A Silly Poem

Have you seen the aquamarine evening sky
melt into darkness
or a midnight blue fading away
a moon turn pale
as pails of red is splashed onto the sky
as sun rises on a new day

Had you seen a tree bare yesterday
it smiles with a crowning glory today
bees and butterflies from far away
dance and prance about
as with joy the greens sway

Have you seen the waves lashing
at waiting shores everyday
the red crabs scurry into the sand
only to come out again to play

You have seen them all
yet you choose not to see
at mosque and church and temple
as beggars in different garbs you pray
not knowing He is there
One and the Same with you everyday

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About Madhumita Ghosh

Studied at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. M.A. M.Phil Ph.D in English. Associate Professor in a degree college affiliated to Calcutta university. Love reading, writing poems and short stories. Translation is another passion Have translated English Romantic poetry to Bengali and Tagore poems to English.

5 thoughts on “A Silly Poem

  1. lokesh roy

    When i saw the title i was enticed to read it,and by & by i realized that it is not entirely a joke that it be named as such ,but when i was suddenly confronted with the last stanza i asked to myself, if the poet is at all justified to name it as such !

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    Deftly constructed with the narrative finesse of a rapier,Madhumita’s poem cuts deeply to the quick at its climax.

  3. Madhumita Ghosh

    The title, yes Lokesh Roy. isn’t it ‘silly’ how we select and name different ‘god’ for different people?

  4. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem comprises one of the twelve chosen for inclusion in , ” PICK OF THE POEMS ” an Editorial selection of the best poems posted during July 1 – september 30 here at Destiny Poets. Our Facebook page carried the original announcement on Friday,30 November.” PICK OF THE POEMS ” is an Editorial Selection of poems posted in each Quarterly period throughout the year at http://www.destinypoets.co.uk The selection is tabulated in alphabetical order and PART 3 are choices made from the Calendar period July 1st.-September 30th. This notification is also posted and can be viewed under HEAR HEAR at http://www.destinypoets.co.uk * A Silly poem – Madhumita Ghosh….* Childhood – Fathima Manal….* Emily Dickinson’s lost Dog – Reena Prasad….* Hunger Reactions – Sunil Sharma….* I never walk alone – Kusum Vig….* Infinity – Gina McKnight….* It Falls – Keith Wallis….* Languishing – Stephanie Doty….* Mental Bullying – Aparna Pathak….* Swaying of thoughts – Diwakar Pokhriyal….* What’s united about our kingdom ? ” – Phil Martin….* Wish I could have been there – Jan Phillips.


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