an obsolete book of diatribe,
you decided the fate of fifty poor lives.

Crescent and cross can’t harmonize in a bloodbath,
can’t thrive ensuing mayhem amid unaware stalwarts;
You can’t purge souls as per your whims and fancies;
For the peace to prevail we need to mend our fences.

Copyright © March 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved

Woman: An Adroit Heiress

Knock softly on a woman’s heart,
it has delicate and simmering walls;
Her heart is a flare in an ice case,
she’s passionate but in wise ways.

She’s neither a frozen lake of salt
not an entity buried in a numb vault;
A proud owner of a pulsating heart,
she’s a pioneer of a predestined task.

Owning or disowning her is out of question,
her existence swipes earth and heaven
Someone who has been created by design,
who are we to laud her or to malign?

Get her glimpse in a placid lake and in a whirlpool,
See her mild and ruffled resonance in each brook
Praise your Lord that she’s in your each strife.
Praise your Lord for a woman in your own life.

Copyright © DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved.

Dear Hope!

Oh Hope! Perch on my soggy bench,
I’m all poised to fly with you,
in the sky of eternal desires,
with the wooly fleece in the vast blue.

Wait a moment, I think……
You doubt my very footing.
Though I was a pushover all my life,
yet I’m honest in staging.

Your stopover might save a soul,
from the swamp it’s struggling with,
you may light a damp spirit,
whose glitter is hidden under filth.

Copyrights © 2019, Dr. Nikhat Bano

O My Solitude!

The night has put a halt on each impulse,
in this dark city lane,
all souls are resting at this hour,
in their safe haven;
But this solitude is awake with me,
wandering on this brick lane.
O Solitude! Join me to see the daybreak,
at the end of this pain.

You’re invincible I know
nobody can influence you,
Ieaning against this wall
I’m looking for some solace and pity;
Lemme, walk beside you
in this unfamiliar, exotic city,
as two staggering lunatics
strolling round the city.

Copyright © 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved.
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Paint Me Red

Before I knew you, My Love!
Cold and frozen was my soul;
Dawn stayed away from me
and distant sky was my only abode.

In pursuit of your love I roamed alone,
toiling in the time in earth’s zones;
Pray, paint my world all red,
and fuse divine peace into amourous storm.

Be my valentine each day, O My Wooer!
No one can ascertain a day for an admirer,
A true love is just luck and can even befall,
on any eclipsed day from the pale lips of a lover.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano
February 14, 2019.

My Days of Yore

In the days of yore,
what else one could ask for;
During those moments of ours
you were just mine and I was yours.

They were neither more nor less,
those days were fearless as well;
Let us stop for a while and ponder,
What was that, that kept us closer?

My advancing steps turn wise,
often gets slow sometimes,
to look back and to see beyond,
hope can move mountain they reckon.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano
February 8, 2019.