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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

Why do my thoughts turn awry!

Why do my thoughts turn awry…
Whenever I think of you,
You are my unconscious self,
Yet it seems I hardly know you.
To think of you is to shelter myself,
from heavy downpour it seems.
To think of self is to get drenched,
in the shattering rageof stormy clouds.
Yet I seek refuge away from you in my cocoon,
And pray that I forget myself.
That will be quite a boon.
Then I get scared with the empty self of mine,
And start searching for you in me as if I am thine.
To know you is to turn inside out,
would do the impossible for you,just you.
I don’t have the slightest doubt
Yet when i look at your shadow,
It seems to suck me inside,and
I get lost in this meaningless world.
No doubt my thoughts turn wary
whenever I think of you.

The dark lane

*dedicated to young girls who become victim of lusty men-

The dark lane…..
A budding bloom nipped in the bud,
A gleaming gloom spread all around.
Piercing shriek was crushed inside,
But the news spread far and wide.
To talk was easy, but to bear the pain,
Was like revisiting the dark lane,
Again and again.
The bud doled out tears of blood ,
from all her pores.
Matter soon quietened ,
But she had still her soul left sore

What is life without passion.

Desires rock the rocks,
To give in, is your choice.
If you don’t give in ,it’s strife in life,
if you give in ,its painful pleasures.
Both bring fruits abound,
Whether it will be desirable or undesirable treasure.
Passions rock the world,
Without passion, the world is so dull…
It would be a moonless night on a beach,
With its sobriety and lull.
I prefer being joyous.
I also prefer being loud.
I wouldn’t mind getting drenched in life’s showers,
Even if life is an ominous cloud.

The Tricolour in my soul

Saffron is the colour of my soul

Green is the color of dreams I see.

White essence of peace flows in my veins,

The moment they unite,I become whole.

My loyalty to my motherland is the air I breathe,

I can lay down my life or take that of the enemy

I wish to see the tricolr unfurling in all the hearts

Every day ,every moment to the end,and from the start.

Lets take pledge to take care of her and to torn the marauders apart,

Lets take pride in keeping our culture and traditions alive.

Let this be the nation where peace prevails and talent thrives.

I vow to serve my country in all possible ways,

Whether dead or alive.

It is…

It is…

Like honey to the bee,
Like my precious breath to me.
Like the bond of sky and stars,
And the bravery in war.
The way you don’t forget to pulsate,
And the way, we all want to feel satiate.
It is there in our blood,gushing free,
it is the way you look at me.
It is that shy shiver when you touch,
And however time may pass,it is never much.
Sn enigma and the simplest emotion,
Where trust and faith join in equal proportion.
It is that bonding we all crave for,
The one that heals the wound of peace and war.

The Guiding Light of My Life

The day I breathed my first breath,
I owed it to Him.
He loved me every moment
From the day I arrived,
To the day he left the world.
He was my first and forever best friend,
my confidante
my philosopher and guide.
His mortal presence is sorely lacking
Yet he remains my guiding spirit in thought and action.
Yet, the young girl,your little princess,
still a child at heart
crave for the secure shade of your affection.
The grown up woman ,
I have become proudly seeks your counsel to guide her life.
But the Little woman You left behind is still clueless,
Years later, she is still lost.

The lesson they taught me the other day

The hunger in his eyes,
The boils of labour on her hands.
They hardly get two satiating meals a day,
Yet they sleep deep and without a frown on their face.
They do backbreaking toil in the day,
and eat whatever they manage out of hard earned coins.
Yet they don’t complain much,at least not daily or regularly
And when they do…they don’t blame their destiny and howl.

Shining polished face of her competes with her jewels and dress,
but even the expensive elixir of youth can’t wipe away lines of stress.
He earns beyond his needs yet gets into useless drunken brawls,
Then there are others who use plastic cheap smiles and speak with unnecessary drawl.
They sleep a fitful sleep aided with pills,
and wake up to list of regrets and pass their day with moans.

The struggles of the ones are no less than the latter,
But it all depends how one accepts it better.

See if you can

See if you can see…

The moon and the stars so bright,

But none to light up my lonely night.

See if you can see,

The flowers in the garden ,

Confessing all of my mistakes,

Smiling and pleading to you for your pardon..

See if you can see..

iIn the depth of my eyes.

You will see my feelings for you..

You will get my love in profusion..

And this is my real life’s big illusion..

See if you can see,

Through the oceans so deep.

You will see my feelings for you,

Waves rising and falling asleep.

See if you can see..

The rain pouring out my pain..

See if you can see,

the pain of my heart..

To see you who is living so far..

To see you once at least,

And to see you again and again..

When you died…

You might not have thought
That countless will mourn you ,
And will shed copious tears and cry.
Why you didn’t think of us ,
When you decided to quit and die?
If only people who feel deserted
Look around for people who love.
They might not feel so left alone.
If only they raise a cry
For sure someone who cares will turn up there soon.
If only the ones in pain
Decide to share the pain and cry,
I am sure they will feel the release
Which is better than to quit and prefer to die.
You left the world in pain to get rid of your pain,
If only you would have reached across,
It would have been everyone’s true gain.
The ones who feel that death is the only solution
Just think of your loved ones who might not always express the support or say.
But every life is precious for some one close
Just look around,It will make your day.

*P.S In memory of someone very precious but who left too soon.

A Very Special World

It is our special world
Wow, the first throw! Awesome
First step…I feel the tears.
First word …, a treat is due.
First unbuttoning, a hug for sure.
Hey! Your son can’t tie laces at eight!
So what, he can wear them by his own at least
“Mumma can I hug you?”
Was all he said.And I share it with the world..
People may think, I am crazy..
When I share everything that he does.
But that’s our special world.
We know how to celebrate every little success.

Years later,the things have not changed much.
It is just that,we have exchanged our places.
My trembling hands are held in his firm hands.
I ask for a hug and I get it too.
He shares my achievements on his Insta posts,
And often he treats me to sumptuous toasts.

I live for him and he lives for me,
And holding hands,We cross troubles and their far-stretched sea.