An attempt failed

Long, but deep were
Those ….
The conspiracies crawled
And steadied to
Well defined map of plans…

A prejudice
On unkempt flow of fury
Under currents
Warmed up
A long wait sustained
Just to float up
At the right twists…

How could it miss !
The arrow too sharpened
Aimed with cautious hands
Not just a drop
But a flood of blood
That was dreamt,
To ooze out…

Yet it failed
A rock heart tucked it in
The flattened edge bounced back
Here it lies swaying
The greed lay in mud
Off guard was it struck
Gone are the hopes
Sprayed with mutilated hopes
The vengeance smashed…

Yes, for sure the venom
De activates if mixed
In the thoughts of degradation
Of truth and honesty
It’s for certain in times
The truth would triumph.

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Born on first Nov 1959 in Mumbai, INDIA. Had the schooling at Mumbai & graduated in Physics from Calicut University in Kerala. Married to M Ravindran. We have 2 boys , the elder is Lt. Commdr in Indian Navy & the younger boy is doing his MS ( Aero space) at IIT Chennai,India. I am working as a MATH Teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya since 1980. I write poems in Malayalam, English & Hindi. Published a malayalam Poem collection "JWALA" in 2009. Many of my poems have been published in journals.

4 thoughts on “An attempt failed

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Poetry is the means whereby we can encounter uncomfortable truths and situations.And Poets such as Geetha who have the skill and acumen to address personal issues in the poetic form are very few indeed.


      Dear Louis Kasatkin, I am so grateful for your encouraging comments. I will preserve these as precious reward to my poet’s possessions.
      My gratitude is beyond the realms of words.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    I.C.O.P. Poem of the Month:- December 2013
    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( I.C.O.P. ) are pleased to announce that for December 2013 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . **** Poem of the Month..****…” On a Pier ” by Rahul Aithal ****…In the category of *** Highly Commended *** (Tabulated alphabetically)..are…. “An attempt failed” by Geetha Ravindran ….”Awakening” by Maaya Nair….”In your arms” by Rashmi Malapur….”lies,lies,lies” by Iulia Gherghei….”O’ My Blue” by Lata Tewari….”Poem by my Son” by Ramesh Rai….”Silent Voices” by Gopal Lahiri….”We’re just being mirrors” by Diwakar Pohkriyal….”World without words” by Shamsher Singh….”You are blessed” by Phil Martin….”Zeno,Proust,Einstein and ‘the final cut’ ” by Ampat Koshy….”53 Years from Now” by Ogunjimi James Taiwo……*The ICOP Poetry Critic (Bi-Monthly) for November/December is Ramesh Rai.*


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