Among the Birches

I am being lost, avidly lingering,
Among the birches in the spring
Hope! I might get you soonest
Afar from the city, in the forest

Where you are being found unseen
Among the birches, slightly mean
Once in a while you hear me wholly
And serve solace by consoling kindly

I reached here beyond conventionality
That might delve me into an audacity
And I guess, for you, my adoration
Might seem, as if, a mere obsession

But know! You supply me breaths
And keep me at my deepest peace
For this you might take me silly
But I wish to tell you really

That was a moment in which I flowed
Like a river in a restless mode
Eager, since years, to be merged
By flowing from the canals diverged

Into the vast, long distanced Ocean
Set away by the God's notion
As it is her fate forever and ever
The fact that she can deny neither

However, she puts her confirmation
That she wants him not as her destination,
(As who succeeds to get their destiny)
And admits her joy in this brevity!

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