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Water, The cycle of life (by Doug High)

Water, The cycle of life.

People scatter ashes
to visit now and then
but I have found another way
to always remember them
I look up to the clouds
all colours do I see
evaporated water
that we all used to be.

Water cannot ever be destroyed
it’s always been around
from the steam from a cremation
or buried under ground
they say that half our body
is made of water pure
but water it must leave us
no use to us anymore.

But the world will keep on turning
as it has for eternity
and water is into everything
from ice to a huge oak tree
it’s even in refreshments
that we all have to drink
even in the washing up
that ends up down the sink.

It will start another cycle
from the sea up to the clouds
end up in another creature
forever going around
but no one escapes the cycle
it’s in every kind of people
the good the bad the ugly
even the dam right evil.

So next time when you shed a tear
don’t be quick to brush away
it could be a long lost loved one
saying, hello I’m always here
and when we leave this paradise
and thrown into the mix
rising from your ashes
will be water your phoenix.

Doug High.


On a day of

no particular significance,

where nothing especially


no report was made

no notes were taken,

nor behaviour observed;

the absence of animation


throughout the day,

leaving public spaces uninhabited

the flora and fauna

undisturbed and unmolested;

Absence this your sting,

Emptiness this is your victory.

Little Richard

” A wop-boppa-loop-bop..”,

Cutting sharp

like a razor thro’ old silk,

your timbre broke

a thousand taboos

set racing a million heartbeats

beating along with,

your three minute records,

you were vinyl;

Long Tall Sally

lighting up the ether

like the fourth of July,

Tutti Frutti painting gaudy colors

on a monochrome radio dial;

you were engine of the sock-hop ball,

you were Rock

and Roll,

” a-wop-bam-boom!”

Before You (by Doug High)

Before you.

Before you, I was lonely
I was lonely in a crowd
as lonely as a cloud
in a sky of blue
before you, I knew only
how to live alone
didn’t have a home
before you.

But you, you made me smile again
when I thought that I would never
now my life, its worth while again
wether or not we are together
what can it be
what have you done to me
to make me feel this way
our future starts today.

Now when I think of times behind me
times that were long before we met
you’re always there to help me over
those times that I’d sooner just forget.

Before you, I was empty
I was empty as a shell
living in a hell, that was me
before you, I could not see
I could not see your love
standing in front of me

But you, you made me smile again
when I thought that I would never
now my life, its worth while again
wether or not we are together
what can it be
what have you done to me
to make me feel this way
our future starts today.
before you. , before you before you.

Written in 1982 for jenny.

Potato & The Duke

“I don’t recognise that potato!

what is it doing here?”

enquired the perfumed Duc de Charlatan

with ineffable aristocratic mien;

To disturb the quotidian equilibrium

of this pastoral mise-en-scene

with the inclusion of an errant vegetable,

was in the Duc de Charlatan’s estimation

an inexcusable faux-pas traducing

countless centuries of natural order

and its attendant requisite deference;

To impugn the ethereal harmony

of form,subject and proportion

in such a profane manner according,

that is,to his Excellency,

necessitates the perpetrator of this act

once apprehended be subject to

the full penalties that the Law allows,

which the Duc de Charlatan opined,



Locomotive Breath

The rumble of passing trains,

going where they’ve always gone

at times we knew

and could set our watches by,

their metronomic clatter,

their iron rail rhythm

remorselessly bending nature

to their will;

Pressing on through the seasons

the rumble of passing trains;

Unfolding the countryside at

which passengers are staring,

watching and waiting

for their destinations to arrive,

as if by magic,

outside of their carriage windows,

Oblivious to the locomotive’s

kinetic brutality beating down

the miles as houses roll past

like a tracking shot in a film,

where the footage repeats in loops

and in time-less labyrinths

of their own purpose and making

and unmaking and remaking,

till the metal leviathan

heaves its last breath

and sighs contentedly,

at ease,

on time,

at the platform,

where no-one disembarks.

People on earth ( by Doug High )

People on earth.

People on earth will never agree,
that which God rules our heavens
and who’s in charge of hell
who will let the stork in
and who will ring the bell.

People on earth should remember,
life on earth started so long ago
mother nature ruled as Queen
but many don’t agree with this
and she’s running out of steam.

People on earth get together,
we can change it if we try harder
but it will take decades of time
and paradise awaits us
when we make our world divine.

People on earth must try harder
We didn’t help out at the beginning
it was handed to us on a plate
are we really going to end all life
is this what will be our fate.

People on earth come together.

Doug High.

( Doug is a member of Writers Assemble based at The Junction Pub,Carlton Street, Castleford and we’ll be meeting again once normality has been restored)

Thank god I had ten kids ( by Doug High )

Thank god I had ten kids

It started out, just the two of us
not knowing what the future would be,
our first was born
nine months later,
he was the first branch, on our tree.

The second came, way too soon
a girl with the cutest of grins,
a third came one year after,
ten months later
it was twins.

Ten years had, passed us by,
by now I bet you’ve guessed
our home was full
to bursting point
with joy, ten of the best.

Life wasn’t always easy,
there was always something new,
we had washing,
coming out of our ears,
always someone on the loo.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world
it was always party time,
and music
makes the world go round,
but mother nature left a sign.

A sign of what, was to come
the world was not forewarned
a virus,
we had no defence,
would bring a whole new dawn.

And now that I’m at,
the crossroads of my life,
I’ve been so blessed
with our offsprings,
and the one I call my wife.

I’m lucky, when I look outside
at people passing by
old ladies
and gentlemen
on their own, it makes me cry.

For we have a lovely doctor
and a caring nurse,
one that has a grocery shop,
a banker to save our purse,
we also have a Baker
makes us tasty pies,
and a good optician
caring for our eyes,
we also have a vet
giving good advice,
how to keep the fleas at bay
and the dreaded lice,
then there is a butcher
keeps us both well fed,
and a time served joiner
who mended our broken bed.

But don’t think it’s us
that broke that bed
no chance,
it was our youngest still at home
too enthusiastic with her dance.

Doug High.

A Blank Sheet of Paper

There is a blank sheet of paper,

a sheet of paper with nothing written on it;

but interpretations vary;

Nothing is written there

but people have read different things into it;

Is this the original blank sheet of paper

or a copy?

One has to be sure,

there are so many forgeries about

that even look like the real thing;

Disputes invariably arise as to the intentions

of whoever it was left that

blank sheet of paper to be found;

Some go so far as to question

whether it wasn’t simply discarded

and the discovery of it

merely chance.

Photograph Lockdown ( by Doug High )

Photograph lock down.

27 March 2020


Where shall we go my darling
now that we’re locked down
we can’t go to the cinema
or take a walk down town.

I’ve just had a great idea
to go travelling once again
I’ll get our photos albums out
and we’ll go to sunny spain.

We’ll take a walk along the beach
dip our toes into the brine
then off to our favourite eating place
steak and chips and the local wine.


Then off we’ll go to Italy
lake como I recall
a trip across on the ferry
we liked the best of all.


Why don’t we go to butlins
we’ll arrive just after noon
three kids in the back seat
to start our honeymoon.


Flying off to tenerife
that island looked so small
gentle smoke from that volcano
gave wonder to us all.


Let’s go a cruising
first port of call sicily
a trip up that lovely mountain
the godfather wedding to see.


Then sail off to uncovered pompeii
the ruins make you think
life is so very precious
all humans have a common link


Home again to England
what fun we had all week
looking at our photographs
the world didn’t look so bleak.


What shall we do on Monday
it’s driving me insane
maybe get the photo albums out
and do it all again.

Doug High.