Apology to Love

I have a few things to whisper to your heart, Love,
Yes, once again, as I have done, millions of times before
In that realm from we were before we both fell,
I have to say sorry to you!

Sorry for having been so capricious, so needy,
So moody as to have chosen to run
For a cause which I don’t think matters anymore!

Sorry for not having understood your words
When they were spoken hesitantly to me
As you probably didn’t believe that we shared past lives
And that we would have to be coupled in this one
To be deemed as worthy as to be granted an entry back there!

Sorry for not having believed you
Sorry for not having believed in you
As I merely wanted to be sure that the soul
That I had to meet was you!

Sorry for having chosen to wait for a sign from the skies
Before opening up to you
Sorry for having chosen to be a thorn
Instead of having chosen to be the rose
To adorn your garden!

I have a few things to whisper to your heart, Love,
I wish I could sit there, in its warmth, always searching
For that intensity of feelings that you speak not
But which I can sense, crawling all over you!

I wish you would express the need to listen to me
I wish you would believe me
I wish you would believe in me
I wish to recount to you
That which I have to,
As it has been whispered to me by the Gods!

Pray, Love, I choose to exist only for you
Should you cradle me in your soul
And shower me with hungry kisses,
With warmth, with the urgency that I feel,
Know that my cyclones would get dissipated and turn
Into tropical summers, where butterflies, fairies and rainbows
Dance to the beats of mystical tunes!

Should you choose not to forgive me
Know that this one life that we lead would be one
Worn out, useless, and a failure in the eyes of the Gods!
Know that we won’t be forgiven!

Pray, listen to my whisperings, listen to my words
Your forgiveness would equate that of the Gods!

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