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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

The Saddest Queen

With broken heart,
Hands full of shards,
She had lost her sheen
So she decided to be ‘The Saddest Queen’.
Her tears were the deadliest pools.
Her sad enchanting smile a deadly mirage.
She would look at the target who was so happy,
And in a moment he would be groped with pines of sorrow.
and be a sad idol of her growing collection.
On a regular bright sunny day,
Her castle would give out fragrant dark fumes.;
On the day of love
She would make a rare appearance at the roof top.
Her dark manes would be blowing in the wind
And she would fix her teary eyes on a group of fake admirers.
Black crying idols would replace the group.
Once broken hearted she would continue to avenge
Her broken dreams were now the hunting house of the smiles and dreams.;
One thing was for sure,
She was indeed the the saddest queen.

Born to be Phoenix

She fell in love with him,
Against the world,against destiny.
He loved her too but with secrets hidden.
He loved her intensely but a restraint within.
A love child and many years later,
The beans were spilled.
Shocked to the core ,she wanted to be Sati on the pyre of love lost.
Burning herself alive in the fire of pain.
But she was forced to live ,beyond tolerance.
Devoid of love,with nothing but hatred in her heart.
Deciding never to trust or love again.
She burned herself ,immolated in flames of agony
To arise as a phoenix born out of ashes
To live a life without love and trust again.

*Sati was an ancient ritual of burning the widow alive along with the dead body of husband.

My Sunny Boy

My sunny boy,
when born was no bigger
Than a toy
Now an adolescent on the bloom,
I will shield you from pain and gloom.
I will work to make a better world,
For you to live.
You too ,be a good human,
Do not follow just take and give.
Be the tree that shelters,
Be the arms that support.
Be the shoulder ,for people to rest
When tired or in pain.
Be the river that just gives,
With no gains.
Be the star that just doesn’t
Dazzles the world.
But also lights up the eyes
Of a poor boy in the dirt.
Whatever may come,
Never lose your goodness and shine.
I was,I am and I will always be proud,
And tell the world that you are mine.

The Solo Rose

I got up with brood,
Like past few days,I was in explosive mood.
The lonely nights,
The absence of fights,
Dinner and lunches got burnt ,with my thoughtful mood,
Lack of some beautiful company,
and unshared worries added to the agony.
It was a hot hot day,
and to keep random thoughts away,
I took a walk in my dying garden.
I was stuck with the sight of a solo rose,
smiling at me,striking a pose.
My mind turned sides
i beamed a smile so wide.
I was not so alone after all,
A rose had survived the heat and the fall.
I thanked my unknown bosom buddy,
and decided to live the days on a better note.

The million gales

Her voice echoed in the valley of heart,
But He could not tell the twins apart.
He fell in love with one of them,
Not knowing that one had another of same form
But with a temper which could start fire
Even in the middle of the pond.
As they both came in front of the groom
His mind took a swirl and then he smiled.
I am looking for the one whose smile cheers even the dead souls,
Lets have a hearty laugh,
To celebrate the love maiden.
One smiled and the other laughed,
One was like the earthy dew
The other was the blow of a thousand gale.
He did not know, they changed the place, as he blinked.
And he chose fire, while searching for the choicest of few.
Life they said, was spicy mix of sweet and tart,
So were the two who loved to live in combination,
Once the first and then the second
The life of others was living drama
Progressing towards the end.

I am alive still…

Pause may have arrived
But I am not dead yet.
I may have mood swings,
And may be wild at time .
Yes, my spirit refuses to co operate
With the bodily rhymes.
Physical being refuses to be active
And soul wants to do wild things.
Ain’t it just the opposite what it is supposed to be in normal human beings.
I demand attention,
My life is not over yet.
I still need you
And when you ignore
I feel like destroying the world
And then be born once more.
I refuse to surrender,
I am still alive.
My form will not decide
If i breathe or i should die

As I hug you a little tighter my son

As I hug you a little tighter
Before I put you to bed,my son,
I think of a mother who cries herself to sleep.
Patting lovingly an empty bed.
In her tattered sleep,
she smiles as she sees her young son
making demands for his favourite food,
And she attends to him,second to none.
As I am about to doze off,
as you gently snore off to sleep,
She wakes up with a start ,
to find herself again alone and starts to weep.
I hug you tighter again even though you mumble in protest in sleep,
She has lost her son ,nothing left but memories and pain to embrace.
Life is precious and it is unpredictable,
She learnt the hard way and I learnt from her,
As with tears ,Life passes by.

*Dedicated to my class 10 student,who passed away few days back.

Be My Valentine

At the beach side
Or at the roof top,
When I am lonely,
Looking at setting sun
Of my ending life,
Be my valentine.

When even family
Leaves my side.
When I am free from rush
But caught in strife.
When I forget to cheer myself
Be my valentine.

When I start to forget,
What is yours or mine.
I start missing wishing days
And my strength is on decline,
When frowns replace laughterlines
Be my valentine.

When my giggling eyes
Are replaced by lost look.
When i forget to turn off the stove
And I burn off the things to cook.
When I deserve the least to be your darling
Will you be valentine?