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The Madness Surrounding Me

The madness has invaded the whole world
I can see it on busy streets
In the eyes of focus oriented people
As they walk along towards their duty
Twisting and turning it over and over
Again in their minds
As if,
Such remained the driving force of Existence,
The center of the world,
The cause and the meaning of everything
That we can see and witness around us!

The madness has gained so much strength
That people have lowered their swords,
Faced with it,
Becoming as tiny
As ants are when faced with our palms!

See how they believe in their own microcosm
See how they rely on their senses
See how they dance, to the tunes of nothingness
As puppets do
To the pulls of their puppeteers!

Why, I wish,
I really do wish,
I could leave everything behind:
This madness and its tight grip on me
I wish I could leave it,
Running, fleeing, flying
Naked, free, liberated,
To there where it all has purpose
And there where reason is given its due!

Pray, I regret having forsaken the realm where I was
I regret having chosen to fall into Earth’s womb,
As like me,
Earth is confused,
Revolving she is, on herself,
As she has no other option!
She knows not why she has to keep revolving
She knows nothing of this power that rules her
As an obedient child,
She follows her line of duty
And like her,
I walk my path
Dilligently and submissively!

But then,
The skies do show themselves as merciful
Of the madness I do get pulled out at times
Whispered in my sleep are their words and their wills
So much that
I know, I definitely do know
That someday, somehow,
I shall be thrown a ladder to climb on to
To escape this porous and invasive mass of evolving

Slaves of Life

I have been told that the state of bliss
Is only to be felt then when
Our souls merge in with the Absolute One!

I have been told that while I inhabit
A mortal body
I shall have to keep bearing with pain
Of all types,
Coming from all sides!

I have been told
That we are not worry about anything
That we rule not ourselves
That our bodies don’t even belong to us
That we are to accept life’s ebb on our beings
As stonily as shorelines do!

I refuse to accept life
I refuse to have to be prescribed with an identity
With a religion,
With societal rules
Snatching away my freedom
Even if I have been told
That the birth I was pushed towards
Was due to my previous actions
That being born,
Is, in itself a sin
And that I am to make my choices well
If I wish to be saved!

But then, life keeps hovering over me
Looking like it was a God
With an imposing stature
And threatening weapons,
Abide, willed it,
Abide even if I fooled you
Abide even if you don’t wish to
As, such remains the only way for you
To have a chance to save your soul!

Pray, how am I to live
Like a robot,
Going about with my duties,
Caring not for the swords that life
Keeps pricking at me,
Causing blood to ooze out of my soul?

I am a slave, then,
I am a slave of life,
There is no escape from its grip!

Should I do good,
I shall be given another life,
With better dues!

Should I do bad,
I shall still be given another life,
Carrying with it,
Equally bad dues!

A slave of life, a slave of Existence,
With the awakening of the Gods
Burning brightly in my soul!

To abide shall I
For, I have no choice,
At least, such remains so
As long as my strength keeps
Pumping itself all over me!

It matters not

It matters not

Whispered I back to the Mother Goddess

It matters not

If I shall turn into nothingness

Or if I shall turn into flowers

Or even I shall be among the waves

Rocking the ocean floors!

It matters not

And nothing ever will

As everything else about this world

Is transient and ephemeral!

Why, even the Love that it promises

Is tainted with impurity

With falsity

With its accompanying load of pain

And suffering

So, in the very end,

It does not matter about what I shall be

After my mortal body shall break

Into millions and millions of tiny pieces

Of nothingness!


I do want to be of use,

As, while being in human form,

I used and abused, needing others

To give me a hand

A hand in harming Existence

With my share of waste, of pollution,

Of needs, of greed, of frugalities even!

Pray, worry not,

Life shall keep going on

And the world shall keep revolving

If I do choose to take off the batteries of my own clock

It is merely because my endurance

Is way beyond its set limits!

Do worry not

As content shall I be,

At last,

Free, in my own choice!

The Divine Whispers

The Goddess whispered again

In the early hours of dawn

She whispered your name again, Love,

In a voice so strict, so severe,

So demanding,

Denoting at how bent she is

On seeing both our bodies, our hearts

And our souls, united, in a bond which shall

Be blessed for eons on end by the Gods themselves!

I shall tell you about it,

All I wait is for you to open your heart

And let me be the maestro to the violin tunes

That are being played there

All I wait is for is for you to open your mouth

And ask me, of what I have, so urgently,

To recount to you!

All I wait for is for when you shall grab my hands

And tell me,

That you will never let go!

Why, I have had my share of bad luck

I presume so you have you

But my whole being tingles with your essence

You play with my moods as if you were my puppeteer

I live for you, I reveal myself only to you

I have written, since the beginning,

Only for you and shall keep doing so as long as I can!

