Abstract jump from a skyscraper

Abstract jump from a skyscraper

I have unfolded my hair as I started to write
abstract, deep verses about a very concrete event
I was sleeping when my husband called me to see

the breaking news at t.v.
nothing would take me out of bed so tired I was
he insisted, come, come, the tower is down
I get up grumpy, went in the living room
some movie with explosion and lot of smoke was on
I kind of got infuriated…for that you woke me up!!!!
He shouts through my clouds of tiredness This is real!
As he was spoken and my eyes got clearer
I saw the second tower getting hit by a plane
Slowly the tower started to drip down
as my knees collapsed too
I was witnessing the death of thousand
nothing abstract about this
Smoke on t.v.
Choking in my living room
Stupor and shock
Fury and tears
As “why” was a question who need no answer just now
Later will rain down on us answers and lies, truth well hidden
guess what: will stay hidden!
Now, on t.v over and over the towers are gliding by my eyes
like a commercial to the end of the world…over and over
I think that my D.N.A is imprinted with those images
My kids will certainly know to fly next time they jump from
a skyscraper

2 thoughts on “Abstract jump from a skyscraper

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Iulia’s poem captures perfectly the almost universal reaction of initial disbelief and incredulity that people experienced on seeing and hearing the news events on 9/11.


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