An Angel’s Touch

Crescending clashes of sulphuric might, tremendous bolts of lightning strike

Murderous blasts of monstrosity blows came tortuous, thunderous Eternal howls.

Crashing hurricane, tornado-like did winds so strong, break the camel’s back.

Nature torn from her desperate clasps as murderous, tortuous, monstrous blasts

Raped the inner sanctum of her core, as trees got stripped from her earth

Devil’s path did yester’ storm break free, it’s depth of misery.

Endless woes of pain and grief, hath tortured innocence of spring.

Birds by two by three by four sit perched, appeased, by Earth’s inner core

Translucent crystal blue skies now seen are,

Are breathed the breath of Heaven’s blessed dream.

Mountains kissed and touched of snow, but Valleys, Vales, Rivers peace

Tranquility is at restful ease.

Winds ablow at gentle pace, a whispered breath upon the face,

An Angel’s feathered touch of Peace.

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2014

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