I shall bloom only for you

And I shall wilt, solely by your side

Knowing that our souls shall both be saved

By the same Goddess who whispered it to me

That you and I have to be one!

The Goddess whispered again, Love,

I am drenched in impatience

And exalt,

For the becoming of what is come!

Pray, make me not wait anymore!

My Fear

Loneliness scares me not
Neither does having to toil for a living
Nor do old age and disease!

What scares me
Is having, someday, to face the Heavens
Without your accompanying warmth
That which allows my heart to emanate of soft notes
Soft notes evoking love and the purity of it
Soft notes evoking a bond which not even
Demons and the forces of darkness could shatter!

But this world,
In which we have chosen to test our love
Remains a tricky one
Surrounded it is by Maya’s imposing power
Power which so subtly and so easily
Shreds our clear and soulful intentions
With its sword of gloom!

When the skies whispered your name to my soul
I chose to shake off the ego that had settled in me
I chose to burn the stubborness with which I was enrobed
I chose to blindly submit to it
In the very end,
Someday, when we shall both shed off our human bodies,
We shall have to face each other
And tell each other
Of whether we passed the hardest of all tests;
Staying in love with each other in the era of Kalyug!

The darkness laughs at us
The Gods cringe and grind their teeth,
Nervous and stressed out,
Shall our bond cease to be
Know that Existence will have to be re-written!

I fear having to face Eternity without you
I fear the hurt and the pain that will coil themselves around me
As if they were the serpents of Hell
And I, their unwilling prey!

Why, nothing about Earth scares me
Shall I someday be subjected to a state where
I would have to die alone,
May it be so!

But, there, in that other world,
I shall have to feel always,
The comfort of your shoulders
The beats of your heart as it awakens for me
The tenderness of your gaze as it strolls over me
The urgency of your desires as they douse in me
Over and over again!

Without all of these, existing would be void
And I would choose to turn into dust,
Meaningless and heedless!

In my fairy tale

In my fairy tale,

You are the prince who saves me

From the dragons of the demon of darkness!

In my fairy tale,

You are the God for whom I spawned

The only one with whom I open the door

Of my heart and the only one

To whom I show how luminous my soul

Can be!

In my fairy tale,

You remain my ruler,

The only one who can order me around

The only one to whom I obey

While showing my bossiness

To the rest of the realm!

In my fairy tale,

I hold no insecurities in my heart,

No trust issues, no fears, no doubts,

No confusions, no temper tantrums thrown

As in my fairy tale,

You are true to me!

In my fairy tale,

You choose where to create rainbows

While I paint them

You choose where to place lions

While I draw them to life

You choose where to wreck

While I blast it forth with poetry!

In my fairy tale, Love,

Tears exist not,

Fears exist not,

Neither do threats

Nor do agonies of all sorts!

In my fairy tale,

The whole cosmos survives

Only when our hearts sing

For each other,

Songs of love, songs of eternity

Songs of mystery, songs of mysticism

Songs of transcendence, songs of the divine

Songs venerating our love

Songs created for us,

By those angels watching over us

As if,

We were new born babies!

Yet, the line between the real life

And the fairy tale

Gets rubbed out at times

When it does,

Chills prick me

Harshness grips my heart

Invisible swords destroy my soul

And I,

Can’t help but morph into a moist piece of paper,

Easily shredded into pieces

Unable to be stuck back together

With my writings washed away!

Pray, wish I had a key, a secret one, a magical one,

I would have opened the doors of my fairy world

And I would have lived there,

Content By your side!

Apology to Love

I have a few things to whisper to your heart, Love,
Yes, once again, as I have done, millions of times before
In that realm from we were before we both fell,
I have to say sorry to you!

Sorry for having been so capricious, so needy,
So moody as to have chosen to run
For a cause which I don’t think matters anymore!

Sorry for not having understood your words
When they were spoken hesitantly to me
As you probably didn’t believe that we shared past lives
And that we would have to be coupled in this one
To be deemed as worthy as to be granted an entry back there!

Sorry for not having believed you
Sorry for not having believed in you
As I merely wanted to be sure that the soul
That I had to meet was you!

Sorry for having chosen to wait for a sign from the skies
Before opening up to you
Sorry for having chosen to be a thorn
Instead of having chosen to be the rose
To adorn your garden!

I have a few things to whisper to your heart, Love,
I wish I could sit there, in its warmth, always searching
For that intensity of feelings that you speak not
But which I can sense, crawling all over you!

I wish you would express the need to listen to me
I wish you would believe me
I wish you would believe in me
I wish to recount to you
That which I have to,
As it has been whispered to me by the Gods!

Pray, Love, I choose to exist only for you
Should you cradle me in your soul
And shower me with hungry kisses,
With warmth, with the urgency that I feel,
Know that my cyclones would get dissipated and turn
Into tropical summers, where butterflies, fairies and rainbows
Dance to the beats of mystical tunes!

