A Stranger Returns

” We meet again!”
the Stranger said,
the one I’d never met before,
sat alone at the pavement cafe
he asked me if I would
like to wallow in nostalgia with him;

I said I didn’t reminisce
much these days though I
occasionally enjoyed a fond memory;

Ordering an espresso,he spoke
of his parents and the War,
I interjected with academic achievements
and holidays abroad;

He said he couldn’t remember them,
though he was sure he’d seen me
once whilst in Amsterdam;
I said I’d never been and whoever
it was he saw it wasn’t me;

Finishing his coffee the Stranger got up
and turning to me said,
there was only one other time he was sure
that he’d seen me,
curious,I asked him when?

In the bathroom mirror
that time I hesitated
with the cut-throat razor
and fear in my eyes..

Author’s footnote :-

The reader may also wish to read my preceding work on this subject, ” Encounter with a Stranger “.

2 thoughts on “A Stranger Returns

  1. suzette portes san jose

    i was caught halfway with the thought… trying to figure out that unconsciously, consciousness meets one moment in one person’s conscience, the imagery that seeks to be found… amazing flow… 🙂


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