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In business for fifty years, currently resting!!! Born again thirty five years ago and enjoying my relationship with Jesus Christ, often challanged and on the edge but always loved.

It’s in the waiting

It’s in the waiting He achieves the most.
When patience and persistence boast.
Screams of inactivity die away,
Peace becomes the strength that rules the day.

Faith comes face to face with fear and doubt.
Wrestling each other trying to win each bout.
Hope and worry enter in the fight.
Battle rages reaching unexpected heights.

Knowing His creation and His Word
Releases power of faith. Have you not heard?
Lifting the conflict to a higher plain.
Victory assured, no resistance can remain.

Believing takes control and proves.
Perseverance bunkers down and will not move.
Humility liberates, hope and peace.
Now His loving presence, till all time has ceased.

Choose Love

When nations rage, yet everyone is right.
No one listens, just believe their sight.
Experience and wisdom lets us see
The simple way to set all people free.

Where does innocence end and initiative begin?
Where’s religion with systems, judgement, sin?
When there’s insanity and mass confusion.
We think this is the way, but it’s delusion.

Choose love; embrace love with all its mystery.
Consume love, for it’s the centrepiece of history.
For love is giving, the cornerstone of living.
Our family, partners, children, friends.
Love the essential, on which we all depend.

Seek love, with patient selflessness.
Love which does not envy, surrounds with gentleness.
Love that does not boast, keeps no account of wrong.
Forgives, protects, is kind, for which we long.

Love that trusts, hopes, always perseveres.
Love which deep within our souls releases tears.
Love that never fails surpasses age and time.
For He fashioned love – it was His design.


Caring God’s way. Is it really true
That He will give all it takes for me and you
To live free and open lives not hiding from each other,
Not causing pain when we are hurt by sister or by brother.

Will He break the grip of worry and of pain?
Remove the will to live for personal gain.
Not hide behind our walls of pride and self-defence
Pretending to be someone else and not in innocence.

Lord can you change our hearts to care about each other?
To prefer others blessings and really to discover
That helping other people rather than ourselves
Will release new freedom as His Spirit delves.

You said that He has paid the price for all of us to care.
That all we have to do is to cry to Him in prayer.
We can be changed, never be the same again.
Love each other from the heart; release each other’s pain.

But that would revolutionise bring about real change,
Would show the world a way that it might exchange.
What’s happening all around us now, something new and free.
Oh God, it sounds impossible, but please, please start with me!

Did you see that?

Did you see that?

I saw an extraordinary thing today, something I could not ignore.

I was walking along, spring in the air; my legs straining for more.

When I saw that a mummy had slipped, fallen down onto the grass.

She was in pain, her baby was crying, but her son marched up bold as brass.

He was no more than four but in confident mode laid hands on his mum there and then.

There was no mistaking the words that he spoke and I wrote them down with my pen.

“Jesus” he said. As clear as a bell. “Please heal my mum right away”.

And with that she got up, gave him a kiss, and all of them went off to play.

Did you see that?

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes

He’s making mashed potatoes, have you thought about the hurt?
Digs us from our comfort zone and then removes the dirt.
Cuts us with a peeler, removing layers of skin.
Takes them off strip by strip and throws them in the bin.

Then takes the knife and cuts us into pieces uniform.
First one way then the other, that’s the norm.
We lay there stark and naked, stripped of all our cover.
Exposed, embarrassed, proud, not thinking of each other.

We’re thrown into a metal pan water freezing cold.
Tumbled swirled, tipped upside down; washing we’re told.
We shudder as the icy water hits us once again.
It almost takes your breath away; at least it numbs the pain,

We settle down and rest a while; some float and swim around.
Thinking of the good old days when we lived beneath the ground.

At first the heat was lovely, but we knew it wouldn’t last.
The temperature kept rising, now the pleasantries were past.
This was self-survival time as the water came to boil.
Blow the rest I’m getting out. His plan I’m going to foil.

It came hard when I realised there was nowhere I could go.
And I felt myself breaking up from my eyes down to my toes.

The scene was now chaotic, bubbling tossed about.
We tried to come together full of fear and doubt.
All our hardness broken all resistance had now gone.
Comforting each other, helping each and every one.

When the masher hit us, it didn’t seem to matter.
We were already broken, and enjoyed the milk and butter!

We came together united smooth and it was good.
Were we made for this? A different kind of food.
Planted, grown and harvested prepared for sacrifice.
Given to feed the Nations, as our brother Jesus Christ.

Tell them I love them

Tell them I Love them

I love you. You do not seem to understand.

I really love you, as I hold you in my hand.

I cannot make you love me back,

I want to bless you in your lack

Of everything you think you need.

To get there,  you must let me lead.


I love you. I’m so thrilled that you’re alive.

I love to watch you as you strive

To be my witnesses, fulfil those tasks.

Come together, release those masks.

Love each other from the heart.

