An Allusion of Lions




With trees that have shadows drawn
Courage takes illusions on
Falling between the light and parting day
We were not as brave as we all thought
In this twilight place where we had fought
A days’ work done…..
A days’ work won
Then we went away
Distinguished butterflies patrol
The last rays of the Sun
Blood-mouthed stained hunters
Of the tundra
The forest soaks our shadows
As we prance towards our dens
Looking back and growling
As the Moon starts to appear
Soft footprints betrayed their feet
No birds sang where they hid
Tree trunks slightly marred
But enough –
To show where they had climbed
We moved slowly around
Watching for false colours in the leaves
Non Symmetrical shapes that would betray…
Our own camouflage vulnerable
But unseen
Then we attacked as lions –
Clawing them from the trees
Falling like overripe fruit
Splitting as they hid the ground
When it was finished we sat to ate
As the hyenas gathered ’round

6 thoughts on “An Allusion of Lions

  1. Sarala Ramkamal

    captivating title and I fell among the lines and enjoyed those images again and again …. a vicarious journey to some unknown place !!


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