And I call it “loving” …

The illusions grow in the darkness of ignorance making us to believe that the rare incidence of jasmine flower is a possibility for all flowers and without sun there will be bloom.

But the truth is – there is this only sun – the only sun for all – and without this one and only sun there won’t be any blooms.

We call this sun with many names – Sun, Love, Light, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, … and with all of those names called by human tongues.

Only this sun can, I realize, burn me inch by inch into me in that making universal which I am in from the time they call it a birthday.

I have a hundred falls before my first steady step yet I am not sure whether I am steady or not, so sometimes I call me a fool and another time a nut, in my leisure.

But I don’t call me a useless, because I am useful atleast to make others angry and nuts.

Nothing matters.. nothing at all.. than that of living with a breath which will not give pain of breathing .. which will not be the eternal job of breathing for the sake of breathing .. nothing else matter.. so here, I do breath.

And, I call it “loving” … !!



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