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My Creed!

Someday, I’ll look into your eyes

And tell you,

Of how I suffered blows in silence

Merely for your sake!


I believed in that which was projected to me

I believed in the mysticism surrounding it

I believed in it to such an extent

That it became the reason why I breathed!

I suffered the blows, yes,

I hid my tears behind smiles

I learnt to love the agony of it all

I let the prickly thorns swim all over my bloodstream

I pretended that it did not hurt

I pretended that I was the jolliest of them all

Even if the demons of darkness kept sending, to my soul,

The doubts that meaning binding us both

May not seem to have as solid a foundation for you

As it does for me!

Pray, this world is a sorrowful one,

It keeps revolving for no reason

Taking us there where we speculate about

Without any concrete proof!

Amidst all of this madness,

I choose to rest my faith

In the love I hold for you

As, someday,

I want to look into your eyes

And tell you of how I suffered for you

Merely because the universe had whispered to me

That your fate is linked to mine!

Someday, love, we’ll both look back

And be grateful that we survived everything

I am confident of this

As river water is certain to meet with the ocean

As flowers are certain to taste of dew each morning

As poets are certain to be immortalized through their words

As Earth is certain she is revolving for the sake of the power which rules her!

My Heart’s Sonata

How selfish am I in our love story!

How selfish indeed!

Caring solely to have my pain soothed,

My barren desert filled with your warmth

My freezing hideaway turned into tropical resorts

And my sad violin tune turned into an angelic pulse!

Pray, how selfish indeed am I,

Cry I to the Gods when the pain becomes too burdensome

Seek I their refuge, wanting to shed off my mortal body

And return to them, safe and sound,

While you, Love,

You, keep toiling, to the extent of wasting yourself

Even if you heed me at times

And ignore me at others!

Pray, my selfishness allows me not to think clearly

Instead of seeing only myself

I should, rather, care to pray to the Gods

To have you awakened so that you do follow

Their tunes, without questioning

So that your soul be saved from the madness of this world,

Madness, which I can guess, has taken over your senses

To the extent of having you care only

For its illusory games

Caring so deeply that you open not your auras

To receive the boons, the blessings and the guidance of the Gods!

Pray, is it all about love?

To be selfishly in love is to be genuinely in love?


Should I simply learn to forsake myself

To care only about your well being?

Love’s Warmth

That warmth, seen both in your eyes

And felt in your hands,

That warmth, I wish to be drowning in it

Always and forever

As if, it were my life’s very own breath

And my heartbeats depended upon it

To survive, in a world which belongs not to me!

That warmth can calm my pulsating fires

Fires set ablaze by the sparks of your presence

Then when I first heard your voice!

Pray, is this all about the meaning of love?

Meanwhile, while anticipating of things yet to come,

I rely on the power of faith, on the strength of the visions of my dreams

And on the cool companionship of the glowing moon!

That warmth, for it, I shall let go of my ferocious armor,

I shall throw away my swords,

Break the walls surrounding my heart

And release, in the air, my soul, free and delighted,

At last, to finally allow itself to merge in that warmth!

Romance’s Symphony

Love, to have come across your path

In this shadowy world,

Is naught but a boon from the skies!

You are my wings,

With your power, I shall be able to fly us up

To where clouds can’t be formed

To open the doors of there where we are meant to be!

You are my breath

You allow me to keep on living

In a world ruled by Death

A world, whose inhabitants blindly consider themselves

As having to be grateful for having been given life

Even if such remains laden with the pricks of an unknown power

Called Fate!

You are the beats of my heart

You allow me to love not only you

But myself and the life that has been imposed upon me

When I chose to fall down here, for the sake of our union!

Love, if I recount to you the meaning and the purpose

Of those eternal tunes emanating from the night sky

Tunes hoping, yearning, to have us awakened to them

As to realise that we are meant to remain

Tangled in each other’s arms, held safe by the will of the skies,

Will you believe in my words?

Love, though you are human in form,

You are much more than this,

You remain, for me, the other half of my soul,

That which I require to be complete

The warmth and the passion that I need

To realise that life can be as pleasant

As is a free flowing love poem when spoken it is

On a clear summer night, surrounded by gurgling river water

And an orchestra of nocturnal elements!

Love, I am drenched in anticipation,

I have yearned for you since more than a decade

It was hard, I broke down several times

Only to surge up again as a rising sea typhoon

Set into motion by the celestial powers!

Love, when the Gods desire to see us being each other’s drive

Pray, break down the walls surrounding your heart

Break them down and build a bridge for me

I shall cross it and settle there

Ruling it with tenderness so powerful

As to have you desire more and more

Of me!

My Answer

The heart of a Goddess cannot be like that of a human

Whispered the winds to the depths of my soul

The heart of a Goddess has to understand beyond layers,

Even if that means, somehow, principles which are usually abided

Will have to be forsaken!

Your prayers have been heard, hissed they to my ears

But the Gods are being unable to respond

As your request hurts them!

How selfish of you, they said,

How selfish, specially for a high Goddess,

Care you not for the well being of the universe,

Worry you not about the future offspring of Creation

Care you not about us?

The winds hovered above my head silently

While bloody tears trickled down my cheeks,

Why, if being unable to bear with pain makes of me

A selfish goddess, then, I shall remain

Misunderstood for the rest of my life

After all, the gods were my power,

If they leave my side, I become as brittle

As a dried branch!

