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I am a Teacher/Family Educator, 'would be farmer', potter, Jill of all trades! friend to all........woman of Faith, who loves to write 'spillings' from her heart in the hope of helping another.


Don’t think

too much,

too long,

too deeply.

It sears.



and keep going.


Box it up,

for one day.

Next year,

or the year after that.

Maybe it will smart less then.


Best foot forward,

Other people have it worse,

Get real,’

Bury it , and count your blessings.


‘A Lucky Escape’,

but you didn’t,

did you?

Not really.


So don’t think,

 too much,

too long,

too deep.


Just smile, and keep going.




I struggle,

to make sense of something I cannot make any sense of.

I don’t understand what happened,

not really.

 Someone else stepped into your skin.

Stole the softness of your smile, and the love in your eyes

and I became less than.

Like plucking the petals of a daisy,

‘ loves me, loves me not.’

Never knowing which, from moment to moment…

until all the petals were gone.

Confetti of a marriage,

or maybe just a lie that held nothing sacred for you.

The new you,

 the thief that came in the night

to blow my heart apart.

How can I put it back together

when I don’t know anymore where the pieces fit.


Have I told You that I Love You,

when I count the stars at night.

Gaze upon a perfect moon,

gleaming silver bright.

Smell the evening Jasmine

with a nightingale in song.

Knowing You are with me

as You have been all along.


Have I told You that I Love You,

when the sun begins to rise.

Pink and golden halos

against a turquoise sky.

The birds all sing Your Glory,

a new day in the making.

Drinking in the wonder

even when my soul is aching.


Thank You for such blessings,

the sunshine and the breeze.

New life in the hedgerows,

rustling of the trees.

Thank You Lord for Loving me

when I forget my part,

Have I told You that I Love You

From the essence of my heart.

I see children.


I see children holding hands

and know there is a Promised land.

Where Love is all to conquer pain

and broken people smile again.


I see children, love filled eyes.

Every moment sweet surprise.

No room for doubts or fear or lies.

Painting rainbows in the sky.


I see children laugh out loud.

Golden giggles, standing proud.

Praising Jesus, Joyful sound.

Touching hearts and Heaven bound.


Matthew 19:14

‘But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.’

The Praying Girl

  I know that you can’t see Him,

or comprehend His Ways.

I know you cannot hear Him,

think : just a girl who prays.


I know you think: misguided,

her life has made her so.


 you know what,

it matters not,

 Jesus loves me so.


We meet at different places,

some values intertwine,

but  shallow is the moment

compared with the Divine.


I can’t seem to reach you,

 or help you understand.

There’s more, much more,

than here and now.

Everything was planned.


In my heart such sadness,

for those who cannot see.

Enslaved in worldly madness,

while The Truth would set you free.



 so short,

 the passing days.

 Needs and wants, and stuff.

The rich die young,

their song unsung

and never have enough.


Gods riches are Eternal.

His promises are true

His Love so unconditional,

with Grace for all we do.


I pray for those who cannot see,

Have no ears to hear.

I pray that God will shine from me,

 draw them ever near.

I pray somehow,

some way,

 some Light

can spark a little glow.

That poor misguided praying girl,

God would have you know.

The Unbeliever


Behind the mask of pride,




I see you.


 All that you have is nothing,

and it breaks my heart.


I try to tell you,

but you won’t listen.

Faith is a risk,

admitting imperfections and defeat.



People will ridicule,

see you as a weak.

You don’t need such a crutch.



Truth is,

You do.


We all need Salvation.

Unconditional Love,

mere humans can’t offer,

however hard we try.


More than that,

Eternal life.

Through the most beautiful , faithful, tried and tested reality of all.

Best friend you can ever have.

Greatest Love you can ever know.



I pray for you,

because I remember when I thought nothing of Him too.

Jesus Freaks and crazy people.

Then the walls fell in,

nowhere to go, and ,

He found me.


I am forgiven.





I pray no walls fall in on you,

but if that’s what it takes,

so be it.


I pray hard you can find Him without.


He knows you already.

He Loves you already.

I do too,

and it breaks His heart,

and mine,

you can’t see Him.


Matthew 13: 16’

‘But blessed are your eyes because they see; and your ears because they hear.’

The Tears of Christ.

The tears of Christ are falling,

on the murdered unborn child.

‘Its only three per cent’, they said,

no reason to be riled.


The tears of Christ are falling,

on children packing guns.

In the name of Liberty,

the reddest river runs.


The tears of Christ are falling,

as politicians war,

and despairing  starving refugees,

can find no open door.



The tears of Christ are falling,

for those who use His Name.

Judge, condemn, misrepresent.

His Heart,

 His Walk,

 His Pain.


A New Year is upon us,

I pray that the world will know,

His Grace,

His Love,

All hope in Him.

The Way to

stem the flow.



John 14:6,

‘I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me.’

New Year’s Prayer.

     This Year, Dear Lord, I thank you,

for all that you have done.

My family, my friends, my life,

such seasons in the sun.


A year of new beginnings.

A year of letting go.

Honey  tinged with bittersweet.

Springtime under snow.


In a year of so much worldly pain.

Wars and all their toll.

Still blind and deaf men stumble,

procrastinated souls.


So Father God, my New Year’s prayer;

for those I love to know ,

The Blessing of Your Heart, Your Hand

and every seed to grow.


In life, in love, Salvation.

To set the Captives Free.

The Heart Cry of a broken world,

and humble plea of me.



Psalm 116:2,

              ‘Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore I will call upon him as long as I live,’



Nobody gets me like You.

After all that we have been through.

I love You so much,

yearn for your touch,

to be filled and restored

made anew.


Help me Lord to be all I can be.

Bless the hearts of the blind yet to see.

I can’t do this alone,

so I weep at your throne,

Adonai  be the heartbeat of me.


Nobody gets me like you.

After all that we have been through.

I am weak,

You are strong,

held my hand all along,

Holy Life source of all I pursue.

I wish

I wish,

People  knew You and believed ,

pursued  you and  received.

Your Face, Embrace

and endless Grace,

poured out.

No doubt

the world would be a better place.

Yet they spit

and hit,


deny You,

just like before.

No different from then,

just angry men,

thinking they know better.


John 15:18, ‘If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you”