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So Be It

I keep on writing of it
As if, by doing so,
It would bring it back

I keep on musing of it
Even if the end result
Was that my heart
Got broken into millions
Of irrecuperable pieces!

And if the world shall shame me
For doing so,
If the world shall rebuke me
For doing so,
Then shall I say to it
That I am made of mystical love
And life,
As you know it,
Based on mundane physical grounds
Is not for me!

I shall also say to it
That since it is made of variety
It should be able to understand
The difference that is in me
All children are unique
And have in them,
An original version
Of that which God made them be!

I can help it not
I shall keep writing of it
Even if it is now,
Fumes and vapour
Dissipated into thin air
Meant to be forgotten
And to be left,
In the warmth of the past!

I shall cling not to it
For love,
When true, allows the beloved
To thrive as he would want
And if loving him
Requires the acceptance
Of his indifference for my feelings,
So be it!


The world is made of diversity and in it
We are to find unity!

The world itself is layered
Its living species varying
From starfishes to buffalos, yet,
It gives all of them
Their due depending upon
What their system needs without ever
Thinking that one species needs lesser
Than another one!

Similarly, it differentiates not
Between humans, giving them
Adaptation facilities depending upon
Where they live and how they need
To struggle for their own survival!

So, we, as elevated conscious beings,
Are to learn this lesson
From the world itself
And we are to behave
As it does
As only there where there are
Feelings of brotherhood and acceptance
Shall we be able to move on
And adjust to the growing hostility
Thrust upon the world by the
Keepers of evil shadows!

Dancing Kites

Dreams are meant to be held on to
As they adorn the skies,
So like colourful kites,
With which I played as a child!
Kites, and their mystical symbols
Have the same effect
That sad love songs have on me!

Dreams are meant to be lived,
As strongly as is our belief in them
And as they dance and flutter
To the flow of the winds,
I, become, once more,
That little girl that I was once,
So full of herself
As to believe that someday
She shall conquer the world
And place upon it,
Her victorious flag!

Having grown older in age,
I still carry the heart of innocence in me
And if all of my dreams materialized not
To be what I yearned them to be
Well, like dancing kites,
I simply adjust my sails
To suit the new course of
Those winds of tomorrow’s hope!

Tomorrow’s Hope

The children shall paint tomorrow’s essence
With smiles shining from the tips of their fingers
And upon its canvas,
Shall be standing out, proudly,
Unity, peace, love, tolerance,
Sharing, compassion, spirituality
And a strong feeling of brotherhood!

In the children of tomorrow do I lay my hope on
As the hearts that beat in them
Are one of the purest,
Making of them beings fully awakened
And conscious of the frugality of this world’s
Shaky grounds and unstable clime!

And when they shall be done,
Tomorrows shall be as we have never known it;
Bright, positive, ringing with the hymns of love,
So much that this world
Shall turn into one huge castle,
Wherein living is as smooth and gracious
As would be a stay in paradise itself
And when the Gods shall allow themselves
A peak at us,
They shall turn green and wish for a life like ours!


When life pushes you into the depths
Of its own raging seas,
Fight it not,
Swivel in the waves,
As would a mermaid,
Fully aware that the ocean floors
Lead to unseen doors
Opening up to realms
You would have never thought
Could exist!

Every change is dramatic
Why, even the caterpillar
Whispers of death’s songs
To itself while transforming
And when it wakes as a
It realises that dawns
Don’t happen at midnight
Because the powers of creation
Have made it such that there
Be a time for stars to twinkle
And there be another for light!

My Spiritual Journey

It makes twenty years this year
Since it happened,
The jolt, the electric shock rather,
Pushed into me which bid me
To try searching for my soul,
Or, to awake to my inner consciousness,
To accept the fact that this world
Is not mine and that however much I try,
I shall never be happy here!

It makes twenty years indeed
And it happened at a time when
I used to call myself an atheist
But I guess if the subtle powers
Ruling us from far beyond the silent skies
Decide to choose you, there can be no
Resistance from your part!

It pushed me to my knees, crying in pain,
Then, it pushed me into a bottomless pit
Just to see my reaction and when I
Decided to let go of everything and to
Surrender to that truth of life which
Everyone philosophizes about but which
No one can say for sure, for they have not
Seen it for themselves, it decided to scoop me
Back up to drylands, where, it dried up my hair
And patted my clothes dry and said to me
“Walk, this is your path, just remember two things,
The first is that it shall end somewhere someday and
The second is that sometimes, the walk shall feel
As pleasant as would be walking through a rose
Garden but at other times, it shall be as tough
As would be fighting off snakes trying to bite you!”

