As it is

Let’s keep them as it is
Why you want change
Even if you try it won’t change.

Except don’t retaliate
Let me illustrate
Have you seen the sea,

With waves; it’s calm
With storms; calm
With seasons; calm

The calmness is her essence
But you perceive it as stormy
That’s the waves

But deep inside as you move
To its core
It is meditation in motion
That is her essence.
Silent Present Aware

All the storms,
All the life
All the pain
Dissolved in the
rays of the sun.

You and your presence
Are different
You and your pain
Are way apart

The body is just a work of art
Express it
Do not identify with it.

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About Sameer

Hi, I am from Mumbai (India). Film making is my passion and writing is a great relief. When ever I want to say something or felt about something I used to write poetry. I Started Writing poetry at an early age during school till now. Its the way to say what I feel most of the time about the things which happen around us, a unique way of sharing thoughts without being judgmental.

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