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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

You Will be With Me Forever

I will keep you alive within me.
I am the serious one,
but I will turn naughty,playful now.
I am the simpleton one,
But now I will be the diva,the fashionable one.
I will bear all the pain and get myself tattooed,
I will learn how to laugh from the heart
Till my laughter resonates and echoes.
I will learn to give space to my son,
And my husband will be second to none.
You are gone too soon,my sister,my baby,
I will live my life now for two people
And will be together forever you and me.

The Eternal One (My Kanha) Through the Eyes of Women in His Life

1.I AM DEVKI(The mother who gave birth to Lord Krishna)

I am the real mother,

The one who gave birth to Him,whom the world calls Kanha.

Even though his mother is called Yashoda. by the world.

I abandoned my son, gave it away to do the good of the world,

I remained hidden in the shadows,

Whether Kanha was in Mathura, Nandgram or Dwarka,

He will remain my offspring and I will be his mother.

2.I am Yashoda(The mother who brought up Lord Krishna)

He ,the eternal charmer arrived in my abode,

The one who charms everyone by melody of his flute.

Dusky,though he is ,he is the shade and peace of the dawn,

I fear, the evil eyes casted his way,

Yet he grants wishes of all,the bold or the fawn.

I pray to the Almighty to keep him safe,

Yet he is the one who rescues the waif.

3.I am Radha (The eternal beloved )

He is the dusky and handsome love of my life,

How do I escape from being enchanted by him!

He mesmerises all with the melody of his tunes,

He is dark but his face and eyes seem lit by thousand moons.

We are one soul,though we appear a far,

We appear different but I am him and He is me,

At soul we both are one and at par.

4.I am Meera (Also spelled as MiraBai-Great devotee of Lord Krishna)

I am soaked in the hues of My Eternal Lord.

I have lost my senses in my doting love for My Lord.

He is the enchanter for all and I lose my wordly sense,

Keshava is the one with whom I have tied the heart’s chords.

One may ask as many times as they want,

I will chant the same ,answer the same,

He was,He is and will remain forever to whom

I owe my allegiance. He is the one,He is my Lord.

5.I am Rukmini (The wife of Lord Krishna in this wordily world)

For all out there in the world He belongs to them.,

The fact remains that the one whom he married is I, the chosen one.

Whether anyone remembers this or not,

They may say, that to Radha, belongs his soul.

But yet I am the life partner and I am the spouse,

And he is the one who makes me whole.

Note-For my friends from abroad,who do not know about the Indian legends related to Lord Krishna,I am attaching links which will help you all in understanding my poem and Lord Kanha.


Note-Kanha and Keshava all are different names for Lord Krishna.-Human incarnation of Lord Vishnu-the God.

I Lie…

I lie so often now.

I was an honest,straight forward

Yet the mysterious and blunt femme fatale,

And then I met you.

You were the Sun,I felt like a Moon,

I didn’t want to turn you away too soon.

So I lied .The very first time.

And started a roller coaster whiffing out my breath

and giving me unparalleled highs.

And the quicksand called lies,surrounded me in one swipe.

Now I wonder, if I tell truths to you,

Will it count as another lie for You?

Or the destructive spear, and the final dip.

We are in this together


I know my friend,you are in pain,
There is more to life ,than loss or gain.
You bother what is to come!
For success is not all,for few, for some.
You dream of a dream that is to dawn,
what ever is lost is not all that is gone.
We will both work,both You and I,
All will be ours,nothing called”my”.
Let us join hands and work for them,
For lot is to be done,to make their days bright,
Let us do all we can with our heart and might.

Are you still mine or a stranger…

Long time ago,I, the dusky simpleton met a dashing man.
He was too gentle,I had never seen a man who respected me so much.
We turned friends and he made me worldly wise,
I felt enchanted with his aura,and decided to be his wife.
He was still a gentle man,But my greed exceeded,
I wanted him by my side all the time, as with him I succeeded.
Too much familiarity breeds contempt they warned and said,
But, I was hooked to him like the youth potion.
I did not know I was thriving on his energy
And he was wilting like a wilting vine .
I realized too late and he was ready to go,
To stay alive and support me from far,He needed to part.
And now when we meet ,he smiles from distance,,but stays afar.

One More Reason to be Rain Drenched

It is cloudy again,dark and gloomy
You are not here to be wary once again

You hated mud splashing and rains you found loony.
I would prefer to be inside and sleepy.You said.
I said but I would love to be skin soaked…

You would make an ugh!face and leave me in the rains,

Alone,out in the outpour

under the dark ,angry clouds,lashing out at me.

You were the pampered one,sheltered and protected,

I was the dark ugly duckling ,at the mercy of goodwill of all.

You were the gentle sapling to be guarded from the shining sun,

I was the desert cacti, left to survive in the sun and sand.

You found it tough to compromise with the hard hitting pain,

My life was compromise to begin with, but it fought to be free.

This monsoon,I am left alone,

I am again getting soaked.I am not a cacti anymore.

I am a rose that blooms in plenty.

Yet,I want to soak again, every alone,waking moment,

But this time to hide my flowing tears,

As you are not with me.

My last wish for now…

Now I would like to lie down and just stare.
Now since you are gone, my baby sister,
Suddenly I have got lot of time to spare.

I want to revisit all the moments we spent together.
Recreate or weave in, the childhood net once again.
The memories which have paled with passage of time,
I want to dig them out ,polish and reframe.

I wish I could cuddle you and hug you back,
Resolve all conflicts which were left unresolved.
Trust me I would do anything have you back,
Even if it means giving my life and luxuries away.

Why do we forget the innocence of childhood and grow ?
I wish I could go back into childhood and freeze the time there,
For now I would just like to lie down and stare…

*Note-Dedicated to my sister whom I lost due to Covid.

Karma and the death

Death comes with silent steps
It catches the most worthy and retreats.
The ones who are left behind
are the innocent sufferers and death repeats.
May be the Karma is the one,
which actually does the planning.
And the death is the executioner,
who waits for the task, sitting bored and yawning.

Karma picks up the sweetest ones,

The ones who don’t deserve suffering and pain anymore.

The ones who have suffered enough of worries and strife

Who need to be set free from the hell called life.

It’s We, the mortal beings who act just like fools,
it’s we who think that it’s we who actually rule,
Shake up human, come on, get up, shake off the complacency,
And get hold of all your sleep, else nature will blame you of indecency.

Life is rushing by…

As it is rushing by..
The days and nights seem so short,
The precious moments ,I am losing,
As we two are living apart.
Breaths seem to be just a counted few,
And then I will wait for us to unite,
Begin our life once again, anew.
But,wait !I have to live a lot more..
To fulfill the dreams,we’ve cherished,
To love,be loved,to deliver and be pure.
The hopes have not yet diminished,
They’re still shining ever so bright.
How can I be ready for another journey!
I am not even ready to say goodnight?
For all have to come and all have to go.
Life’s lessons are eternal,
Not merely for a quick show..
So,I’ve to learn a lot and also,
unlearn a little,before I go.

My Papa Dear Papa

Years have gone by ,just like moments,
And I miss you every moment like decades.
I was your princess forever ,
even after growing up.
People said I was your copy,
And trust me it was best compliment I could ever receive.
Hardworking,laborious,introvert and that dazzling smile.
Yes I am your shadow .
But how does a shadow survive without the body ?
Sixteen years and still counting,
Whenever I am low,I am alone
I ,miss you papa. No one can ever be my strength,my pillar
And today I am most please come back to me.,
I need you my almighty,I have faith in you,
Just YOU…