Come, croaked I to the winds,

Tell them, as from now,

I shall enjoy my pain

As if it were a juicy fruit placed on my tongue

On a hot summery day!

The Nothings of Life

Life handed out to me its boons

With a smug look on its face

Choose whatever you want, it said

Choose however much you want

It’s all yours!

Liar! I blurted out

Liar!  You have nothing,

You are nothing,

At least except for pain and misery

Toils and turmoil

You have nothing to give to me

Which could bring relief to my soul!

You make yourself seem to be on oasis of peace

Yet, you are a murky swamp

Inhabited by creatures conceived by evil forces

Merely to bring despair to lost souls, like me!

Why, I won’t accept any of your boons

I prefer, rather, to live while I shall have to

By choosing the path which I deem is the right one

Hoping, by doing thus,

That I shall be able to escape from your clutches!

You are mistaken, said Life

There is nothing else besides me

Choose my boons and you shall be merry

Forsake them and forever be sorry!

Pray, the love you give is false, said I

The gifts you give wear out

The trust you give relies on gullibility

The hope you give is so fickle

The youth you give rots away

The sparkle you give dies out!

No,I refuse your boons,

Sorry I shall maybe have to be,

But my sorrow, like everything else,

Shall also last only a while!

In Our Dreams

The moon, being the glowing silver ball that it is,
Having been placed there by the higher powers
To allow humans some moments of romanticism
On those nights when the arrows of suffering dance
In their bloodstream,
Allowed itself to invade the mysterious part of my dreams
Merely to let me know that I have been neglecting its power!

Yes, my meditation time have I been forsaking,
My crystals have I not been charging,
Having been completely taken up with the tiredness
That overpowers each and every working girl of the world!

The moon, though, as if it was missing me and my veneration of it
Came into my dreams and made me remember that I am its Goddess,
And that my duty remains in living the life of a mystic,
A mystic driven solely by the skies’ wishes and by the worshipping of such!

Pray, I know, life projects itself as being the sole truth we can see
Whatever lies beyond what can perceive our senses is mere speculations
But then, life is also shrouded with mystery,
Mystery which is reflected in those messages sent to us
By that which we cannot understand,
In our dreams,
Merely to guide us on our fated paths!

Harmonious Waves

Raindrops fall on my nose

Engulfing my tears in their flow

Raindrops sink into my skin

Dousing the fire that burns therein!

Thunder rolls loud and boisterous

Above my head

As if, it were the drum roll of moral laws

Reminding me that the suffering that whirlpools around me

Is merely because of my past actions;

Dark and harmful ones!

Pray, wonder I, do I even deserve a life?

Would it not be better to have merged

Into the space dust,

Enjoying the state of silent rest

Soothing, peaceful and stable,

Having not to face the arrows of emotions?

But then, the mayhem stops and rose,

Next to my feet,

A crystal clear rainbow, on which birds slide

While butterflies make love to each other,

All accompanied by jazzy piano tunes!

Pray, if the grey season ends with such a grand show

Then, maybe I should simply learn

To wipe, from my essence,

My own cultivated negativity

So as to be able to welcome the purity

Of the rainbow when it shall deem that

It is now time for it to sprout from my soul

So that I may use it to allow others to enjoy its show!

The Tale of Love and I

Love was once a colourless fume

Flying freely in the open sky

Having enough power to drive my hand

Towards my pen

To write, lines and lines of how

I shall start to live only when I shall be merged with it!

Love then shifted into a man,

Bold and handsome,

Gentle and tender,

Awaking in me, fiery volcanoes

And colossal tsunamis

Making of me, in this process,

Reveal to the world,

The Goddess that I am

Fallen and having chosen to live

Hidden behind the facet of a boring human!

Why, Love, though, chose to turn his gaze away

For the traps of maya’s illusions are so strong,

As to stop the course of Fate

Wishing solely to see souls, like Love’s and I,

Drown in its endlessly vicious cycle of meaninglessness!

Pray, awakened and guided,

I can only choose to remain that which I was,

A poisonous plant dwelling in swamps,

Ready to cause those dumb enough as to approach me

To perish in most painful ways!

Shall I surge forth

When with those pure drops of mysticism

Shall Love choose to dress himself

Awakened and responding to the pulls of Fate

Desirous to swallow my lava flows

And to assuage my raging tsunamis!

Love’s Appearance

A hidden smile
A blushing sparkle
A torrential awakening of senses
An awakening to that which remains
As beautiful as a raging sea!

A hidden smile
A sudden intake of breath
A moment lost in reviving another moment
It would seem
That life does bestow berries upon open mouths
Even if sometimes,
It deems it best to sprinkle the juices
Of sour lemons in those same mouths!

A sudden outpour of sweat
A heart beating way too loud
A loss of control over feminine rushes
The meaning of life has already been sculpted
In our fates
Should we try to avoid it
It would pull us harder towards it
Should we try to forsake it
It would thrust itself back at us
As if, it were a boomerang
Which we have thrown with our own hands!

A hidden smile
Lamenting gasps
Teary eyes, laden with tormented submissions
When Love flies over us all
And sprinkles over us
It’s pure dewy waters
Does living not suddenly feel harmonious?