Are we truly Free?

Cold makes us shiver,
heat makes us sweat,
pain makes us cringe
and rain makes us wet.

At night we sleep
and wake in the day.
Every few hours,
we need to eat our hay.

Trample a dog’s tail
and it bites.
Brush a man the wrong way
and he spites.

We dance to the tune of money
and relish the taste of fame.
We rejoice the smell of power
but lose ourselves in that game.

So bound are we to these instincts
and so enslaved by this law,
that to even call ourselves free
is nothing but a major flaw.

Far away there is a place,
so true and so free,
that it needs no law
save the one that lets you be.

That is a place of knowing,
where man his true self knows,
where love is all there is
and freedom truly flows.

4 thoughts on “Are we truly Free?

  1. VijayNair

    The poem begins on a note of despondency but ends with a touch of optimism.An earnest endeavor to underline the folly of calling ” ourselves free.”


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