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About God’s Girl1

Hello I write about what I know and I just try to let the words flow from my heart and soul. I have one of those minds that never switches off and because my poems are pretty simple I find the process very therapeutic and releasing for my mind too.

Elf on the shelf

The Elf on the shelf up to mischief has been

Tinsel and pine needles everywhere, but Elf is nowhere to be seen

I have heard this Elf gets around quite a bit

He’s also a house Elf and he doesn’t easy quit

He enjoys midnight baking and making a mess

I heard he also likes to play a game, but it isn’t chess

He messes house and garden, while you’re getting your rest

So look out and be careful as he may put you to the test

So keep your eyes open this Yuletide festive season

Elf causes trouble without a good reason


I am fed up of being affected by my past

the abuse and the traumas that last and last

ruining my daytime and taking sleep from me

I’ve tried and I’ve tried to talk it through but they don’t see

all this is slowly killing me

It’s a bit in the song about tigers come at night

but why don’t they leave when the darkness comes to light

why when I so much better and most of the fright has gone

is this still here even when I am not wrong

Jesus can heal me of every sickness, all

and I believe it so I try to keep walking tall

I always have hope so I don’t do the self harm

but why is that not enough to set your own alarm

please stop your bullying, don’t lie, just tell the truth

everything you say and do might impact others too

you might be ok, what you say is your own choice

what about the other ones who also hear your voice

why would you hurt others in order to help yourself

the truth always comes out, sometimes we need some help

historical abuse is only such because

we were not taken seriously, you covered up possibly

or simply that you didn’t see or didn’t want to see

how it affected you was more important than the effect on me


God is like Water

I am like water 

I go over, under, around or through

Nothing and no one can stop me doing what I do

Obstacles of any size and shape I will always break through

I change forms to match the seasons

Like snow and also ice 

I can be a vapour or gas to also make a way

Myself I’ll sacrifice 

No power on earth can stop me as I go about my day

I can heal your pain with my gentle rain

Take your tears to become my own

I live in you now as you are part of me

Why this simplicity do you struggle to see

I can be a single drop or an ocean

The one and the whole all at once

I am saying this to show you my infinite abundance 

I can give life or take it by my presence or my depart 

So please hear what I say and open up your heart 

Yes love is greatest of both faith and hope and also rules over peace 

But remember without water they too would also cease 

Christmas thanks

Seasons greetings to one and all 

Although this year theres no Christmas ball

But tales a many are to be told

Of The strong, the fearless, the brave and the bold

Those who save lives directly we do honour and we are proud 

They often go about their work without being very loud

Thankless and unending their days may sometimes be 

But we know many more are selfless too, this includes you and me

Everyone makes a difference, everyone can share 

Take a moment in your day to show someone that you care 

Thanks don’t just go to the ones in charge as that’s not the best Way 

Everyones empowered to also have a say 

Don’t look backwards anymore 

Instead to New year, new beginning, future Christmas’s galore 

So Christmas cheer to one and all, whether a beer, a snowball or a simple juice 

Take time for yourself and cut your stressors loose 

Thank you ALL for everything you do

Your own little part can help with breakthrough 

So Please take a bow for all you have done 

This nasty virus will soon be won  xxx

You really hurt me

I know what you did because I was there

For every step, now I see you didn’t care

I know what you said, I heard every word

Some at the time, seemed so absurd

Why did you do that all, do that to me

Am I your muse in a game made for you

Why do you do these things that you do

Is it about me, or is this about you

I was scared so very scared to death 

My Brain felt like it was splitting, giving me illness instead of health

Are you so selfish and stubborn you simply cannot see

How you affect others, including me

Used and abused that’s the story of our time 

I now have yet another steep mountain to climb 

You are nought but a bully and a liar to boot

Keep all your bullets, but please learn not to shoot 

I won’t do that

When I said, I love you, I was so very wrong

I never knew that you would stalk me for this long

when I said, I hate you, I didn’t mean that too

but I was wrong when I thought I’d fallen in love with you

now I see what was your game and I hope that you feel shame

as that would mean there’s hope for you to never do that what you do

you might be smarter, fitter, stronger but now it’s done I’ll grow stronger

I might get stuff wrong, but one things for sure

I won’t do that, knock on your door

so it’s Goodbye to the toad, who I thought was a prince

I was naive, took some time to convince

I know the whole truth and so do you

the one true witness, my abuser, is you

Your eyes

The way you looked at me 

Took my breath away

How I wish you’d look at me that way once again.

You held my hand 

You held me close 

I felt safe with you the most 

I tried not to show it 

But you always knew 

I tried to fight it, but you saw right throug

I’ve never met anyone as strong as you are 

I’ve never known someone so near seem yet so far 

You’re strong and controlled but I’ve seen you too

For I’ve looked at you, the day I first saw you.

Was it fate or destiny that’s twisting life around 

Pull and push us apart, kick me to the ground.

I fall but I get up again and still you’re near by

I don’t understand this, but I know no one planned it 

So I’ll I never have the heart to say to you, Goodbye 

I just wish it wasn’t true, that’s what I want to say.

If I see your eyes again, the past will melt away.

I wish

If I could change only one thing in my life, it would be to never have met you,

That first hello that slipped with warmth from deep inside my heart,

that was the very start, and the end,

when I thought you were who said you were, I thought you were, my friend.

That poor, sweet lovely girl, where did she go? I will never know,

I lost her on the way, she began to fade away on that very day, I recall it was a Tuesday .

There was no rain at the time, there was no pain at the time,

now I pray, each and every day, for Healing rain.

Oh why did you use me in your games, oh why did you mirror me that way?

why? ’d like to know, but more than that please no more hello.

I can’t go go through it anymore I’m broken, really broken, not like before.
I can’t face it like before, you stole my heart my future in the night, filled me with fright.

I’ve lost my fight so now as I take flight, all I want to say, is go away,

Why can words cause so much pain, where is the healing rain that I pray for?

Why did you hurt my brain and mind, my heart is kind, what was the gain, for you?

Next time please think before you do this and remember to be kind, that’s my wish.

I hope you read this and you see yourself and put the bad you on the shelf, I’ll try


Hello God

I say hello to you my big G shining light from up above
and it’s because I love you that I always feel your love

You have always been here for me, each and every time I fall
You’re n front and right beside me guiding me with truth through it all

I now see you’re understanding and that you are perfect, unlike me

I am so blessed to know that you are especially fond of me

I say hello God from your daughter and I praise you thankfully

Truth hurts

Why does the truth hurt when it’s simply the truth

How can a untruth hide what is real

how can anyone say something false is really something real

is it perception becomes reality
or is it much darker, they’re out to get me

I ponder and wonder as fear is the enemy

Perhaps their own fear unshown is the biggest real of all

Learn to be authentic or life will take its toll

Wait I see a light shining bright above

I can forgive but not forget, but I choose to walk in love