An Ode to Mumbai

Mumbai is rich, Mumbai is poor,
It is fast, it is slower,
Sometimes it’s hot but not too more,
The trains running,
The rains falling,
But still people walking without complaining,
The mornings are energetic,
The evenings are electric,
Afternoon is a bit lazy,
But Saturday nights are crazy,
Horns of traffic jam,
To the sound of running trains,
People are busy,
But connected through Blackberry pings,
Gulping on hot vada-pavs,
And spicy sev-puri,
The city keeps running,
Without any pity, but only witty,
Hindi, Muslims, Punjabi Marathi living in city,
Celebrating ID, Diwali together,
Millionaires and Beggars found in the city,
With millionaires splurging on Luxuries,
And the poppers in dire needs,
Bright nights with car lights, club,
Keep the city moving,
Oh Mumbai,you are a great city.

Copyright- Srishti

3 thoughts on “An Ode to Mumbai

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” An Ode to Mumbai ” ,is a pleasant indeed cheerful paean of praise to the author’s home city and is a good first post from Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets newest member ; welcome indeed to Srishti ! [ Editorial Notes… All ands and buts are not necessary. the line ,” but not too more ” not only needs to lose the “but” , “not too more” is grammatically incorrect- not too much -would be correct. In terms of a suitable ending,” Oh Mumbai you are a great city ” is overblown and undermines the overall tone and style of the poem itself. Perhaps , ” bright nights with car lights keep Mumbai moving” would make a better fit ? ]

  2. Maya Dev

    Srishti welcome to this wonderful site of writets. I loved this poem as you have aptly captured the picture of mumbai and the life around.:-)


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