As bald as death

Must I wear ‘Bata’ shoes
A gentleman’s hat;
Put on ‘Raymond’ coat,
a glittering tie, or
A shining belt
a creased trouser
and, buckle all,
to walk my poetry, in

I bash a blush
to put lipstick
like, a women do;
bangles that clink the wrist
a sari to cloak my skin
high heels for a sturdy walk

a half man, and
a woman too

fully ornamented

a bridegroom
and a bride,
to marriage my ‘self’, and
My beauty too

Not that ‘m chimera or phoenix
God of any kind

must I show my bald head,
femur, shaking calcified bones,
a walking through the cane
that I do, and
slurry my path along;
lingering and pausing, repeatedly
along, the fearful path
Where it blows
its last horn
as bald as death

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