And then, lost in the trust that my heart commanded
For this power, I walked, and I have been walking since then
And so far,
I have expanded my knowledge of spirituality,
Limiting me not to one religion solely
But feeding my thirst to know of what all
These different manifestations of the same unknown
Power are made of, and of course,
I have deemed it best to accept that rituals,
Of whatever kind are of no use if my heart
And intent would not be pure,
I walk still, knowing not where I shall find myself
But, harboring no negativity in me,
Not even for my enemy even if I get wronged
And end up bursting into tears in the solitude
Of my room!

The spiritual journey is one on which I am
Still embarked on and for that one,
No planes or cruise ships are needed
Only the mind and a good connection to the
Cosmic energy that surrounds us are
And of course,
I hope to find opportunities to water my journey
As I want it to bloom into an orchard
Made of divine fruits which have only been heard
So far on Earth but which have not been seen
By anyone!

The Last Love Letter

I hope this letter finds you well, happy with your choices,
And that your nose is not lifted up in disgust
At this last daring move that I made, so as to make
Myself heard one last time!

I just wanted to tell you to mind not the dark clouds
That I now carry in the celestial realms of my secret garden
As I have broken the pieces of the love that I held for you,
And I have burnt them in the depths of my own solitude!

My world shall remain the same one as you had known it
I am not leaving as, I have nowhere else to go,
But I have adjusted my sails in such a way
That I no more write of love songs, or of broken hearts,
But, I play, on my instruments, music entrancing enough
To connect with the source of my inner essence!

To be honest, I am just living as would an unfeeling robot
Going on my path as would a bird, feeding myself when needed,
And unfolding my wings when I feel like it and, of course,
Making as if, you never existed, while praying, all the time
For my final release from this world which had felt like home
Only at those times I was lost in the abyss of your gaze!

Our Footprint

The soul of Earth bears our weight
With the same compassion
That a mother would hold for her children;
Tolerantly and patiently, regardless
Of the amount of harm that we are causing her
By killing off her flora for the sake of our
Own selfish essence,
Essence that we take to be the meaning of
Everything but essence which remains
Temporary and frugal!

We realise not that we need to be surrounded
By trees as our mortal bodies need the fresh
Oxygen that they emit,
But, we seem to make of ourselves, Gods,
Who can produce everything in laboratories,
From life, to air!

Why, the soul of Earth controls itself
As it knows that its anger can cause
Irreversible consequences for us!

She swallows her pain and her resentment
And sheds silent tears in her lonely womb
While, we, uncaring and motivated by the demands
Of our senses, can only think of where
We shall lay more bricks, more asphalt, more
Concrete, all that which bid us to leave a
Heavy and filthy footprint behind us!

Our Reflection

The Gods birthed us here, and left
While hiding secrets of our purpose
And our origins in between the lines
Of enigmatic verses written in books
Which we qualify as being holy!
Yet, as the ages and the eras painted
Themselves upon Earth’s canvas,
We forgot of the importance of those books
With the end result being that we have
Turned into that which we were not supposed to!

And now, as at date, we can see the end of ourselves
When we glance at our reflections in mirrors,
For, gazing back at us, are empty faces with no features
And the only hope of saving ourselves,
Lie, in having implanted in us, bits and pieces
Of technology!

Functioning as part machines shall allow us
To get rid of diseases, to heal faster, to live longer
And to adapt to a highly evolved society
In a world which revolves upon itself,
Silently and stoically!

But such was not what the Gods wanted for us
And even if they understand that this era is the dark one,
They shall be severe and strict upon us
When our breath shall leave our body, whether human
Or technologically humanoid and then we shall realize
That regardless of the amount of progress we had made
We could never create life, with a soul; all we could was to
Allow it to sustain itself for a longer time!

My Preordained Path

My preordained path is not an easy one
At times, I have to battle invisible demons
And at others, I find myself swimming
Through murky waters inhabited by
Swamp monsters, while having,
My feet solidly upon asphalted roads,
And my mind, fluttering to my own
Ideal of what success means to me!

The waters can get rough,
Turning even into tsunamis
Ready to drown me in their fury,
Mockingly laughing at me
As I drown in their own bottomless depths!

But since I trust the divine that rules me
And since I abide to the fate that it has
Bestowed upon me, I show my love
By gathering strength in my weak arms
And by swimming my way towards
There where I am headed,
Fully aware that at the end of
Every destination, lies an outcome
And that mine will surely
Be made of underwater thrones
And shiny crystal crowns!