A Tale From The Nursery

In the valley of the idiots

where a half-wit was King,

it was ordered coal-scuttles to be worn

on peoples’ heads when out in public

to prevent them seeing

things as they really are;

The whistling of merry tunes

was also prohibited,

lest joy was spread unannounced

and took others by surprise

who in turn might smile involuntarily

and so give rise to mirth,

and cause questions to be asked

about the edict on the wearing of coal-scuttles.

Author’s Footnote:

This is a companion piece to “The Ban on Straw”.

4 thoughts on “A Tale From The Nursery

  1. VijayNair

    An allegorical satire-cum-commentary on a topic of contemporary relevance,provoking mirth and laughter at certain edicts brought forth by the powers to be.

  2. amitapaul

    A delightfully trenchant satire on a commonly seen and felt phenomenon- political shortsightedness and autocratic absurdity


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