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When  I was a toddler

It came to me with ease.

Later  it was aligned   and timed

To meet home works assigned.

And as youth crept in

for overworked muscles it became,  a boon   

Yet frivolous  youth wasted it to  croon 

And now when worldly chores

Do not worry me anymore

Sleep I find in a distant shore.

Yet I earnestly  approach it  , to take refuge

From the shrieks and cries

Which   inundates the mind

Of thousand bleeding bodies

In clashes of identity , left behind.  

Zealously,   I attempt to sleep,  to shut off  

 the howls and moans  of  children  in grief.

But even there the ghosts of annihilation  in their bloody  attires invade 

and of  the quintessential sleep I am deprived.

Waking up to a ghastly reality, I bid farewell to sleep

Asking myself ,do I deserve to sleep ?

So I  sit down with paper and pen and  build a romantic dream.

For now I have learnt to rejuvenate and find respite

In characters of love whom I define.

An ocean apart

An ocean apart we appeared to be,

Country ,religion and culture defined my boundary

When luck struck as a lightening

Beckoning us towards a joint destiny

Encompassed by a feeling never felt before

Slowly silently the hearts resonated

Transcending the man made boundaries

Being woven into one by the talismanic  ring

With the passing of time our worlds changed

Passions faded and feelings dulled.

In distress and distrust our lives were plunged.

Alas! The talisman ceased to cast its spell

Like strangers at home, we started to dwell

Once rhapsodically involved and epitome of love

Now lying so close yet oceans apart we became.