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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

The Lesson Called Life

Life goes on..
Nothing disrupts its flow,
You can not afford to be slow.
Life is like the last bus to our destination,
And we have to catch it ,when it is moving
It’s tricky, its tiring, it is indeed a tough antic to learn
But learning and mastering it is the way, not to be burnt
Not to be burnt at the stake, for being a failure.
Can we afford ever to fail in the exam called life?
The skills that we need is to smile
To smile while facing all the strife.
To pick up the cues ,that life throws at us,
And while balancing all those cues, board this bus.
We have to learn how to choose the precious jewels,
from all the muck, scruff and the grime.
No time to pause, whine and shed our tears,
It’s an ongoing task to face the unknown frontiers,
While dealing with our overwhelming fears.
So, gear up, be decisive, be upfront,
Choose to play and not to rest,
It will give you all that life offers at its best.

Our Transition

Today I met you under somber sun..
We talked away all our time.
It was good to be with you,
To see the unknown side of yours.
I just enjoyed your passing gaze
What was there in meanders,
Of your brilliant mind, if I could see!
I like this transition phase,
Of our life where we are exploring,
The future of what we are as friends.
Looking for some more possibilities to it,
To see it evolving in to some new phase,
But with an understanding, no ties.
No expectations ,just understanding.
Some good time ,some good memories,
To make them good, while they last.
Amicable ,pleasant ,happy times,
I look forward to ,when with you.
Why should I bother ,
What people may think!
Were they there ,when I was slipping
Into pools of loneliness and boredom?
So they do not have right to question,
my where with whom and whys’.
I want to live, live to the utmost.
I want to swim in the dangerous currents.
For now ,I want to see the fading sun,
For now I am, what matters to me
If I live then I live ,I am second to none.

Sleepy Thoughts

I am ready to doze off any moment,
My eyes are ready to close their wings.
I want to go on flight of my fantasies,
Some called for willingly,some undesirable.
I wish to take a good nap,
I wish to sleep for hours too.
I wouldn’t mind getting up next dawn,
But even few minutes to few hours will do.
Still I feel stifled when I think of dreams,
I get such nightmares often,
That in my sleep, I shout,cry and scream.
But then sometimes a known stranger,
Invades my disturbing thoughts.
He picks me up in his strong arms,
And proceeds to do what not.
Surprisingly I do not get upset,
I don’t even object to him and his acts.
May be I look up to him as a savior
From my life and its disturbing facts.
I keep thinking of him till sleep finally gets to me
It is often too late and I wake up dizzy and dreary.
My eye’s hollow sockets surrounded by haze of daze.
I keep wondering ,when I will escape this hazy maze .

I set you free today

I set you free today,
From the ties of love and responsibilities.
But I am least sad,rather I am glad,
Because I have got my best pal in lieu.
Now I can share all that I can,
When you can talk your heart out to me.
I will not burden you anymore
With my meaningless worries.
You will relax by talking to your old friend,
We will discover the lost soul mates again.
I hope you will be happy now with me,
I will make sure that ,all that now you feel
Is renewed will to live and live with glee.
I look forward meeting my lost friend,
Let’s be best companions to each other,
Changing old marital binding trends.

The New Year’s Eve

I tend to be gloomy when the year ends,
I go in to my nostalgic moods,
I think about what did I earn,
And what did I lose in the year gone by..
I always feel,what I lost was too precious,
Snd what I wanted to gain,is nowhere in sight.
I miss the days of your companionship fervently,
And I long for the warmth of your embrace.
I miss your warm laughter in this chill,
I miss the way we spent those beautiful days..
My time stopped passing since the day you left,
I go crazy searching for you,within me,
You have left me loony and bereft.
I just wait for the year to pass,
And then I wait for the year to begin anew,
I can not get any better than this,
I just hold on to my memories far and few.
I hope the coming new year
will bring into my life some light,
I will have something sparkling
to light up my days and night.
I will spent the new year’s eve
cuddled up lazily in my quilt
And spend the night all awake .
Yet dreaming of a home
Not just the house made of brick and silt.
This is my old semi-conscious self
Which yet dreams of love and its pain.
But consciously I know life ,
it is nothing but struggle throughout,
with nothing left to gain.

