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About Mehak Gupta Grover

Mehak Gupta Grover (LLb), is the author of the book - THE HUMANE QUEST(volume-1& 2), published by Authorspress, New Delhi. It is a QUEST for HUMANITY. She is born and brought up in Jammu and settled in Chandigarh. She has a bachelor's degree in Law. She has been bestowed with '100 Inspiring Authors of India' award and Women Of Influence Award 2019. Since childhood, her inclination towards ethical grounds has been in high spirits. She is known for raising contemporary issues in the society. Just as there is freedom, there is a certain responsibility towards the same. To choose to do good and be good within the specified responsibilities, is freedom in action. 'The Humane Quest' is a humble attempt to create awareness against the evils of society and stimulate the string Indian values which are lacking in the present times. "Shame goes down the nerve On seeing inhumanity still rules Humans need to act like humans To make the world bloom"

She bleeds

She Bleeds Unspoken Words From Her Fingers,
watched as they fell from the ends of her hands.
The emotions were shattering leaving her feel scared,
ashamed and plagued by nightmares.

The flashbacks and other unpleasant memories
kept her awake for the rest of her nights.
The trauma and the feeling of battering
could just keep her as another soul shattering.

For her, relationships felt dangerous and intimacy impossible
depression and emotional dumbness adds to the unthinkable.
Powerlessness and loss of control beseem puissant
Yet another heart could feel the helplessness.

The guilt and the self-blame, embarrassment and shame
makes her more isolated from the society she once considered hers.
‘How am I going to survive with the disgusted reminiscence?
Will I ever be in control of my memoirs?’

Her body got crippled inside under the burden of coerce,
Still, she has to survive like a dead mortal
Living every moment inside repeatedly
And moving on, moving on, moving on!

Mehak Gupta Grover


Nothing can juxtapose
the warmth of the emotions
that can spring like a whirlwind
and leave the heart vehement.

The ardor that spreads the fragrance
like roses do in the rosebed
and ramify its allure
in the most sublime goodness.

The sway of love attracts the innocence
and cuddles the feeling of affection.
It is a sensation that magically generates
the essence of intimacy and passion.

It is a mystery that can’t be stanched,
the heart hears and the eyes listen.
It’s an assemblage of emotions
that caters the love and spreads its fragrance.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

A Petty Bud

A little kernel in the mother’s womb,
I lie sheltered in her protective amniotic fluid,
dreaming of a calm and joyous futurity.
But, alas, I’m roused from sleep.
“I”, yes I am a girl!
Let me acquaint myself-
I have the same flesh, same bones, same eyes, same nose.
I am also a human, is it?
Still, I have to feel the pain of being a girl!
Why am I considered feeble?
Why do the hoarding says- for old-aged, handicapped and WOMEN!
Why my own people are making me imbecile?
When it comes to morality, there is always one rule for me
and other for the antipode.
Do we actually enact what we say?
We talk about equality- do we follow it?
We talk about right and wrong- do we accept it?
We talk so much and implement so little.
So many questions rises in my head and makes me go weak at my knees.
Still, I am proud of myself.
I have succeeded in stepping up your ranks.
You said my gender would not let me achieve success.
You held me back, demotivated me. I thank you.
Your “wise words” made me try my hardest and today I am
an officer, a CEO, a Prime Minister, a boxer and even a wife and a mother.
And, let me promulgate, multitasking is not your cup of tea.
Today, I stand on the same podium as you,
that I can do everything and more than you can,
that I am the best thing that could ever have happened to you and this world.
Yes, I am a girl and I am proud of myself.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

Sound of Silence

What does silence speak,
deep within it’s apparition;
What does feeling of alienation mean,
in this swarming world.

I talk to the stars
And they whisper in silence
Like the moon cries a silent cry
In the dark of deep azure.

I blub in the silence of oceans
as they carry away the sadness.
And the waves carry with it
the loneliness, grounding my soul.

I talk to the lost trees
standing tall amidst the open, flat grasslands.
I don’t know when these tress are no more
and I could find a place that is unspoiled my man.

