A winter of slumber

More than an autumn I wait for a white winter

A silent morning, muted by the heavy layer of snow

A blank sheet of paper where my thoughts to have a fresh start

A winter of slumber

A winter of heavy coats and frosty limbs

A winter of silent wars and timid hopes

More than an autumn I dream for the perfect snow fall

And as the snowflakes lightly fall

All my pressure and burden slowly will elevate from my shoulders

The branches of the trees almost touching the ground dressed in white splendour

And on my shoulders new dreams will rise

angel wings

I sit by my window watching this imaginary winter

A winter glued with bits and bits of fifty other winters that past by

And, meanwhile, this fall ahead of us is slowly crawling under my skin

A spider spiralling on his web to his victim

A sunset lingering on a saddened sky

A whisper left behind by a leaf in her surrender

6 thoughts on “A winter of slumber

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A song by Bob Dylan that has the lyrics ” It’s not dark yet,but we’re getting there”.,sprang to mind as I was reading this.A bone chilling piece,scenic in its simplicity and yet the reader gets the impression of something that is left unsaid,something far far darker.


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