Astrological predictions

That peaceful day
When war had not coloured the sky, then
Like a black soot
When there was no noise of the falling shells
Or shooting of guns across the borders; Or
The agonies of the dying soldiers, or
The wailing of mother for her sons; or
When I had not volunteered in the army
There, on that shining day of my childhood
I had seen an old dilapidated wall
By the side of an old country road
There, from the broken walls
Beautiful flowers were peeping the crevices

Now those memories only remains
I am still to find that decaying house
Where I could see the smiling flowers
Budding from the crevices of the wall
Taking my heart by all its colourful beauty

What remains here now, is
But, a dead silence
Hollowing my thoughts –
All ashes, all crumpled walls

Arrayed into the night sky
I could see those flowers
Making astrological predictions for safety

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