A Prayer to the Divine Mother

A Prayer to the Divine Mother

Ma(1), the dark clouds never failed
In enhancing the Beauty of  Infinite Sky.
Nor even the black spots scattered
Over the Full Moon on the Pournami(2) day.

Ma, but the clouds of my ignorance, mass of rust
Ever fail miserably me
In reaching Thy lovely holy blessed Lotus Feet
Throwing away from Thee.

Would Thou heal the wound, named ignorance?
Afflicting the mind, the turbulent and violent.
The habituated grains ingrained, named desires;
None ever dared to count these unnumbered!

Thou art the Ocean of Knowledge
Filled with endless waves of Unconditional Love
Clasping the little one in Thy Hands
Heal me from the disease of ignorance.

– Sridhar

1. ‘Ma’ means mother

2. Pournami: The full moon day referred in Sanskrit as well as in many Indian languages.

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