Ah!My Gypsy Heart

Sometimes sullen,sometimes tart,
What do I do with my raving Gypsy heart!

It loves to blossom in the sun,
And it withers in the shade of none,
It would love the bad boy,bad ways
Even if it tears it apart.
What do I do with my gypsy heart!

It cries in anger and smiles in pain,
Just few memories are all its gain.
It loves to wander and craves for home,
It tells me its whims,as it is my own art.
What do I do,with my irreparable gypsy heart!

9 thoughts on “Ah!My Gypsy Heart

    1. Nalini Srivastava Post author

      well said.Heart can just not be controlled.And thats most wonderful thing about it.


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