Be My Body in every part.


I love you. I want you to know

I trust you and I understand

Just how you feel with every blow.

You’re small, a grain of sand.

But I love you. Little I would not do

For you to love and trust me too.



                  They did to me what I deserved today

Found me guilty, said there was a price to pay.

Ridiculed a crown of thorns upon my head

Flogged me till my flesh hung loose, stained in red.

Nailed me to a cross, yet I felt no pain.

Reaching in the smell of death as my life waned

Silent agony tearing at my heart

Ligaments and sinews screaming torn apart.

Gasping breathless, fear and doubt arising

Dazed confusion numbing and disguising

Volcanic eruptions of in felt emotions

Clashing with the ultimate in chaotic motion

Diving the depths of cataclysmic deprivation

My sin causing the Fathers sentence of separation

As death came a voice, not mine, cried free

My God my God why have you forsaken me?

Yet still no pain. Plunging the abyss of hell

Panic as the cage of isolation fell

Stench and noise burning gnashing teeth

Godless torment from beneath.

Then life shot back into my broken veins

I grabbed and took control of living reigns

I knew I was again a vibrant being

Hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, seeing.

Now I know that resurrection joy and peace

That I will live till after time has ceased

As I rejoined the fallen human race

I knew that Jesus was there in my place.

The body is…..

The body is….

A remarkable thing happened today as I pulled myself out of my bed.

I heard a voice, as clear as a bell call out in the front of my head.

“Excuse me”.  It said. “Do you think we could have a quieter start to the day

Instead of rushing and dashing about and then going out straight away?”.

The response was immediate; my foot kicked out as if it were ready for action.

The other followed; my whole body lurched as it responded to traction.

“Come on lets go, what a day is ahead, incredibly high expectation.

I’ve been quiet all night and now is the time to go for some exhilaration”.

As soon as I felt my right arm go numb, I knew that we were in trouble.

Shaving was out but my face called out.  “Do I have to live with this stubble?”

Now the normal procedure, as my wife comes to, is for me to go and make coffee.

This morning both hands went as stiff as a board and movement?  Just like cold toffee.

I aimed for the shower, as I thought to myself, this will bring about unification.

A good long blast of the old hot and cold is bound to bring harmonisation.

At this point my head started to shake and nod with increasing vigour.

My neck went stiff, my vision blurred and my eyes got bigger and bigger.

I should have noticed the wet bathroom floor, careless this time in the morning.

Then I woke up and soon realised, I’d disturbed myself with my snoring!



Marvel at the stars at night, think of time and space.

Eternity, creation and the whole of human race.

Beauty, magnificence, unequaled power and might.

Molecules and atoms and the amazing speed on light.


Look into a mothers radiant smiling face.

See the power of kindness the expression of your Grace.

Love and gentle passion faithfulness and peace.

Sincerity commitment until all time has ceased.


Look at oceans deep and then a babies tear.

At mountains storms and hurricanes in unanswered fear.

At forests, flowers, prairies and a single blade of grass

Animals from every mould; for You a simple task.


Wonder at your love for us who so easily ignore

Spend our time in selfish praise seeking more and more.

You paid the price at Calvary for us to know you well

Spend eternity in heaven and save us all from hell.


We thank you Lord for all the sacrifice you made.

For the agony you went through in the price you paid

We want to enter and enjoy the victory You won

With all the praise and glory devoted to your Son.

River of Love

River of Love

The river of love flows down from on high.
Look – can you see the first drops in the sky?
Trickling together birthing the stream.
Feel the excitement enter the dream.
Sings to the tune of a bab-b-ling brook.
Crystals sparkling longing to look
Deep in the hearts of human emotions.
White water rapids creating commotions.
Gathering pace as the river of love
Dances and swirls empowered from above.

Freely, powerfully the river now flows.
Chasing after the slops as it grows
Through forests of cedars tall and erect
Straining to reach their potential elect.
Water surging through hillside peaks.
The cavern of grace its destiny seeks.
Diving over the towering cliff.
Cascading down the precipice.
Spray causing the rainbow to glisten.
Now all is quiet and ready to listen.

The river of love enters stillness and peace.
Tranquil it rests until all time has ceased.
Kissed by the mist of fragrance lingering.
Soft winds caressed, whispering, tingling.
Whirlpools spinning, waves of healing
Spanning the chasm of life and meaning.
Majestic sunsets engaged through reflection
Shimmering moonlight yearns for perfection.
Revealing loves true purpose and calling.
Embracing a world that is crying and falling.

River mature now broader and deep.
Moves with momentum a harvest to reap.
Down through lush meadows and trees
Lapping the banks in the gentle breeze.
Onwards towards the sea of humanity
Humbly flowing in faith and expectancy.
Yearning to achieve its God given vision
Out in this world of strife and derision.
Secure in the hope of this river of love
Sharing the passion of the One from above.