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About Elizabeth

I am a Teacher/Family Educator, 'would be farmer', potter, Jill of all trades! friend to all........woman of Faith, who loves to write 'spillings' from her heart in the hope of helping another.


Some days  when clouds diffuse the light.

Its hard to see tomorrows bright.

Haunting shadows of the past,

dance around and overcast.


and Its overwhelming ,

when it rains. 

Such heavy drops of hurt and shame.

Hold us bound and leave us maimed.


Know He Loves, and has a plan.

Far beyond the dreams of man.

By Faith we heal, by Love restore.

By Grace forgive and so much more.


Then we can see the rainbows.

Then we find our calm.

Amidst a world of judgement,

Jesus is our balm.


Slowly,very slowly,

the clouds begin to part. 

and all the Light you need to see,

Is there within your heart.


Prayer for Confidence

Remind me who I am Lord,
the moments I can’t see.
All the good and beautiful,
You have made in me.
Remind me who I am Lord,
when the enemy runs free.
All the reasons to say No,
to negativity.
Fill me up with courage,
confidence anew.
To know my worth,
in spite of all,
this world has put me through.


Oh what tangled webs we weave,

when first we practice to deceive.

Ourselves, our hearts, and then our soul,

striving just to keep it whole.


Then fear creeps in to blow apart,

the bandaged pieces of our heart.

We think we’re good,

believe we’re strong,

but Masquerading all along.


Only God can heal the pain,

Help us learn to dance again.

His perfect Love unravels all,

and all the masks removed will fall.

In You

Whatever Your Plan Lord,

Whatever Your Will.

Lead me, and show me the way.

It isn’t too clear now,

the roads I should take,

just praying for Guidance each day.


I had all these dreams, and I had all these hopes,

somehow never to be.

So here I am Lord,

Still standing,

but where?

and only In You can I see.


When the world is sleeping,

so velvet is the night,

Heavens portals shimmer down,

my heart finds words to write.


To tell You that I love you Lord,

what ere this world may bring.

Through it all inseparable.

The servant and her King.


A cooling breeze so whispers,

‘Be still,

Be still and know,

One day all things will fall in place.

Have I not promised so?


Sit with Me a while child,

Watch Me wake the sun.



Rest awhile,

and ponder all to come.

Romans 8: 38,39,

 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


My eyes are weary

but my brain is not.

I remember.

I remember too much

that I want to forget.

The shattered Fairytale.

Stranger in a familiar body,

Ice cold stares from eyes that were once so warm and tender.




They call it Bipolar,

I call it the Demon that stole the man I loved.

I run through it in my head

over and over,

but I want to forget

to erase it all and just sleep.

To think……

To think,
One man,
has changed the World.

A Carpenter, a fool they said,
Living prophecy, and bled,
because He Loves you so.

To think,
despite our failing race,
The Lamb of God,
such precious Grace,
Loves you even though.

Through centuries His Words ring true,
Jesus Christ, who died for you.
Took the nails, the thorns, the shame,
Wrath of God , endured the pain,
that we don’t have to.

A Carpenter, a fool they said,
Living prophecy, and bled,
because He Loves you so.

He knew,
that there would come a day,
when we would lift our hands and pray,
God help me,
and He will.

To think,
God’s Grace,
can change the World.
Matthew 28,20:
‘and, lo,I am with you always, even unto the end of the world’

Barely Treading Water.

Barely treading water,
Lord, I don’t know why?
All the dreams I once believed,
somehow passed me by.


Do I make a difference ?
Do I serve you well ?
Or am I just a failure?
Sometimes so hard to tell.


I need to feel You close to me
I need to see Your Face
I need to rest upon The Rock
To sleep in Your Embrace.


I need to find a better day,
a better way to be,
then perhaps I’ll get it right,
see the You in me.


But for now Im tired Lord,
I can’t find Your Hand.
This thing called life has got me beat,
and I don’t understand.


So Father, could you carry me,
at least, until I see,
a plan, a purpose to it all,
a reason just to be.


Pity parties aren’t my style.
So this is just for You.
You know,
You see my shredded heart,
Help me shine on through.



Broken Glass.

Sometimes life is hard to bear,
shredded dreams and hearts.
People come and people go,
some tear us apart.

Loss and illness,
pain and fear,
weariness and sorrow.
All the time we strive to shine,
believe we can,

I don’t have an answer,
and question those that do.
Just Faith in something greater,
that He will pull us through.

We walk barefoot on broken glass.
It hurts, we bleed, and then….
We stop, and rest , to heal awhile
and learn to dance again.