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Hey Destiny Poets. I live in Denmark about 90 km from Copenhagen and works in Roskilde as a teacher and mentor. I'm probably not like most men of my age and yes I am aged 50 years old. I've tried a lot of jobs without finding what I'm passionate about. Writing, I have always loved and I was probably just 14 years old when I produced my first poem. I have not yet been released some of my poems, but I hope it happens one day. I just finished a novel which I would like to have published, now the time and talent show whether I have the ability to write. Poetry has a special meaning for me and this is where I really feel at home. My life has sometimes been marked by many losses. In the mid eighties, I lost my fiance at the time when the accident happened was pregnant. She lost control of the car and drove herself and her child, who was on his way thereby, to death. It has really made its mark on my life and way of thinking. In the late nineties, I had problems with my back and had to seek other avenues to support myself. I finally decided to enroll at university and was admitted to the humanist line. I read philosophy, science, psychology, journalism and history, but philosophy and psychology is my major interest. I thrive today in the RUC aka Roskilde University just 25 km from Copenhagen. My job is to guide and teach, and it is a job with speed and that gives me a lot again. I have two collections of poems ready to be released, if I can find a publisher who will publish them. I have no children, it would obviously be my lot in life although I have tried, but luck never smiled at me that way. If you have any questions for me so I hope you just ask away all you want, I'll respond as soon as I have read the questions. With kindest regards from Jan Sorensen


You want to know how it feel’s…falling…like head and over heel’s.
You want to swipe the world down…but to clever to let hopes drown.
You only give where you can gain…can you imagine the pain.
You are dressed in infatuation…that way you can control the situation.
I can pick amongst all of our life…easy to see we never really got rife.
I been to Hell and back…yeah I even carry the full pack.
I admit I was both bad and wrong…knowing that I wasn’t really that strong.
I have seen the most…and I sure know how to strand on your coast.

It’s been so easy for you…untill you saw life have more in store than the blue.
Remembering the secret promise you gave…untill the day I hit the grave.
So what wrong in our eyes…the sad song of all our lies.
Untill we negotiate the future and now…the past will haunt high and low.

You search for your destiny…I try to keep my dreams in an eternaty.
You often leave me alone to what I am…the reason of all my damn’s.
You have your reasons to be alone…but it’s turning my heart into stone.
You are turning a thousand excuses…into more than a thousand bruces.
I don’t have to win our fight’s…I have seen the fading light’s.
I…oh I see our lights…crushed and lost in all our fight’s.
I came a long way to be your…and I even tried to be your allure.
I leave my last message for you to roame…knowing I will never find my home.

Time seems endless…empty and no real bless.
Hand in hand we can feel how we lived…we can only walk hand in hand deprived.
So what’s wrong in our world? it the difference in how we think?
Untill we agree on the what’s to come…the whole world will be gone.

I know…

It’s been so mesmerizing, yeah quite fantastic, horrific and so deverstating.
The way you creep under my skin, I know your beauty, hidden from my defences.
Feel your heartbeat punching me, leaving a trail of tears where ever you go.
The crystal perle in your eye, make the rainbow glow and takes over for what it is you can be.
It’s been terriable just to look at you but so deverstating to meet you, somewhere they fall like flies.
I know when I finally wake up, I shall know you are gone but untill that bright morning I isolate my self.

It’s still the worst experience to come and can pieces of us live on in you?
I want to stay, as so many others, a little longer but time is so limited, yeah I really know.
At times I couldn’t get to indulge you, I know and I wanted to suffercate you.
The shinning diamond leaving our eyes, I am not sure of the fairness in you yet I know I hurt too.
The place where we were suppose to live is now wrapped in vira.
I know when I wake up tomorrow I only see wasteland and cry.

We have the best what humankind can provide and still we fight our world.
We believe in our superiority and keep it all locked down, tough all doors are wide open.
I know because it’s all I see nowadays.

Incomming is the restrain of free living, it’s all taken out of our hands.
The smiles hidden behind mask; conserved, contained and covered in alchohol.
I can’t see whom I want to, I know, they tell us not to see who we love.
Outside the rain wash away footsteps and all traces of what was us.
I touch my loved ones faces on the screen dreaming it was the real thing.
I know these times takes speciel measures and patience, yeah I know.

We have the best what humankind can provide and still fight our world .
We believe in our superiority and keep it all locked down alltough all doors are open.
I know because it’s all we can see and trust nowadays.