Should you choose not to forgive me
Know that this one life that we lead would be one
Worn out, useless, and a failure in the eyes of the Gods!
Know that we won’t be forgiven!

Pray, listen to my whisperings, listen to my words
Your forgiveness would equate that of the Gods!

Vanquishing Doubt

Evening chills clasp my bones

Crushing them with utmost strength

Bringing me to shout out with pain

And to cry bitterly!

Evening chills whisper in my ears

Stories of how false this world and

The love it carries can be

Yet, of how attractive it seems

To souls while they do bask in God’s summery glow

Causing them to fall, oh so easily to their doom!

Evening chills laugh in my face,

Giggling foolishly at my tears

Mocking my allegiance to the skies

And to their word!

It shall lead you nowhere, they said,

You shall end up as a mere loser!

Evening chills prick my heart as if they were harpoons

And it, a mere baited fish!

A pure heart, seeking true love, eternal love

Everlasting love, willed by the Gods

Can only be qualified as being dull-witted, they sang!

Evening chills blow their putrid vapours into my soul

Suffocating it

And having it yearning for freshness!

A fallen soul, fallen for the sake of love

Is only meant to rot in a world which controls everything!

From lives to catastrophes!

A fallen soul, fallen in sin, shall never climb the divine stairs!

Pray, amidst the twirling doom,

I closed my eyes

Allowing not the tears to flow

Allowing not my heart to writhe with pain

Allowing not my soul to die!

I closed my eyes

And prayed, so hard,

That a warm fire lit up in my whole body

A warm fire, kindled therein by the angels, messengers of Gods!

I shall not let the swords of negativity kill me

Whispered I in a broken voice

The skies’ word I do trust

To it I do hold on to

As if it were my oars and I was lost at sea

As if it were food and I a starving child

As if it were peace and I a war victim

As if it were cure and I, an ailing disease!

The skies’ word I do trust,

And in it, I do tend to play,

As joyfully as would a fairy in a rose garden!

The skies’ word, after all,

Remains my cause, my meaning, my savior,

Without it, I would have still been another one grain of sand

Sleepily adorning the many shores of the world,

Having no other purpose other than being

Lazily and ignorantly!

For their realisation do I wait,

As eagerly as would a child,

Awaiting Santa on Christmas Eve!


If you think, Slavery,

Think of life on Earth,

Human life, more specifically!

If you think, Freedom,

Think of spirituality

Which gives you cues, hints, guides

And even gives you space to allow your soul

To be itself,

As long as your heart would be full of love!

If you think Love,

Think of the warmth of hands, as they tenderly

Grab yours,

Or think of rugged cheeks

As they brush against yours

While you allow your eyes to seem like

A tranquil river flow,

A tranquil flow hiding behind its fluidity

A pulsating ready to birth volcano,

A powerful one, mighty enough to shatter the

Glass mirrors of this false world!

If you think Desire,

Think of the glow of the full moon

As it shines proudly in the night sky

While secret lovers, with aching hearts

And with awakened senses,

Torture themselves in their beds,

Lamenting at their fates

For, they remain unable to voice out of their passion!

If you think Happiness,

Think of God’s words, those same,

Specifying that this world remains a punishment

That here, none is to experience the state of ecstasy,

At least, not in its genuine and its pure form!

If you think, Life,

Why, think of it as void, without the acceptation of the skies’ will

Without the surrendering to their guidance

Without the allegiance that should be there for them

Deep in the very root of your heart!

And if you think of Us,

Love, think beyond human terms,

Think of Eternity, of ruling Death,

Of establishing Holy rules, of setting fate lines

And of Creation being, for you, a child’s play!

Letter to Love

Life, as we know it here on Earth,

Is not that which was meant for us!

Life, rather,

Should have been that which we lived there,

In that world, which you have most probably


Overpowered by the powers of Maya!

Life, though,

However painful and dark,

Feels so soothing with the hope of your love

As it lingers on me,

Imbibing me with the pleasures

Nymphs feel as they cajole

In shallow river waters on nights when

The moon can only dare to peep at them!

Yes, Life,

Is all about you,

Is all because of you

Is all meant for you!

I have been made and shaped,

To hold your heart in my palms,

As you would walk around in the skies,

Ruling and making sure the cosmos swivels!

I have been made and shaped,

For you

To be the flower that you would water everyday

To be the bird that you would listen to everyday

To be the poetess that you would read everyday

Merely because I need your attention

On the meaning of my words!

Life, without you,

Becomes a void!

The skies would no more hold their powers

The entire universe would get dissolved

And I, would pretend that I know not

That I have ceased to exist!


If you feel not for me like I feel for you

I would choose to die in your arms,

Death, which would then be the Heaven

Which I have been searching for all along!