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Let The Womb Hold

Grown alike the full moon
Adorned in hues – multiplied
Dazzled her eyes –
Unanimously grinned the lips

Gazing – the loaded cloud
She mesmerized
Of that, she advanced
Sailing along a non-terminated
Voyage prolonged
Since – she originated
A tiny zygote
Fed from the core
Her blood
Drop by drop

She felt
She spent long
Lengthy nights – numberless
Awaited to pacify thirst
Cuddling close – her extended throbs
Her eyes brightened
At the sight unseen

Thence, the darkest smoke
She oversees – on the dusty island
Populated by wolves

She repudiates to open
The gates –
Hearing cries numerous

She pleads to let her hold
The bud about to anchor

Known of unbridled monstrous desires_
Sinful, lustrous appetite_
Of those hungry crocodiles’ bellies
Scratch infants thighs.

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

Ode to Faith

O faith, thou a relaxation from
Asphyxiated frets, so hectic and pale
Almost like deadly diseases some

Brain-stricken, restricting one’s gale.
Thou an aspiration, as reminiscence tireless
Of disregarded bud’s convincing tale

One among autumn’s hues formless
Born of numerous acts and scenes
Uncontrolled boundaries of happiness

O faith, hold thou precious means
Being the comrade perpetual
Let the belief breathe in betweens

Let me observe forever, the ritual, (E)
A retirement from the intellectual. (E

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

On the Death of My Heart

O’ my heart! To you I submit my apology
For your untimely passing, I stand guilty
For I put you love, beyond life’s mythology
That asks, to be adhered to its gravity
Being punctually rational, without levity,
Inside conventionally accepted geography
But I left you free, then took off your brevity
I restricted you breathe, as stated in biology
I avow, I must have studied some cardiology

O’ my heart! How felonious methinks
And I weep, I mourn on your sad demise
Caused by me, who is a kind of jinx,
I weep more I mourn more for I do realize
You may never breathe, for a life of its size
I lament! You died, I lament! You are buried
I send my tears to the clouds upon the skies
I ache for the aches, my heart! You carried
I beg your curse! I must never get healed!

©® Naheed Akhtar

The First Sentiment of 2020

Oh Lord! In your universe
How certain the nature is!
How she, with all her followers,
Obeys your orders with bliss.

The Sun follows the ultimate
Schedule, so does the Moon
Seasons never betray and submit
Services bringing all over fortune

But my Lord! Being apologized
I am evenly surprised and perplexed
How ironical is man the chosen child
Unpredictable and certainly vexed!

Goes against your plan and demand
You set for all Your children on the earth
To make her the Paradise, that must stand
As the heaven of heavens, filled with mirth!

©® Naheed Akhtar

I Dreamt A Dream at the Dawn

Do I need to recall them? No, never
Since they go on, those moments fled,
Just as happening right now, right here
They altogether got rooted in my head.

I found therein, it was me! Only me,
In the meantime, with you only you:
Not puzzling for, I alike probably
A canvas with the colourful hue,

Lied beside looking at an eye
In your face that has faced upside,
While you fairly solemn, focused on my
Non-stop and truly non-sense stride

Of the questions asked one after
The other in a row, like a happy kid
Does for a train or, for a helicopter
When gets to love, what never he did

I even remember, it was the arm
Right, on which I rested my cheek
Pleased with the unleashing charm
Of your brighten eyes’ glaring streak

How glad I am for I have captured!
All those short but cherished whiles
Within I felt no sense of being parted
And even for those high-spirited smiles

Dreamt in the last portion of the night.
The dream; all say, surely comes true
Seen just before the dawn’s rising light,
Becomes part, for never to bid adieu!

©® Naheed Akhtar1


I Do Not Ask For More

If it is the truth, that loving me
Caused this change in thee(you)
Then properly a plea I must make
Unlove me sweetheart, but slake

With words that invincibly brought
Smile on lips, happened to drought
Made decaying soul feel cherished,
Getting slowly, but stably perished

In seasons to seasons, whether
Rainy or winter, spring or summer
Nowhere grew saplings on the plot
Rather found attempts to keep clot

Meanwhile, the deserted land covered
All of sudden, unknown rain showered
Above and over, grassed all flavours
Of sugary syrup, hidden inside glaciers.

But you know, always been my wishes
Craved for not more, but you to be as
You please, as minimum drops sprinkled
Would sufficiently engulf a heart wrinkled

©® Naheed Akhtar

Among the Birches

I am being lost, avidly lingering,
Among the birches in the spring
Hope! I might get you soonest
Afar from the city, in the forest

Where you are being found unseen
Among the birches, slightly mean
Once in a while you hear me wholly
And serve solace by consoling kindly

I reached here beyond conventionality
That might delve me into an audacity
And I guess, for you, my adoration
Might seem, as if, a mere obsession

But know! You supply me breaths
And keep me at my deepest peace
For this you might take me silly
But I wish to tell you really

That was a moment in which I flowed
Like a river in a restless mode
Eager, since years, to be merged
By flowing from the canals diverged

Into the vast, long distanced Ocean
Set away by the God's notion
As it is her fate forever and ever
The fact that she can deny neither

However, she puts her confirmation
That she wants him not as her destination,
(As who succeeds to get their destiny)
And admits her joy in this brevity!

The Chosen one

Somewhere within me, there is a relief
When the corners of the eyes ache
As the waters warm, with grief,
Fill in for the immortal love’s sake

With the frequent and swift pace
Toiling… to be remained inside
Or roll over, making ways
As the ferocious waves burst wild

And the Hurricane which allies
With the distinct base
That has fallen in the eyes
Soothes either ways

Whether the sets of the tear-drops
Carry images of the past whiles
Making jovial as the rain drops
And bring breath to the smiles

Or they travel in forlorn
In the wretched city
Making the soul feel torn
For the eternal verity

As the heart knows well
Itself has chosen the substance
Wanting to be in the spell
With its not-ending endurance!

I Rained More

The rain stopped falling after
Pouring the streets and fields
Brought joy and laughter
Except me, who without any shields

Cried more, than the rain dropped
And your love as an umbrella which
Opened its titanic wings and locked
My hellish haunches and did enrich

The sunken bliss to all its levels
And resurrected sinking heart’s beats
Like breaths get pumped by its valves
Like Fanny meant to John Keats.