Am i in an isolation cell ?

Why do I feel that I am in the isolation cell
Of a correctional facility?
Six foot square
With windows none
Ah, what have I done?
Wielded a gun with impunity
Or just for fun?
Is that narrow slot at the bottom of the door
For food trays?
Where are the sunrays?
Ah it is night, but then, where is the moon?
The clouds are playing tic tac toe,
With the moon, you know.
There, they cross out one moon beam
And yet another.
A victory won!
Will I get no food –What severe penalty for a glutton!
Oh, what have I done?
Darkness abounds
A thick fog hangs from the ceiling
Ah this feeling, this heavy feeling!
Ah, what have I done?
Pray, who has tied my hands?
Is that a cuckoo singing in the grasslands?

Or is it Hope, miming a tiny bird
Singing wordlessly
From a shady tree?
Ah! Or am I just clinging to straws
Mistaking a crow’s cranky caws
For the dulcet notes of Hope?
Hush, let me listen as the chirps reach a crescendo
Freeing me from the captivity
Of a correctional facility.
Yes , there is still hope for me .

4 thoughts on “Am i in an isolation cell ?

  1. Anoucheka

    Life allows us freedom but limits us…… you dear poet friend I hope to be liberated someday! great write!


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