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About Madhumita Ghosh

Studied at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. M.A. M.Phil Ph.D in English. Associate Professor in a degree college affiliated to Calcutta university. Love reading, writing poems and short stories. Translation is another passion Have translated English Romantic poetry to Bengali and Tagore poems to English.

Melodies of Silence

Music resounds all around me.

The piano notes resonate

A sitar plays its seven strings, as does a guitar too

Thirteen strings harmonise

To a perfect rhythmic whole

The drums beat along with the tambourine.

The concert in my mind uplifts.

I sit, with eyes closed,

Listening to the music within,

Dancing in my mind,

The silence all around envelopes me with joy.


Or on certain days

Flute notes resonate through the air

Shaking the tender leaves on the boughs

A painter paints

Splashes colour across the sky

Far away a lone voice sings

A tuneless melodic tune

Wafts in through the waters

From a sailing fishing boat

Unseen hands light a kerosene lamp.

It is time to sail out into the night.

I sit at the river bank

Watching another sun set,

A flickering lamp sail by

A silence all around envelopes me with peace.


I had once heard a thundering silence

Boom and blast my ears

Cacophonic notes of distortion

Played within me

I pressed my hands to my ears

Tried in vain

To shut out an unheard noise

Rip me apart.

Alone and lonely

I had turned deaf

An ear-spitting silence had smothered me from all around.


But no more.

I have regained my eyes.

They are my ears now.

I hear music in silence

With my listening all-absorbing eyes.

The Death Call

It was an untimely call.
He did not have to go so early, some said.
It was an untimely call
to rush with flowers white
sacrificing commitments galore.

No colourful clothes,
a final adieu to the departed soul;
it was untimely to find the best white in the wardrobe.
Diamonds glittering
white silks rustling
they stood beside the dear departed one
in silence;
a thousand worries and a thousand thoughts
consuming their selves all the while.

They do not know
when they would die.
They are not embarrassed for the inconveniences caused.
The selfish ones,
they choose to die, unknowing of an opportune time;
wise perhaps in life
unwise in death.

Une Lettre d’amour

I have not yet decided how I should address you
Darling seems too trite
and I have never called you by your name.
I shall write
without any address.

You have never read my poems
yet you do demand one from me
a poem rhymed, in a rhythm untried.
A poem I shall write to you today
for you to read
as you sit by your window
after a day’s hard work
listening to the evening
whisper my words of love.

It’d be better if you had come to visit me
from across the seven seas
sailing on the waves unknown.
You could leave when you pleased
given us a few moments of silence
when you would read my poem in my eyes
and I would look into yours
to hear you say ‘no it isn’t what I wished you to say.’

I shall wait till the sand slips no more
from beneath my feet
as I would stand at the strand
looking out across the twilight
into a horizon that would lighten up again.
We would bathe in a new dawn
hand in hand
pairs of feet walking down together
the air fragrant with promises of a tomorrow
blowing across your face.

The sun has set.
It is time to say goodbye.
This letter needs not arrive at any address
So I have not written an address on the envelope.

War Drums Sound

Silent figures
robed, head downcast
move on in a procession
painstakingly dragging on
slow shuffling feet
none standing in the dark corridor
observing them pass by.

Through the frieze in an alcove
the Northern star looks on
steadfast in forbearance
young stars shake in trepidation
in a worn torn sky.

Candles burn in flickering flames frail.
Cupped gnarled hands fail to shield.
The gusty wind snuffs out life
in one hard blow.

Where are you, frolicking in paradise?

The ticking of the clock
on the walls of stone
speeds up
Multiples of sixty every minute now
deafens the senses
eyes grow dim
hands grope in darkening alleys
a heart that never was beats loud and clear.

Where are you, lotus eater?
Wake up from your dream.
It is now time for war.
The ticking clock is our battle cry.

A Submarine Subconscious Dream

What if I crawled through the sand
layers of it lying across
Bore through the moist grainy land
and go deep underneath
tunneling through
to the deep cool waters
play with the fish
red blue and ruby pink
and go to sleep
after a day’s labour of love
drawing the waters blue
rimmed with foaming white spume
covering my eyes
so I’d see the sea in my dream at night

What if I forgot myself
and who wished to wait for me

Remembering the rainbow in my heart
I’d go to sleep
under a coverlet of the waves
I’d dream of the pearls in oysters
I’d find under the sea

Femme Fatale

She rises from the sea of your dreams
A mermaid perfect
Her scales silver glittering
In the glorious sunshine
You set out to taste her flesh
Buried deep underneath
And she entices you with her long winsome tail

She waits in the depths of the green woods
Her cascading dark hair
Half hiding her breasts of gold
Reaching down to the soft downs
Where little brooks of love flow
Inviting you to the moist grounds

Beware you man
It’s a call for you to drown
Pale and ashen eyes wander around
At the sea and in the woods
See them before you are lost
Your essence and your soul
Are sucked dry

With sighs and tears
And the most winning smile
She seizes you in a trap
All the while as you think you feast on her
Nipping her buds rosy or brown
Diving into her for that ecstatic swim
Know it is her will
And she has lured you into this
She ensures she gets all she wants
A queen bee, she enslaves you
She wrings you vapid and dry

Femme fatale, they all are
Feasting on the fire they ignite
In your heart
And like fireflies you dash onto them
And you haplessly die.

My heart in a bell jar

I kept my heart in a bell jar
shut tight
floating in formalin
in an antiseptic dark room
as I slept through a hundred years
hoping for a shaft of moonbeam
a touch on a blue moon night
Instead a scorching sun sent its rays
through chinks overlooked
and uncovered
drank up the cradling liquid
my heart dry and shrivelled
and died

A Vision at the Seaside

The waves lash on to the sandy shores
Alone and waiting
A sky red and with passions spent
Looks on bored
Sighs from a thousand dying souls
Whisper in the leaves

A line of little feet walks on
Certain of an unseen temple in an unknown land
Young eyes focused
On little flames in their cupped hands
To show them the way

The bodies lying prostrate
Dying and disintegrating
Move away
Paving a path for the marching little souls
Somewhere bells ring
To a chanting

A new sun rises from beyond the watery horizon
Young waves rush in
Robust and energetic
A new world waits eager to be reborn