It might be Gods test of who we are, I know some will fall and not make it.
In a silence of the choir we sing the same song and I know these words all to well.
We keep the dream alive with hopes and prayers and I know we fold our hands.
In a world that needs salvation and to cleanse what worth saving we still try to roam.
It’s like we drag God infront of a judgeand to put his doing out of his hands.
I know this migth be Mother Earth’s answer to our exploiting and the true hand of God.

We had the faith but let it slip away in our fight with God.
We believe in our superiority and keep it all locked allthough all doors are open.
I know we are here on borrowed time and don’t trust the tiny sphere that’s ours and all we got.

As if it was for the last time.

All you apear to me keep my blood running.
Like the water from a fountain that can’t hold back the warm pressure from your heat.
Expand and explode…yeah the most beautiful thing I ever seen.
Dancing like bees around a flower…yeah you won me.
You are running in my blood.
Driving me crazy in your emotionel rod.

Looking at you from apart keep my wish much to much…closer.
Looking your way is easy to do but to make you stay is my fight every day.
Looking at the mountain you set before me, I need to claime high.

I see the fire inside you, just hoping you remember.
Like each words you ever spoke still haunts me.
Extract and extrapolate what’s inside both of us.
Avoiding the most intimate minute of our lives.
Your mind is running wild in what was my mind.
I never told you I find you almost to kind.

Looking at you from apart keep my wish much to much closer.
Looking your way is easy to do but to make you stay is my fight every day.
Looking at the mountain you set before me, I need to claim high.

In all my fear I burned down the whole thing.
Like when love hurts you again and brings you down.
Exercice and explore what’s out there.
Observing people to see where they are going.
Still you are all in my mind and I am the one waiting for you to come.
As if it’s was for the last time I still wait for you to come home.

I see your tears.

Your eyes sparkle in your clear salty tears.
I hear your voice crack.
You fight me like the fight for life.
We cannot win it individually.
If we go apart now.
We lose everything we have created.
I see your tears.
Seeing them sparkle through my salty tears.

You love me and that other guy.
I love you and that other woman.
Have we both gone completely mad and out of our minds.
Why can we not settle for each other?

I can only see your plans.
You do not want me with you.
I’m being pushed out of your life.
You can do it yourself without any help.
I leave only faint traces.
You will never be able to forget them.
In time, you will remember us.
Over time, we are lost and will be missed.

You love me and that other guy.
I love you and that other woman.
Have we both gone completely mad and out of our minds.
Why can we not settle for each other?

The hour of truth must soon stand the test.
If we separate and go our separate ways.
It feels like life is leaving us now.
You are no longer fighting.
You have now knocked a wedge in between the two of us.
Do we still want the same as before?
Can you tell me in sheer honesty?
That all we were was not true love.

You love me and that other guy.
I love you and that other woman.
Have we both gone completely mad and out of our minds.
Why can we not settle for each other?

I see your tears, the clear drops on your cheek.
You can see mine through your own salty tears.
Can we find our way back to what the two of us were?
Do you want life without me by your side?
I’m in more doubt than ever.
Can we manage if we find each other?
Are we now just leaving our lives…together?
You push me away and we will never see each other again.

You loved me but now it’s that other guy.
I still love you and that other woman.
We would be crazy to share this kind of life.
Have we both gone completely mad and out of our minds.
Why can we not settle for down and forever be content?

Not the same…

In a world that’s ever changing…we fall apart too.
The beauty created at birth slowly decade and tear us apart.
We can go alone in all existence…slowly disintegrate to nothing once again.
I know what is waiting for us on the other side.

If anyone feel what I feel, then show the way.
I have often thought what the hell I am?
Nump and all alone with the knowledge that I am dying.
Hell yes we are all dying slowly.
Out of control we can’t find the way back home.

Fire fills the sky…oh yeah takes away your heaven.
Getting there can’t stop, we are there already.
Our father who art in heaven…send me home as number 7.
I walk alone at night…dreaming you hold me so thight.
Wanted to take the left turn but I know you are right.

No matter what we do or what we think.
We can’t have all what we want or just the faint dream we had.
It takes a lifetime to realize…an eternity to accept.
So I am going to be nothing but me and I will be back as me.
Running into my own two arms still confuse me of who I am.


Forever is such a long time gone and yet to come.
We spread and we claim…yeah we expropriate.
We concure and we declare of what we want.
Some day soon this timeline stop and we look at all the empty picturers at our wall.
All I want is to breathe the air, drink the water and feed my love ones.
I pondered about it and lived out my time given here.
So close to leave two years ago, but I am still here.

Forever we can fullfill others dreams…
Forever fight for what is not ours…
Forever blink our eyes and ask what going on?