Just for you ,my Son

I look at you while you sleep,
I gaze at you while you play..
I just love to see your antics,
That you are up to ,the entire day.
I still scream in my dreams,
When I remember those days,
When I was unknown to life’s funny ways.
You taught me to live, love and have fun,
You taught me patience is an essential virtue.
I ought to credit you for what I am..
My existence would be meaningless without you.
You, my child have given me new birth,
I look forward to each day that I spent on this earth.
I feel blessed when I feel your balmy touch,
When you are with me, I love life as such.

Do not be so cross with me

Do not be so cross with me,
What did I do to face such wrath of yours.
What I said is true, eternally for you and me
Neither I was made for you, nor I suit to thee.
It was good enough for us what we had,
while it lasted….
But to hope that it will last forever,
Is a little too much to bear.
I believe in life that we can enjoy today
Now, in this moment and here.
Don’t expect from me that I will make promises ,
For all the lives to come.
I have had enough of your passion,
Now, let me have some change.
Let me have some rest.
Learn to enjoy life in all its mood,
For me life is an ongoing fest.

The Dance of Love

Cha,Cha,Cha or the Waltz,
Samba or the choicest one Salsa,
These are the dances,
And people in love ,dance on them too.
I think love has its own dance form,
It has its own tune to which we mortals dance.
To and Fro ,arm in arm,
sometimes solo or in embrace.
On call in unison, sometimes to part.
Shaking the head up and down,
Sometimes with the tiara, another without the crown.
Letting the hair loose, or in the bun at top,
To take the passion to the peak, Or to stop.
It is the will of the love,
It is love that makes the world dance on its toes,
And it is love indeed that makes the world go around.

Don’t let the winter set in heart

The winters are setting in,

The old tree realised with the pinching pain in the bones.

He was used to all seasons though,

Recently seasons and people did not match in.

Cold hearts and colder eyes existed whole year,

And, beyond the calendar too.

The shining Sun, enchanting Moon,

Falling leaves, or chilling snow ,

Nothing made the difference.

Thank God to the children who still loved him ,

And, loved the tales ,his aging arms regaled them with.

That evening, he started with the tale of warmth and cold,

Once upon a time ,when cold and warmth were best of friends.

A new creation of mother nature called human ,joined the duo,

Then he started telling each of them ,

How one was more important than the other one.

Soon ,the cold and the warmth started drifting apart.

Both cried and cried missing the golden-silver days.

Thus came the rainy showers which were the curse

For the deceitful human.

Children were silent but the moon whispered,

“Don’t forget to tell the lesson, the hope which you still have.”

The tree smiled,and spread a wavy breeze patting the children,

“You all remember just one of my message, “he said.

Do not let the cold set in your hearts,

Keep the warmth in your heart and enjoy the sun.

Keep the coldness out of your heart and eyes,

And just love winters too.

Take a shower in the rain,

And, share the pain, earn the trust but not to cheat,

That will the true lifetime and beyond gain.

Why do my thoughts turn awry!

Why do my thoughts turn awry…
Whenever I think of you,
You are my unconscious self,
Yet it seems I hardly know you.
To think of you is to shelter myself,
from heavy downpour it seems.
To think of self is to get drenched,
in the shattering rageof stormy clouds.
Yet I seek refuge away from you in my cocoon,
And pray that I forget myself.
That will be quite a boon.
Then I get scared with the empty self of mine,
And start searching for you in me as if I am thine.
To know you is to turn inside out,
would do the impossible for you,just you.
I don’t have the slightest doubt
Yet when i look at your shadow,
It seems to suck me inside,and
I get lost in this meaningless world.
No doubt my thoughts turn wary
whenever I think of you.