An heir’s plight.

Stumbling over the stairs
File slipping from my hand
My shawl sweeping the office floor
As I stooped to collect the scattered papers
placing them in the file haphazardly
amidst an air of melancholy.
The bold letters of my mom’s name
on the file cover
smiled, exuding a certain warmth, enough to break the barrier
for tears waiting to gush out .
and for a moment oblivious to the surrounding

I let it flow
As they trickled on the file cover,
paying their homage .

A strong desire rose within me ,

if only ,I was endowed
with the power to bargain with God,
The legacy and all that I own,
Or would own in my life time,
I would relinquish to get you back next to me,
to hold your warm hands once more,
instead of this cold file,
that bestows me your legacy
What good is this marble and granite,
bereft of your angelic smile,

That made my world shine.

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