And all heads bowed

I stopped my days’ activities,

to take a walk, in the park

For the day was full of sunshine,

with spring in each new step.

A wondrous view was shared by all,

on such a glorious hot summers’ day

When suddenly, a sight beheld, upon my very eyes

Amidst the bustle of this week day

a child, tall, crouched down,

amongst the baseball practice, to pray.

For this is what all heard –

‘I thank thee dear God for this ‘ere day,

for all d’is sunshine between der rain,

for ‘ad it don’t stop, me couldn’t play

Or ‘ear der baba’s mamas’ cry.

Dear God, if I but may, pease

take der pain from dat mamas’ ‘art?

For if she stops ‘er tears,

‘er baba’s smiles, she’ll see again.

Dear God, if I can just one more ding,

please ‘elp me win dis ‘ere game

For den my pa be real proud of me,

an’ den he too, will smile at me.

Oh. Pease God, a lille ding, again I know,

but hose countin’, hehe.

My pa’s bing sick a long long time,

Pease bless ‘im now, so we’ll be fine?

And now dis fing I must just ask

Pease make it rain, an’ bless dis grass?

Ohh, ta, an’ bye, well for now, I mean.’

Up he got, and ran right past

me, and everyone else, who stopped to see

why this boy as old as ten, crouched down

upon this park’s blessed grass, on his knees.

For now his mark has sure been felt,

for silence fell upon this park.

For as he prayed, he did not know,

he prayed out loud and all heads bowed.

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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