With silence, comes
perseverance and gratitude,
appreciation and satisfaction.
To sit in silence, makes the life express thyself.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved

Intoxicating Soul

The twists and the turns
that move with a swirling flow.
The two roads that move
ahead with a strong glow.

Which way to go, which road to take
the decision becomes lentous
with each passing phase.

Then took the road that teaches life
to be more worthy of living with strive.
Be pure and tender-hearted
be compassionate and wise.

Life is not cruel.
It’s a cycle of emotions,
that fill our heart all over.
It’s God’s plan- to keep us moving,
to make us strong, to make us gallant!

Such is life-
be calm, be patient.
Leaves will be on trees again.
Make sure,
To make the tree strong!

Life being a beautiful journey-
full of heartaches, full of happiness,
full of nurturing, full of experience.
We cry, we uphold, we fall and stand,
we grudge, we complain,
What we forget,
Life is a journey; it moves on and on.


Tears are overly deceitful,
that go way beyond the surface
of truth and reality,
and holds the hand of the soul.

Being janus-faced
Some prognosticate it as puissant,
others deduce it to be feeble.
And there is a bunch considering it as vacillating.

But tears get stubborn
over the worthiness of relations.
They pour out in jubilation
and surrender in distress.

They behold the power of oneness,
stand together in agony.
They make the stoic meaningful
with passion of empathy.

Tears make the best of companions,
that make us pure in heart.
They yield out the best in us
and make us buoyant forever.

Mehak Gupta Grover


Womenkind are juxtaposed to floret
but people pretermit
flowers have thorns too,
which makes women brawny.
Being delicate doesn’t reflect
the feeble side of facet.
It is the fortitude
that makes them impeccable
from the inside out.
Robust and artless,
Such is her allure,
Glistening the magic
Like a nymph in an empyrean.
Aroma of flowers
can evanesce the languor,
and the redolence of a woman
can enliven the milieu.
Still we pluck them
for our own jubilation,
and insolence muliebrity
For satiating our smugness.
Flowers still smile

And keep spreading its essence
Without a smirk on its visage.
Unvarying is the womanhood
That spread its charm
despite of being bruised.
Flowers and woman
are two prettiness

without whom we are
Unworthy and incomplete.

 © Mehak Gupta Grover 
  All copyrights reserved 


Deep within our soul

there is a thought

that needs to be poured out,

but it stays submerged in us.

It is occulted so strongly

that nobody can hear it’s noise.

What perception do they hold?

What life do they own?

What stands true for one,

might be false for the rest.

It’s all mind’s game

that leads the life insane.

Why do we give so much importance

to what other person’s perception is?

Over thinking makes the mind accrue

and our gestures fumbling.

Let’s do what our heart utters

and celebrate the gift called life.

Everyone has their own perceptions

Just smile and sublime.

That pain

I feel like unmasking the authencity of humankind,

as no one can trace the scars of an injured soul.

My heart mourns in pain,

as the thoughts dribble like leaves of lotus resting with water drops.

No one has the emotions of a heartening memory,

my spirit squeals the inefficacy of my misery.

I sit with great distress

which passed over with the span of time, in rain and sun.

This moment I wish could vanish

like smog as a piece of sky.

Square up with barbarous behaviour seeking stars,

this moment appears to be the longest ever of full moon covered with stars all around.

Just that the thoughts can never change the dilemma you came late,

the darkness that echoes aloud and confess the purity of the burning soul

that has been left in my heart for years.

Mehak Gupta Grover

A second chance

A second chance or an opportunity,

the preference is ours.

Be the master of your life

and behold the power.

Nothing is destined,

no lines on the hand will work.

It’s sheer hardwork and perseverance

that will take you far.

Move ahead with the power of positivity,

for it can take you long way.

Where there are thorns,

roses grow along.

Let the hope grow deep within us.

Let the eyes sparkle

that shines so bright.

Be the master of your deeds,

for they are what makes you breathe.

Commitment is the key

to grab the first possibility.

Make your life praise worthy

And live with Excellency.