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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

O My Solitude!

The night has put a halt on each impulse,
in this dark city lane,
all souls are resting at this hour,
in their safe haven;
But this solitude is awake with me,
wandering on this brick lane.
O Solitude! Join me to see the daybreak,
at the end of this pain.

You’re invincible I know
nobody can influence you,
Ieaning against this wall
I’m looking for some solace and pity;
Lemme, walk beside you
in this unfamiliar, exotic city,
as two staggering lunatics
strolling round the city.

Copyright © 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved.
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Paint Me Red

Before I knew you, My Love!
Cold and frozen was my soul;
Dawn stayed away from me
and distant sky was my only abode.

In pursuit of your love I roamed alone,
toiling in the time in earth’s zones;
Pray, paint my world all red,
and fuse divine peace into amourous storm.

Be my valentine each day, O My Wooer!
No one can ascertain a day for an admirer,
A true love is just luck and can even befall,
on any eclipsed day from the pale lips of a lover.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano
February 14, 2019.

My Days of Yore

In the days of yore,
what else one could ask for;
During those moments of ours
you were just mine and I was yours.

They were neither more nor less,
those days were fearless as well;
Let us stop for a while and ponder,
What was that, that kept us closer?

My advancing steps turn wise,
often gets slow sometimes,
to look back and to see beyond,
hope can move mountain they reckon.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano
February 8, 2019.

Man – A Curtain Raiser

A few steps down this thick fog,
an amazing element is waiting for me;
I’m ready to catch you up, O life,
won’t care what’s offered to me.

I’m aware, it isn’t you behind all,
It’s a power unseen behind this clog;
Here, each one is predestined,
you’re just a blockage of my road.

I’ll walk through you to your dismay,
watch my commitment, my obligation;
Will prove a man’s superiority
over all heavenly creations.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano

My Three Sentiments


This stoic world seems an end of all pathways wise,

was coerced into this labyrinth by the wily will of mine;

Contemplating in the middle of nowhere, alone I’m,

where do I chime in better, with the veiled passion or shrill stoicism.

Copyrights reserved @ Dr. Nikhat Bano

December 27, 2018.

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Pray, don’t open these sanguine shells of annihilation,

the walking dead will ask the reasons of their cessation;

The ledger spirits, howling inside, will tear its readers,

you’ll be wounded by the rain of their shrapnel showers.

Copyrights reserved @ Dr. Nikhat Bano

December 13, 2018

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The day is banal, the person is sophomoric,

belongings are basic, concoction is average;

Yet, there’s rareness in this customary existence,

love for kinship has given her lavish leverage.

Copyrights reserved @ Dr. Nikhat Bano

December 28, 2017.

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The Year That Has Passed By

Once more a year has passed,
had many things in its garb,
much the same as the past.
A mix of all fair and dark.
Had everything a life could offer;
It could make me joyous
and on many occasions,
even grievous.

Life offered a plethora of events,
insane highs and unsound lows;
But although inflicted by all griefs,
the year had a few trickling joys.
Alas, I couldn’t explain to myself,
those lows after each strife.
Not confessing out of the blue,
my morbid interest in life.

It was more mystic than before,
the year that has passed by;
Was more licentious than before,
the year that has passed by.
As if in an unknown territory,
existed a labyrinthine;
Leading to devil’s workshop,
through pathways clandestine.

Even now on this earth
people do sleep without eating;
Rapists, murderers roam free
after each ethnic cleansing.
Who’s going to assure us here,
that the same battered flute,
will not repeat,
the same mournful tunes.

Lord! The more I look back
the more I’m appalled;
Amazed by the godless sinners,
by their uncanny guts, I’m dazed.
They’re erudite, devout and mighty,
crossing every sane boundary,
these trespassers’ frenzies
has made me forget comity.

Have we over-killed our humanity?
And hyper-warped our identity?
Why this morbid interest in death
and love for adversity!
Now, tough to accept this manifestation,
‘We were once the supreme creation’.
It’s high time we need a Messiah
We hail you, O’ Son of Marry, Isa (PBUH)!

Copyrights Reserved @ DrNikhat Bano
December 22, 2018.

Sanguine Swain

An amorous blush is seen all over,
a tickling pink is spreading laughter;
A sensation of unknown pleasure,
has spread aesthetic appeal all over.

Chained by the rainbow of your horizon,
serving a sentence of many light years,
I’m held by your aura, a prisoner of yours.
When I’m nowhere, I’m at your doorsteps.

Seeing your persona so charismatic,
I’ve realized a maiden dream tonight;
Don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow,
you’re the one who can free me tonight.

Heaven and earth in this wilderness,
conspiring to give us an elixir of life;
Let’s imbibe joys of this exotic location,
let’s get lost in the pink of condition.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano

My State Consuls

I headed towards you one fine day,
towards a home away from home;
Towards my clan and my countrymen,
unaware, unguarded, in high hopes.

In one of my closest consulate,
by the inmates of your inner circle,
I was ebbed away by a plan sinister,
along with all my dreams and ardour.

We knew, it was just a clash of views,
you hated my amour, I hated your intrigue;
Your deceit crystallised you further,
and my truth got me liquefied.

You smashed humanity to smithereens,
and dismembered trust in your cavern;
After lacerating voice of your pleader,
you threw peace and justice into barren.

My killer still lacks that remorseful look,
still having the same venomous gaze;
Aware of a vicious game of life and death,
that was played in his walled consulate.

Copyrights © DrNikhat Bano
All rights reserved
December 8, 2018.