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Ambiguous is the Eve

As the years pass by
Of the Independence we got
My being discerns
Own self dazed

Earnest agony surrounds me
With unmatched rapture
Getting blended

Bowed afore myself for we
Captured back our legacy
Of the Culture
Of the History
Of the Art

Dipping in pangs enormous
Of the lost
Of the bleed
Of the forgotten
The pain, the utmost pain
Surpassing underneath
The monumental Freedom founded

© Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved


I love you
Because I love you
As precisely
As the Earth does the Moon
Beyond any reason
Knowing the rigid distance in between
Could never be eliminated
Surrendering herself forever to stare him
Stiffened, millions of miles away
Shading herself underneath his hues
Glowing in his glares
As long as he embellishes
Not bothering his hide and seek

©Naheed Akhtar
All rights reserved

An Eve

A poem by Naheed Akhtar

Before reaching the final destination
Bidding farewell
On most probably a gloomy day
Or perhaps a night
I could obtain my soul unfurled;
Beneath the hugely blossomed
And at all the widow woods
In acquaintances with rocks
Under the laps of the peaks
Passing through the streams,
Laying on the hushed leafy floor
Somewhere serene
And chirping dry noises somewhere
In a state of transcendental surrender
To the obsessed heart
Being wedded to the mysterious longing
To be a ghost wandering
In oblivion, for God’s sake
And in union with nowhere

©® Naheed Akhtar
Rights reserved, 28-06-2021

The Poesy: What It Turns

A poem by Naheed Akhtar

I speak in volumes
Through the repartee I have fallen in
Long, long back
Where the soul takes part
With the soul in sight
Through the chosen vocabulary
Deep-toned, sustained
Anxious, quick but not short
Soulful, floods of woes
Uttering each syllable
Of my heart’s core
Ending in the suggestions
As of the poesy
What all regard

Like the hymns
In my daily prayers
Not less intense
Nor lack in pathos
As on the Eves
In an appealing faith
Believing the interpreter hears
To fulfill thus.

©® Naheed Akhtar
All rights reserved

An Epigram

An Epigram: Her Burial in Her Breathing

Underwent anguish a soul
…… being…….
A mere mass
Whirling, wandering
In a formless Chaos

Then, to Adorn his empty eye
The God sensed
To be brought an Eve
The beautiful, for him, to behold

And the bare Universe
An enriched existence
Registered a creation
In a void formation

But the unaware, dominators
Declined Eve’s daughters
Raising patriarchal brains
Emerged as terrifying giants

Having in the middle, a single
Egoistic eye immense
Desirous to bury them in their hell
Being themselves the ugly Cyclops

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

Let The Womb Hold

Grown alike the full moon
Adorned in hues – multiplied
Dazzled her eyes –
Unanimously grinned the lips

Gazing – the loaded cloud
She mesmerized
Of that, she advanced
Sailing along a non-terminated
Voyage prolonged
Since – she originated
A tiny zygote
Fed from the core
Her blood
Drop by drop

She felt
She spent long
Lengthy nights – numberless
Awaited to pacify thirst
Cuddling close – her extended throbs
Her eyes brightened
At the sight unseen

Thence, the darkest smoke
She oversees – on the dusty island
Populated by wolves

She repudiates to open
The gates –
Hearing cries numerous

She pleads to let her hold
The bud about to anchor

Known of unbridled monstrous desires_
Sinful, lustrous appetite_
Of those hungry crocodiles’ bellies
Scratch infants thighs.

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

Ode to Faith

O faith, thou a relaxation from
Asphyxiated frets, so hectic and pale
Almost like deadly diseases some

Brain-stricken, restricting one’s gale.
Thou an aspiration, as reminiscence tireless
Of disregarded bud’s convincing tale

One among autumn’s hues formless
Born of numerous acts and scenes
Uncontrolled boundaries of happiness

O faith, hold thou precious means
Being the comrade perpetual
Let the belief breathe in betweens

Let me observe forever, the ritual, (E)
A retirement from the intellectual. (E

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

On the Death of My Heart

O’ my heart! To you I submit my apology
For your untimely passing, I stand guilty
For I put you love, beyond life’s mythology
That asks, to be adhered to its gravity
Being punctually rational, without levity,
Inside conventionally accepted geography
But I left you free, then took off your brevity
I restricted you breathe, as stated in biology
I avow, I must have studied some cardiology

O’ my heart! How felonious methinks
And I weep, I mourn on your sad demise
Caused by me, who is a kind of jinx,
I weep more I mourn more for I do realize
You may never breathe, for a life of its size
I lament! You died, I lament! You are buried
I send my tears to the clouds upon the skies
I ache for the aches, my heart! You carried
I beg your curse! I must never get healed!

©® Naheed Akhtar