An imaginary friend

An imaginary friend?
No, I don’t think I had one
The pattern on the curtains scared me though
Rows and rows of monsters perfectly aligned
Waiting for my moment of weakness

Later, the very same curtain will become my princess veil in my daydream play
The monsters got forgotten
But still perfectly lined up

The mirror was my friend by now
There I found my safe place
A dance, a swirl, another pirouet
There I could split up the sad me from
the scared me
Danger lurks in the curtains’ folds

A dance, a pirouet, the news of my dead mother
The news that she was my real mother
The mirror was my single true friend now
Another pirouet and again one more

A perfect swirl

Wings grow on my shoulders

One fluffy stretch and I am next to her

To guide her through the mirrors

8 thoughts on “An imaginary friend

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A hauntingly evocative piece that not only tingles the spine but explores our deeper,darker depths and dredges them for our visceral responses.
    So good to hear from you Iulia!Clearly you have woken from your slumbers!

  2. VijayNair

    An exquisite collage of vivid, childhood reminiscences–fear,elation,and recognition are all there in this well-crafted poem.


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