Antibiotic Cream

These images
Play with me
My table, my chair, my broom, my door
My windows, my nails, my shoes, my comb
My money plant, my bicycle, my concrete walls
Mutely nodding in affirmation
How lively they bond with me
Like my own, like an antibiotic cream
as they know their time and their usefulness:
How could they be of my help in my need
Anathema to biblical voice “God helps those who helps themselves”
Helping others, without any segregation or slavery;
Away from those voices
from papyrus and computer screen
Hieroglyphic images worth their deciphering, and
Typed words worth their aesthetics
The pharaoh or the modern gizmo

Notion that gives value to my images
Typed meaning only give marks
“Images helps all by their hidden worth”

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