A road journey

Heading for our destination
We , upon a long  road  winding
With the  asphalt getting narrow and  bumpy
And the village lass ,  sheepishly  ogling
To astronauts, as if, on their first ever journey !
When we , upon some errant cattle rummaging ,
Halted ,   to every jolt
Our weary faces dim  with  dusk
Till dark devour us as complete
Unfazed ,  by two tiny headlights ,
Steadfast in their onward look
Bring our resting hands so near indeed ,
That we wished from the bottom of our hearts –
Never mind  cattle , never  mind jolts…

11 thoughts on “A road journey

  1. Sunil Sharma

    Lokesh Roy captures the essence of travelling in India in a wonderful way and the joy of arriving, an exquisite feeling for the tired traveller/s, is conveyed deliciously through a right mix of metaphors of light and dusk, in this artistic piece of great emotional value.


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