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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

Life is rushing by…

As it is rushing by..
The days and nights seem so short,
The precious moments ,I am losing,
As we two are living apart.
Breaths seem to be just a counted few,
And then I will wait for us to unite,
Begin our life once again, anew.
But,wait !I have to live a lot more..
To fulfill the dreams,we’ve cherished,
To love,be loved,to deliver and be pure.
The hopes have not yet diminished,
They’re still shining ever so bright.
How can I be ready for another journey!
I am not even ready to say goodnight?
For all have to come and all have to go.
Life’s lessons are eternal,
Not merely for a quick show..
So,I’ve to learn a lot and also,
unlearn a little,before I go.

My Papa Dear Papa

Years have gone by ,just like moments,
And I miss you every moment like decades.
I was your princess forever ,
even after growing up.
People said I was your copy,
And trust me it was best compliment I could ever receive.
Hardworking,laborious,introvert and that dazzling smile.
Yes I am your shadow .
But how does a shadow survive without the body ?
Sixteen years and still counting,
Whenever I am low,I am alone
I ,miss you papa. No one can ever be my strength,my pillar
And today I am most please come back to me.,
I need you my almighty,I have faith in you,
Just YOU…

I so often lie to myself

I so often lie to myself,

I dream of you every waking moment and I talk to you.

Sometimes I realize that it is just an apparition and you are not there with me.

But my heart holds my senses back and convinces me,that you are indeed with me there.

With countless nights and days away from you ,to hold back my sanity.

I imagine you all around ,

Gazing at me caressing me with your eyes.

You don’t touch me but I can feel

I can feel that shivering sensation of being looked at with admiration.

I feel rejuvenated

And so on it goes…

And so often I just lie to myself.

Passing Away

In today’s materialistic world,

Passing away matters, if you are person of fame.

If you are rich enough…

Or you are with loads of name and fame.

But the ordinary, a nameless man on the road,

Goes un-mourned and unattended .

The person might have died of penury

Or hunger, exhaustion laid him dead.

I mourn the passing away of the forgotten..

Whether human or the values.

I mourn the lost kind words,

And the selfless love,

The era when women were safe as well as respected.

The innocence of childhood and the peaceful


I mourn the dying Mother Nature,

And Mother Earth breathing her last.

Why do we mortals take our existence and

Destroy everything in our haste!

A Hope for Bravery of all the Nirbhayas’

She fought valiantly,
The aggressors on her modesty.
The only mistake she made ,
Was to travel with unknown people.
Her so called fault was to be out at night,
In a country where all walk shoulder to shoulder.

She took her freedom for granted,

It did not please the lusty perverts.
They attacked her with all vehemence,
Tearing off the shreds of her innocence,
And her faith in humanity and humans.
They robbed her off her modesty,
But they failed to kill her spirits.
She fought and fought to stay alive,
To see her offenders get punished by law.
She had to die against her wishes,
But her will to live has left us in awe.
Though she is no more but she did a favour,
She united her countrymen against all odds.
We now wait to see the justice done,
We protest and brave all odds.
Let’s hope we do not fail her ,
In the cause we fight for her today.
Let’s hope the rapists will get eradicated
And the judgement leaves a trail of fear ,
In the perverts who want their way.

Life is an Amalgam

Life is a mystery,
All that is past, they say is a history.
But it haunts our moments to come,
Whether they were pleasant one or troublesome.

Life is a lesson.
The one you should always cherish ,
If you don’t learn it well.
Then in the end,
without even any efforts, you shall perish.

Life is a journey.
One day for sure it will reach its end.
You have to cope with its trials and tribulations,
And save yourself from dangerous curves and bends,.

Life is an eternal truth,
That we all face and survive.
We may die a thousand death and yet sin,
Or love. Live ,forgive and let our soul be alive.

It is a passion, full of promises encore.
If you want ,you live it and truly live,
Or leave it hurt, destroyed and sore.

Nothing is Immortal in this World

Nothing is immortal in this world,
Yes, there are people and things ,
That are difficult to find,
Hard to procure,
Tough to sustain.
And if you get them,
Identify their worth,
And able to sustain too,
They may last a life time,
And beyond too.
But being indelible to last forever!
Nothing is so strong, so deep.
Even the marks on heart fade,
Even the stones sometimes lie.
Even the ageless tales lose their appeal.
We change with passing times.
To change with the happening vie.
Metals get moulded differently
Stars change their sky.
Then to think that love will be
imperishable for ages to come,
It may prove to be day dream that will never come true.
So accept what you lay your hands on.
Live with it till it lasts with you,
And let it go when the charm diminishes.
Do not drag the lifeless being,
just for the sake of holding on to.

Ode to My Kanha

He reads my mind like a book,
Deciphering every word, every silence.
He knows when I smile with my eyes,
He knows when I would say “yes” or “no”.
Therefore hence…
Sometimes I wonder, is He ,an invisible soul!
Who wanders just somewhere near by,
Very much near to me.
The way He predicts my reactions.
The way He reads my intentions.
I get alarmed ,very alarmed some times.
But, whenever He reads my hidden thoughts,
It’s a blessing, I soon realize.
I do not need to tell so many things,
I need not explain so many thoughts.
Or, never ever to justify myself to Him.
What else can be the reason for
His power that he holds on me!
He must be the soul mate of mine,
And He is a very integral part of me.
He is the divine being,
And I am just a mortal entity.

Dedication to the women power-I am a Female

I am a female.
I am the world,
And the universe .
God created me
To procreate ,
The coming generations.
And to continue
the race of man kind.
But the man forgot
the essence of my being.
I became just an object
Of desire and recreation.
You stamped me
as your property,
You forced me with
your lust and rules.
You forgot the power
of divine goddesses!
You enslaved me
to the entire core.
I cooked, I reared
I smiled with
my tear stained face.
You ogle at me,
You pass dirty remark
You put the limits
to my freedom.
I can not go
out after dark.
My chastity is at risk
still ,whether it is
daytime or night.
You overpower me,
just because physically
I may not equally fight.
You forgot the divine soul
that resides in me.
Enough is enough..
I will bear no more.
Whether it is acid attack
or acrid words from you.
I will hear no more.
I raise my voice NOW.
I put my feet down.
I refuse to obey any more
You sick pervert clown.
I have got my self respect,
I have got my dignity to save.
I bore all burdens for ages,
Now I will be fearless and brave.
I will win back my freedom
I refuse to be your slave.
It has been ages now
now give me my due.
And you will get all
the respect and love
that you deserve
in exchange and in lieu.

**On eve of National Girlchild Day.

Such Is Our Love

Such is our love,
As enduring as earth,
Going through each and every,
Phase of life with strength and faith.

As elusive as air,
It can be felt in each and every move
That we make towards each other.

As consuming as fire..
Possessing a desire to explore
Every realm of each other,
Knowing every bit and even further.

As innocent as first rain…
That seeps through the depths,
Quietly, unknowingly, quenching the deepest thirsts.

As fresh as dew drops,
Resting silently on the dewy leaves,
Enchanting, soft ,awaiting to be touched.

As beautiful as a rose,.
In its total bloom.
Whose beauty makes everything,
Around it worth cherishing.

Such is our love,
As constant as eternity,
Through the shifting sands of time,
Forever giving, forever promising.