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Writer, Mehak Varun, is the author of three books - THE HUMANE QUEST(volume-1,2 &3), published by Authorspress, New Delhi. It is a QUEST for HUMANITY. She is born and brought up in Jammu and settled in Chandigarh. She has been bestowed with '100 Inspiring Authors of India' award in kolkata. She has also been honoured with the 'Women Of Influence 2019' award presented on women's day in New Delhi. Recently she has been awarded Gitesh-Biwa Memorial Award of excellence for her article on woman power "I Just Need A Chance" . Along with her books, her work has been published in various anthologies and she is recipient of various other prizes in poetry competitions as well. She is known for raising contemporary issues in the society. Just as there is freedom, there is a certain responsibility towards the same. To choose to do good and be good within the specified responsibilities, is freedom in action. 'The Humane Quest' is a humble attempt to create awareness against the evils of society and stimulate the strong Indian values which are lacking in the present times. Mehak Varun, LL.B (

Still I emerge

You wish to swamp me
in the dark ocean of blood
creating a milieu of nebula
Still, like an aura, i’ll emerge.

Does my vigour upset you?
My head held high and raised eyebrow?
The soulful tears I cry
makes you feel am I still decry?

You made me feel debile
when I thought I was whole shebang.
Still, like the petals of a bud
unfolds with the rising sun, I’ll emerge.

Why do you want to make me vapid?
Leaving me cry for nothing but abated?
Why does my pitiable face begets a smile
for someone so ruthless and vile?

You betrayed my trust
with the most afflictive barong.
Still, like the water droplets twinkle
with each ray, I”ll emerge.

With every sprinkle of hope,
I’ll emerge and shine.
With each tear of love,
I’ll emerge and shine.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

Let The Hair Open

Let the hair open and feel the breeze
succumbed to heart wrenching injuries
posing for more stimulating experiences.

Let the hair let loose like Maa Durga
be a warrior woman and ride a lion.
Be the shakti- the strength that reflects your dominion.

Let the hair flow free in the wind
and feel the power of tenacity
upholding it with utmost purity.

Let the hair fall with stance of newness
chasing every dream in the most versatile manner
creating one’s valor with utmost desire.

Let the hair hold the onset of ingenuity
building the charismatic flair
laying down as calm as a mere.

Let the hair behold the power of Maa Kali
the symbol of energy- the Shakti
curating the portrait of audacity.

Mehak Gupta Grover

Letting Go

Life is flowing with
the heavy burden behind
unfolding every stake
engrossing every ache
in the light of dawn
pulling apart the
thickness of emotions
urging for each drop
wailing for each flop
flapping for a single beat
letting go a single effete
bursting of the grey cloud
lighting out aloud
screaming for help
wanting to yelp
‘Pull me out
of this excruciating pain,
I am trying to stand,
yet, unable to strand’.

Life is but
a mere breath
taking turns to
swallow the shadow
pulling apart
the humanity
just like,
soul from the body!

Mehak Gupta Grover

Sound of Silence

What does silence speak,
deep within it’s apparition;
What does feeling of alienation mean,
in this swarming world.

I talk to the stars
And they whisper in silence
Like the moon cries a silent cry
In the dark of deep azure.

I blub in the silence of oceans
as they carry away the sadness.
And the waves carry with it
the loneliness, grounding my soul.

I talk to the lost trees
standing tall amidst the open, flat grasslands.
I don’t know when these tress are no more
and I could find a place that is unspoiled my man.

With silence, comes
perseverance and gratitude,
appreciation and satisfaction.
To sit in silence, makes the life express thyself.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

O captain! My captain!

O CAPTAIN! My captain!
Our fearful trip is done.

Is it? Is it that life is a skip
that flows with the wind?
How timorous tomorrow is
when things seem to shamble?
There is no shore that completes the core,
but a part of me that beseems abhor.

O CAPTAIN! My captain!
Our fearful trip is done.

No rejoicing for today, no devising for morrow;
but blues that makes the spirit strew and sorrow.
It’s too unfair to leave the pages unturned
and think about the unsaid and undone.
Melancholy diffuses the potency to ponder
soul halts with the obscurity to yonder.

O CAPTAIN! My captain!
Our fearful trip is done.

Mehak Gupta Grover

Break the Glass Ceiling

Let’s jump off the window
and imbibe to fly.
Spawn the magic
and shoot up in the sky.

There is not a soul
who will bide for me.
I need to push myself
and break the glass ceiling.

Build the valor
and say ‘I can do it’.
There is nothing
that can pause me.

Nothing else can bestow upon me
what I can do for myself.
I have the power
to turn the left pages.

Acquiesce and believe
nothing is unattainable.
Just follow the heart
and leave immure unshut.

Mehak Gupta Grover

She bleeds

She Bleeds Unspoken Words From Her Fingers,
watched as they fell from the ends of her hands.
The emotions were shattering leaving her feel scared,
ashamed and plagued by nightmares.

The flashbacks and other unpleasant memories
kept her awake for the rest of her nights.
The trauma and the feeling of battering
could just keep her as another soul shattering.

For her, relationships felt dangerous and intimacy impossible
depression and emotional dumbness adds to the unthinkable.
Powerlessness and loss of control beseem puissant
Yet another heart could feel the helplessness.

The guilt and the self-blame, embarrassment and shame
makes her more isolated from the society she once considered hers.
‘How am I going to survive with the disgusted reminiscence?
Will I ever be in control of my memoirs?’

Her body got crippled inside under the burden of coerce,
Still, she has to survive like a dead mortal
Living every moment inside repeatedly
And moving on, moving on, moving on!

Mehak Gupta Grover


Nothing can juxtapose
the warmth of the emotions
that can spring like a whirlwind
and leave the heart vehement.

The ardor that spreads the fragrance
like roses do in the rosebed
and ramify its allure
in the most sublime goodness.

The sway of love attracts the innocence
and cuddles the feeling of affection.
It is a sensation that magically generates
the essence of intimacy and passion.

It is a mystery that can’t be stanched,
the heart hears and the eyes listen.
It’s an assemblage of emotions
that caters the love and spreads its fragrance.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

A Petty Bud

A little kernel in the mother’s womb,
I lie sheltered in her protective amniotic fluid,
dreaming of a calm and joyous futurity.
But, alas, I’m roused from sleep.
“I”, yes I am a girl!
Let me acquaint myself-
I have the same flesh, same bones, same eyes, same nose.
I am also a human, is it?
Still, I have to feel the pain of being a girl!
Why am I considered feeble?
Why do the hoarding says- for old-aged, handicapped and WOMEN!
Why my own people are making me imbecile?
When it comes to morality, there is always one rule for me
and other for the antipode.
Do we actually enact what we say?
We talk about equality- do we follow it?
We talk about right and wrong- do we accept it?
We talk so much and implement so little.
So many questions rises in my head and makes me go weak at my knees.
Still, I am proud of myself.
I have succeeded in stepping up your ranks.
You said my gender would not let me achieve success.
You held me back, demotivated me. I thank you.
Your “wise words” made me try my hardest and today I am
an officer, a CEO, a Prime Minister, a boxer and even a wife and a mother.
And, let me promulgate, multitasking is not your cup of tea.
Today, I stand on the same podium as you,
that I can do everything and more than you can,
that I am the best thing that could ever have happened to you and this world.
Yes, I am a girl and I am proud of myself.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved