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Your Watch

Your watch,
Fastened upon your wrist,
Giving you an extra charm
Bids me to want
To throw away my offerings,
To mute the prayers echoing in my heart
And to pull at my hair,
While screaming out vicious tsunamis
Which can engulf you
In their melodious harmony
Of the strong appeal
That emanates from you!

Your watch,
Clasped tightly upon your wrist,
Has me imagining of how
It shall be when
I shall soar at you
Seated on a sparkling unicorn
To steal it
Because wearing that which is yours
Creates a new world in my galaxy,
One in which you and I
Play, side by side,
A romantic symphony,
Which bids flowers and trees to dance!


A​​rrogance, a sad word holding no purpose in this meaningless world, since we

R​evolve upon the commands of some power against which we cannot dare

R​ebel, for so subtle and impalpable it is, so divinely mighty, readily

O​utpassing our will, denying us of our right to choose for ourselves,

G​orging us with torments, to have us submit to it while we become tragic 

A​ctors and actresses, all dutifully playing out roles in our own

N​ether, blindly believing ourselves to be the center of everything that exists, but, if we

C​ared to adorn ourselves, with the spiritual commands of this same power, those which

E​nunciate of how fickle and short life is, why, our passage on this Earth would be blissful!


The blazing sun adorning our blue skies,
Amidst the chilly wintery breeze,
The comforting music playing
On the radio, accompanying us on our trips,
The warm smiles of our neighbours, our friends,
And even strangers as they meet us
All around the island,
The soft scenery that the island sculpts for itself
All of these,
Speak to us!

Open the heavily locked gates of your heart
And listen,
You shall hear the island as it hums
Of how gratitude is of crucial importance
Even if we live in a world
Whose essence flows and slips from our tight grips
As easily as would water!

Yes, you shall hear the island sing,
Of how being adaptable and stoic in this difficult
Time that we are going through
Is necessary and of how
Amidst this pandemic pandemonium,
We are to keep our gaze held up
Towards the silent skies and
Tell them that we acknowledge
Of the fact that we are in the Kali Yuga
And that we accept the load of our karma
As it weighs upon us!

If we open to the island,
Our own inner secret garden,
There where we can be ourselves
Without having upon us,
The imprint of a fake society,
We shall tune in to the island’s symphony
And by merely listening to it,
We shall yearn to sit,
In front of mirrors
Just to watch life go by,
As capriciously as it would will to
Because we shall understand
That our essence is of futile nature!

We do exist for a cause, and
Even if we are confused about that,
We should be able to come to learn
To accept that
We have no control over anything
That makes us who we are!

And while we exist,
We should make it a must,
To be understanding
And to filter out those impurities
That can pollute our inner oceans
As only when we shall get cleansed
Shall our energies synchronize
With that of our monumental little island!

(Written for my country – Mauritius Island)

Existential Battle

Life and Death set out to battle against each other
Each wanting to be deemed as the ruler
Each wanting to tell the whole of Existence
That only one among them is the sole winner at hand!

Life opened its feathers
And danced dramatically
Thereby attracting all sorts of living forms to it
All, who mesmerized, could help not but
Be transfixed by its magnificence!

Life danced to the beats of some music
Which only it could hear
And laughed
Boisterously at its own grip upon itself!

But then Death sneeringly came about
And loomed over Life
Merely to have its creatures open their eyes
Which they had been keeping solidly
Closed till now,
And upon glancing at them,
The living creatures understood
Of how futile was their attraction
To that which shall never last,
And hypnotized by Death’s gloomy ugliness
They chose to succumb to it!

Life was left broken, existing
All alone, with no souls
To complement it
And upon seeing its desolate face
Death laughed and bid
These same life forms to enjoy
A yet another futile dance with a pretentious Life,
In a recycled state!

Death won it all the way round,
But Life, proud and egocentric,
Pretended that it knew not
That it was the vanquished one,
And kept on dancing
As much as it willed!

Silent Ruminations

In the depths of your eyes
And in the density of your warmth
As it was displayed in your smile,
I could see,
The face of my God,
The one for whom I keep praying
Day and night,
Merely to grab me by the arms
And haul me
From the murkiness of the world!

I live for you,
I bear thorns for you,
I accept to be smudged with mud,
Slung to me by my enemies
And I wake up to face each new day
As boldly as would a lioness
Even if in my secret world,
Sad songs play on, guided by
Your own fingers teasing the piano!

Somehow, our story bears the imprint
Of a past life
And I had stupidly thought that
Our dues would be settled in this one
But then,
How cruel a world it is,
Always ready to break us
And to show us
That amidst its essence,
We are naught but mere dust particles
Subject to its own force
And having absolutely no power
Over anything that makes us
That which we are!

I need your depths
To keep on treading
In neck deep snake filled waters!

Yes, Muse,
Leave me not
As life would no more spell
With sparkles and glittery stars,
Potent enough as to open
My mind
To a world where,
You and I,
Would be locked tight
In a poetic matrimony!

