A Slice of Heaven

I have often wondered in awe
What would heaven be like
Is it a figment of human imagination
Or a concrete thing of sight

I have often experienced blessings
Like the brilliant sheen of sunbeams
Enchanting melodies of the moon
On the darkest of charcoal nights

I have often paused and taken a break
To look up at the azure sky
Feel the infinite yonder blue
Flirting with cumulous clouds

I have often gone in raptures
At the tender folds of a rose
Enchanted by its heady fragrance
And marvelled at the thorn its foe

I have often stood awe struck at the beach
Marvelled at the sea shells at the shore
The relentless rising and falling of waves
Have assured me there is a heaven for sure

I have often wondered how you found me
In this chaotic infinite world
It was surely serendipity at best
When you glided with your aura indoors

But the most magical heaven of all
Lies in your deep brown eyes
And the voice that speaks to me in adoration
O, you are truly my slice of heaven on earth

The rendezvous was one of ecstatic heights
In a world of our very own
O how wondrous was the slice of heaven
A memory that smells like heaven for sure!

4 thoughts on “A Slice of Heaven

  1. amitapaul

    The poet has listed some of the pleasantest and most beautiful things on earth and then connected them to the concept of romantic love , which is a common device in poetry


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