A pleasing serenity

A pleasing serenity juxtaposed
against what looks like pompous battle scenes
 blabbermouth teens, like gloating warriors,
bestride heavily prancing steeds,
galloping north, then going south,
armed with a resilience stout.  

My mind is overcrowded with memories,
unspooling ceaselessly .
Shriveled memories having survived buffetings and storms,
fretful disappointments, chaos and confusion,
now all a- twinkle , crinkling in merriment .
There they nestle, unfading.
More precious than   Persian rugs,
 or rare artefacts of antique silver,
they glow in the dark, stark naked, shorn of all artifice,
overshadowed by toothless grins,
one of my granny,  one my own,
as I , a restless toddler sat in  her lap,
 happy in every small bone.    
Now, the memory sits unmoving,
as though carved in stone.

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