Till where lies infinity

To what lengths shall you go to
To show me that you love me?
What is it that you shall sacrifice
Merely to have my heart jolting
In your own ocean of bliss?

Shall you allow me to bloom
Into an invincible goddess
Having realized her inner self
In a useless world?
Or shall you chip off my leaves,
Leaving my thorns bared for all to see?

Muse, to what lengths shall you go to
Merely to have me clinging on to your neck
Gripping at you, clawing and biting
Never wanting to stop
Never even allowing you to look away from me?

Days seem so pleasant as they echo of your essence
And nights, laden with same,
Drown me in their shadowy hues!

Muse, how far shall you go,
To keep a smile painted on my face,
A smile rooted deep in the secret chambers of my heart
And tied to your enchanted vibes?

My Yearning

Wear my yearning
As if it were your favourite perfume
Wear it
As if it were your watch
Or even your favourite crystal
Wear it
As if it were your favourite underwear
Or your lucky charm
Or even your favourite shoes
Just wear it
And let it widen your smile
And soften your eyes
And make your heart dance
Let it create ripples in your sleepy ocean
And bid mermaids to cajole us
While we only care to sit and contemplate
Let it paint your seas
And lift up waves, raging and wild
Able to drown out the whole cosmos!

Let it fire up your sparks
And bid you to consume of it
As would starving wolves
Having met with their prey
After having spent months in drylands!

Wear my yearning, Muse,
Wear it
And let us both rejoice of it
As its energy flows between the instruments
That have now become our bodies!

Write me a poem

Write me a poem
I said to my muse
Write me a poem
And tell me
Of how it feels to see me
Smile genuinely whenever my eyes
Would settle over yours!

Write me a poem
And tell me
Of what it is that bids me
To plunge into your depths
And to forget this life
Seeking solely the solid warmth
That emanates from your chest
As your heart beats ecstatically for me!

Write me a poem
To allow me to be imbibed of feminine strength
So that I do finally come to accept life,
As it is, laden with its many secrets
And its illusory gardens!

Write me a poem,
And let the bells of poetic matrimony
Ring for me as I
Live through the fake layers of this life
Imposed upon by this world!

Write me a poem,
Of which I shall be so inspired
That I shall keep thirsting
To open my wings, colorful and fluorescent
Merely to dazzle the world
With their shine!

Write me a poem
Since I am a mere agonizing poet
Relying upon your inspirational vibes
To feed my pulsating wounds!

I need time

I need time
To heal, to dream,
To ponder, to contemplate
And to bid my soul to dance
To the many wicked beats
Of my broken heart!

I need time,
To hide my smiles,
And the twinkling stars
That glitter in my eyes
When the magic of this world
Tickles my senses
To the extent of having me
Run urgently for cover
Towards the darkest cover of my room;
There where nothing and no one
Can come to see me gasp
For fresh air in a world
Polluted by karmic cycles!

I need time,
To shed tears
While regretting all the goodness that I missed in life
And all those to whom I could not bid goodbye
As well as for every harm that I caused to others!

I need time
To breathe
And to learn to smile again
As genuinely as would babies upon gazing at
Their zealous mother’s gaze upon them!

I need time
To piece the broken pieces of my heart together
Into a dazzling and mystifying puzzle
Which shall remain unsolved
For as long as I would want it be so!

I need time,
And for now,
I can only remove the batteries
From my wall clock
To allow myself
An eternal dive into the sea
Of contemplations!

The Potency of our mind

Dear World
I yearn for my magic wand,
Left and lost somewhere on the many alleys
That I undertook while coming to this world!

Had I been able to wiggle it and mutter some spells
In a language known to me solely, you can be sure, that
Days would have been enjoyed merely for being sunny
While nights would have had in them, the comfort
That babies receive while they are held in their mothers’ bosom!

It is frightening to see how shadows
Have taken over every nook and crook of this world,
How they have forced themselves in individuals and how
They laugh at the plight of human life it is!

See those that get born with silver spoons in their mouths,
See how they get trapped in unfortunate webs
Spun by the shadows themselves,
And turn into blinded individuals living in denial
At the truth of life!

See those that get not so lucky
And have, to face,
Throughout their lives,
A solo companion, known as struggle!
See how worry creases their foreheads,
How wrinkles adorn their eyes
And hear how many times they heave out
Heavy sighs, totally submerged in their woes!

Dear World,
I have no magic wand,
Yet, I can write,
Of how potent is one have inner strength
And positive thinking in a world
Which is bent on testing us,
Right from the day we get born!

A world in which nothing belongs to us
Is not worth crying over,
Even when we have, in front of us,
Spilt milk!

Living, rather, with good intentions and
Undertaking, at all possible times, good actions,
While being dutiful to our soul’s conscience
Is the cure to the lump that we carry
Over our shoulders!