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About God’s Girl1

Hello I write about what I know and I just try to let the words flow from my heart and soul. I have one of those minds that never switches off and because my poems are pretty simple I find the process very therapeutic and releasing for my mind too.

Where Did Our Love Go?

Where did our love go?

who can say,

one day it was there and the next it was away.

I have cried an ocean swimming my own waves every day,

replaying over and over every single word you say.

But now it’s time to move on and finally I’m there,

to let me know I’ve let you go and I no longer care.

Was it love after-all then,

perhaps I’ll never know.

Surely real love hangs around and the 2 lovers to 1 do grow.

I didn’t think it possible for only one to feel,

now I know you felt it too but it was easy for you to heal.

Well now it’s done and you have won,

what’s your name again?


All lives matter

Not much changed for me during lockdown days

sit down and I’ll explain, removing any haze

Business and home life were normal to me

l will tell you what I think if you will listen to me
I live alone so that bits fine

I’m also a key worker so I didn’t have much time

to feel bored, stuck at home and missing any fun

And I managed to cope when my weekends begun
Supermarket shopping was the hardest bit of all

People were just rushing past, like a kind of free for all

especially in the beginning when the toilet rolls were none

how we gonna cope with this, how can we carry on.

Yet we all got to here

I’m glad it’s moving on

Although we are not through it and this war is not yet won.

Spare 2 minutes silence for all the fallen and the lost

Counting numbers doesn’t show who’s counting the real cost

things have changed, it’s a new normal now and

the past has been and gone

we have to adapt we survived it this far

don’t get complacent or relax to be too spa.

we have to be smart so we don’t let a second wave

take too many lives when those lives can be saved.

Every life matters, oh why can’t you see

it’s not this or that, LGBT or BAME

The stronger abusing weaker ones it is quite simple see

wars and all abuses proven it time and time again throughout our history.

I agree it’s a race issue there is no doubt about that

The human race has never failed to be its own outcast

So take that chip off your shoulder, stand tall and be proud of who you are

If it wasn’t for the ones before, we wouldn’t have got this far.

The simple truth is we all get hurt and we all feel pain

Every life matters, must I say it all again?

Past stop

I just wanted to stop, make the hurt go away

to disappear, to be rid of all fear

I had tried and tried but nothing else worked

I wanted to die for this pain not to stay

and I couldn’t see any other way.

I’m sorry I left you wondering why

I’m sorry that you had to hurt and to cry

I couldn’t take it no more and

talking wouldn’t have helped

if I chose to quit, at least I chose for myself.

If I don’t want to be rescued, please don’t blame yourself.

Love lives here

Leave your weapons at the door, you don’t need them anymore

Have no fear, love lives here

No more guns and no more knives, no more taking people’s lives

Have no fear, love lives here

We are all different, that’s okay, we all hurt and we all feel pain

Have no fear, love lives here

You have a story that’s meant to share, please don’t think that we don’t care

Have no fear, love lives here

If you’ve been hurt and you’ve been wronged, we are here to say it’s not your fault

Have no fear, love lives here

If you have anger you scream and shout, when you don’t feel heard you may lash out

Have no fear, love lives here 

If you feel guilt or you feel shame, love will take away your pain

Have no fear, love lives here 

If you feel stuck and you can’t let go, there is someone you need to know

Have no fear, love lives here

If you sick of being messed about, you might feel trapped like you can’t get out

Have no fear, love lives here

You may think that you don’t deserve, that’s a lie it’s not the truth

Have no fear, love lives here

There’s no need to be afraid of mistakes you may have made

Have no fear, love lives here

You might think that we are strange, so help us blow the winds of change

Have no fear, love lives here 

If you’re not where you want to be, come on in, let love set you free

Just leave your “weapons” at the door

Have no fear, Love really does live here 🙏

Looking for the Pebbles

I always check for pebbles as I go about my day

I see the pebbles being heavens messages I want to hear what they say

If I don’t capture pebbles it will come as stones next step

By the time it gets to bricks I often wonder how  I missed

I don’t get many rocks no more, worked on checking out what’s in store

By the time it gets to rocks I’d be already counting the cost

For sending warnings and prompts to act, even when I cannot see

God forbid I get a boulder, right bang out of the blue

After all the messages from above I could have known earlier what to do

These are the things where we need to act not the things we cannot change 

So I always check for the pebbles now as I know I’m in heavens range

Thank you Father, Son and Holy Ghost for looking out for me 

For sending warnings and prompts to act, even when I cannot see