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Mehak Gupta Grover (LLb), is the author of the book - THE HUMANE QUEST(volume-1& 2), published by Authorspress, New Delhi. It is a QUEST for HUMANITY. She is born and brought up in Jammu and settled in Chandigarh. She has a bachelor's degree in Law. She has been bestowed with '100 Inspiring Authors of India' award and Women Of Influence Award 2019. Since childhood, her inclination towards ethical grounds has been in high spirits. She is known for raising contemporary issues in the society. Just as there is freedom, there is a certain responsibility towards the same. To choose to do good and be good within the specified responsibilities, is freedom in action. 'The Humane Quest' is a humble attempt to create awareness against the evils of society and stimulate the string Indian values which are lacking in the present times. "Shame goes down the nerve On seeing inhumanity still rules Humans need to act like humans To make the world bloom"

Be Yourself

Be yourself.

Spread your fragrance

and let it flutter like a butterfly.

The lotus that grows only in the mud,

is the most beautiful amongst the rest.

Hardships will come and will evaporate like smog.

You just need to be strong

and keep spreading the warmth.

People will keep saying this and that,

their job is to make you mad,

be firm, be pure in your heart,

keep spreading your fragrance all apart.

Roses have thorns,

still they are the symbol of love;

Be the spark that ignites all above.

Be the shinning star,

that sparkles through out

and spread your fragrance all around.

Be the bird and fly above

and let everyone be amazed

at your supremacy.

Don’t hesitate and be brave,

for, that is the key to your victory.

Keep spreading your fragrance

for the world to bloom,

and nurture it with all your love!

Mehak Gupta Grover

Complexity of Life

Life has made us all,

A joker in its periphery,

Where there are no ifs and buts,

Only smile, hue and cry.

Life is short; thinking the same

We smile from our heart,

And even artificially.

At times to please our innerself,

We laugh and make ourselves,

A puppet in hands of the power above.

Still we smile and say

This is life-

let’s deal with it, with a smile.

You never know when our role is over

When we part our ways

with this Beautiful journey called LIFE.

We smile , we regret, we cherish and forget

This is life, Be it’s owner or a vassal.

At the end, we tend to be jokers,

For life is a comely journey!

Beyond Darkness

Beyond darkness,

lies the startling epoch,

that glitters within the eyes.

Beyond darkness,

is the era of gazing stars,

that light up the niche in everyone’s life.

Darkness is a golden bird,

that spurs us to dazzle,

to flutter our wings and

move up above the empyrean.

Do not hesitate, for darkness is the power,

to overpower our debility.

Mould darkness into twilight,

and see the magical sway.

Rise above, shine bright,

and leave darkness behind!

Guiding Light

Girls- be strong and fearless,

be bold and courageous.

We have the power of changing the world.

Spread your love and care,

but don’t forget why you are here.

We are the future, we are the present

we are the one who makes it all matter.

We are no less than anyone,

for shaping our destiny at our own bequeath.

Be that shinning star, that sparkles throughout,

be the rising Sun that ignites all around.

Make a niche that nobody can break,

let’s fulfil our dreams that nobody can take.

Time has come to make a difference,

to leave the world with a sanguine face.

Let’s confront what society has for us,

but this time, be clear what we need.

Our dignity is what we desire,

all other phases shall outshine.

Be the sun that shines so bright,

be the power of divine light!

Mehak Gupta Grover

Plight of Inhumanity

That pain still triggers off

on seeing inhumanity rules.

Gender discrimination or religion distinction,

floats like fishes in water.

In abundance and in bulk,

they move in multitude.

Anywhere and everywhere,

people get bullied for their caste,

creed, gender or colour.

Why do people differentiate?

From where does this come from?

Birth is given to everyone by Almighty,

Alas, things don’t change!

Does God teach all this?

Why poor are bullied,

And rich become insane.

Cruelty is the game,

for todays indifferent world.

Girls don’t do this, boys do any crap.

Why is the society becoming dispassionate?

The questions remain unanswered.

The falsehood and jealousy,

the disparity and rudeness,

all flatter their wings and fly carefree.

And what we do?

We smile and say- ‘things won’t change.

Let the world get ruined, And we’ll move on!’