And Love Peaked

Among moon -lit saffron fields
And the sun- drenched yields
Their love soared high
On wings of hope.
“Ah , look at that red robin .”
Excitedly she shrieked
And round -eyed he peeked
At the little red thing
.Which had started to sing
From an almond tree .

A song of peace she sang and sang
And the almond trees rang
With notes of their love pure.
Love was in the air , for sure .

“All that is red is not blood”
He said with a sombre air.
” How can everything be fair
in war?” She asked with a loving stare.

He scathed her skin with love
With love he tattoed her arms
As their love peaked
Unfazed by the guns that shreiked .
And shrieked .

3 thoughts on “And Love Peaked

  1. VijayNair

    In this delightful poem ,Love triumphs over the bloodshed of war and finds it’s objective correlative in the red robin’s song of peace.


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