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Classic symptoms

What is sloth
but a disdain for work
slumping in a room all day long ,
listless  gloomy as ever
lack of zest with no gumption,
like a bird clipped
of it’s wings or a king robbed ;
what is life
but an art of living
a day of revelry,
night of fun,
sun n sand frolic together
moon of an anticipation thinking all day long ,
a smile writ large o’er a face dear;
what is love
but pining for,
maybe a look
or words spoken,
when minds only meet
without saying
as much …


  • To be, thoghtless, is what I want
    For thoghts oft torment
    Of money , status, health
    Fear of death seeming near
    And how we failed by a wrong move
    That has cost us heavy
    Wreacking havock on our little ones
    For no fault of theirs,
    Thoghts and thoughts galore
    Overpowering nerves
    Why , many of those ghastly feelings flee
    As we manage sleep somehow
    Burying the old in a dreamy state
    For they should not have bothered
    As much I , wish them to go
    Leaving me in my kingdom
    Just the way I am, thoughtless…


I may look at you

endlessly,  creases of your eyes serpentine

Till the night  blossoms into morn ,

I may wipe all your tears

Till dew drops dry

My loving hands touching

Each fold of petals soft ,

I may keep awake all night

Sleep ditching me

To look at you so

Your soul to steal a march on me

Mesmerized me

my mind spellbound

I may drink all the poison

To free you

From the bondage of a clinging snake

To look at you endlessly

creases of your eyes serpentine…



Why you hurt

You hurt me so

Do not know why

You hurt me, so
You, hurt me
Like a flower
My demeanour
Soft as petal
You hurt me still
In many different ways
Could not figure out
To this day
Whether it was called for
My hapless being
Totally at your mercy
O God dearest
You made me so
Was that called for
Someone to ill treat
Me, my hapless being

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My mind shivering

My mind shivering

Rising upon to a new day

Feeling grumpy without nicotine

Perhaps it now seeketh, a change

To feel like yesteryears

O’ is it a change of place or clime

 that may do the trick

Or a holiday to break the routine

My mind  shivering

Between two extremes 

To be or not to be , to go or just hang in 


Perhaps I shall one day find

M­y green pasture

Muddy with marsh mellow

My mind shivering

The mountain on one side

The lake on the other…


A chance meet

It was a chance meet

churning out surprises for me

She was on her way to hell

Aboard a train tossing and turning

She mustered enough courage

To alight and sit

To tell me about her plight

That she was on her way

to see someone ,she never liked to marry


As night engulfed with dim lights

With an earnest look in her eyes

A sleeping beauty that I seldom see

A face aglow with reflecting light

O that train has lost it’s route

Amid shrubs of desire long since

The blood stain refuses though

On an overnight satin…

Emotional Blackmail

Emotions, O  feelings of being helpless

Our destiny writing for us

How we bow down before emotions !

If on the other hand ,we take up cudgels

Not to bow down before anyone

Not even emotions,

telling enough is enough

Can we do that

someday when we shall

Write our own destiny

And our emotions taking a backseat

By then we surpassing

All tests that could ever be

To overpower , to kill

Emotions vainglorious

Be not proud thou ever be.. 



It may be anything

A sprawling bunglow

Or a limousine

It may be eden garden

Yet , it is meaningless

Without your stupid enough ways

Which I love more than anything !

I love you for what you are

Not what you should be

Yes, you made me what I am

Today and forever

Being by my side

Whether heaven or hell

They lending a meaning

To everything

But for which,it is all


Two thousand seventeen

A year is gone
After all , in a matter of days
A year is gone
leaving memories galore

        A year is gone
Of grief and gumption
Of joy and celebration
The carnival , the picnic
Of apple pie and turkey
The cold nights writ large
Upon  days hectic-
Yet , that icing on the cake
bold and  beautiful

Says quite loud and clear

 A Merry Christmas

 Then a Happy New Year…

Parting Thoughts

    They’ve all gone, one after the other
    they all formed a family together
    they’re no more ,vanquished by time
    those who lived ,life in it’s many splendor

    time is so valuable ,one may scarcely believe
    it spares none ,rich poor alike
    I feel restless, lest I should miss
    the last bus the last bloom that be

    I may forgo the last feast
    or the last kiss savor
    and a glimpse of my lovely cottage afar
    that i shall not visit any longer

    I want to shower, all my love
    the darling souls those remember
    That I did all I could !
    parting thoughts, before parting ever …