When I was just a small boy, the world spoke to me.
Save me and please keep me alive.
So distant and so obscure now and an nearly impossible task to do.
But now I think we should show our true color to prove we are all here.
We neve really needed anyone to tell us what to do.
To save what is given to us from our birth we have to fight.
Raise yor face and look, there is so much more than gold, the Devine is inside you…

Talk to me…

Talk to me…

The ever soft whisper inside my head…begged me all my life and still plead.
Like swarms of bat’s messing up my mind…like haze blur what I will find.
It’s been 32 month since we met…and still no regret’s yet.
The distance keeps us apart today…keep my dreams alive of what you say.
There are days when the missing hurt’s so bad…days of such pain to a fragile lad.

Talk to me…oh please…wont you talk to me…show me where we can be.
We have become what we don’t see…oh please wont you talk to me.
The roaring fire must not turn to dust…talk to me and give me your trust.

Insatiable hunger for all you bound…just give me the silence and your faintest sound.
We seems to reside when the dream dies…like when the pain set’s in and we cry.
It’s like begging life to stay away…only if it’s just for one day.
I loved the sound of your voice…never thinking that the speaking was a choise.
We can feel each others strings…never the pain heart brings.

Talk to me…oh please talk to me…I know a place where we can be.
We are right where we want to be…right there love can’t you see.
Please just give me your trust…I’ll blow away the doubt to feed the fire from turning into dust.

Word’s out that everything’s in the rain…like love running down the drain.
Covers me in all your shades of pain…covers my eyes in the falling rain.
Disbelief shaded for the sun in the rain…so did the sickness hidden inside my brain.
The bleeding happiness in wicked thoughts…is that what left for what we fought.
The vision in my heart and mind…you were the one for me to find.

I know about the dream.

Memories…oh memories.
I see your raid for the impossible dream.
Like me, gone so badly wrong.
Salvation is so far away.
Try to be what we are not.
Trying to be that exception.
If, what, how, wondering and puzzled.
We stand alone looking the wrong way.
The lonely eyes tell’s it’s truth.

What was always waiting, was the heartbreak down the line.
Don’t look this way the view takes you out to sorrow to come.
Did we ever considder the pain inflected and given away in love?
Day’s rarely dry.
Impossible to change what might have been.
I am walking right back to you and the end of me.
Exhaled and out of breath.
Can we stop the clock.
The lonely heart need rest.

Tell me your dreams.
Reveal your deepest thought.
Let it shine into my eyes.
Don’t let anyone stop you.
Keep your smile behind weary eyes.
Build that island where your dreams live.
No need to hide and get lost.
Get out of living someone else’s dream.
So please do get awake for that dream.

You might be dealing with a heart of stone.
To give up is letting oceans keep you apart.
I wish you were here to see what I have lost.
Then your dream isn’t so far away.
Decieved yeah, but I still bealive.
I don’t want to wake up in someone elses dream.
I hate you live your life in someone elses life.
Taking away all my dreams.
Coz you are in all of my dreams.

The art of being.

The art in being me is experied.
The need for content grow bigger.
The soul still here searching.
The love inside me is getting old.
The pain I carry is what life steal.
The hurt I inflected others haunts me like a waving wail.
To find peace I went way to far to please.
My way to peace came with your truth.
The way to peace is covered in objection and your opponent words.
The way I grew courced me to fell of the track into sideshow’s.
The search for clarity was the quest alive inside me.
The time wasted internal to hold on to nothing but the believe, love killed by care.
I am.
I am.
I am holding on to a straw thinking it’s just destiny.

The art in me is mute.
The need for forgiveness is large.
The soul within me is restless.
The love I wish to share is on hold.
The pain I care not to feel is all too real.
The hurt that I try to ignore throbs like a nagging hangnail.
The way to peace is allowing the tears to release.
The way to peace is self truth.
The way to peace is away from everything that is in opposition.
The way to growth is admittance of its need and application of effort.
The clarity I seek already lives within me.
The need for external validation, love and care is death.
I Am.
I Am.
I am moving towards my destiny.


I will dive without fear
Deep into your heart
Deeper than the surface
You allow people to see

I will explore recklessly
Deep into your soul
Deeper than the story
You ‘re willing to share

I will wander aimlessly
Deep into your past
Beyond your fear and doubt
Beyond your inhibition and limit

I’ll meet you there
With unstoppable passion
And unquenchable desire

A deep craving in my veins
For getting close to you
Indulge want’s

only what’s from you
In the silent shadows
Abandon us in oblivious bliss

I will, with love & determination
Yet will you dare to let me
Take the plunge?

I will with love…