A patch of sun

Slowly I let go of the flying skirts of the night
Some stars glimmer in spurts
as it departs, scooping up its skirts.
Gathering in its fold,silhouettes faded ,memories jaded.
The trees rustle a goodbye
The songbirds swell , bloated with notes of new songs.
They carol away, applauding the birth
Of a new day, a new year, of festal cheer.

“So long, farewell, on the past, why dwell?”
croons the bashful songster hidden in the tree.
The new sun cracks open the cloudy canopy.
The rays drench the earth, kissing it into a joyous life.

Miraculously is born a new dawn full of promise,
Encapsulating equality, peace, fairness, justice, bliss
[or so I hope]
Four wisps of smoke waft out from a hut
Outside which snoozes a skeletal cat, lame
claiming a patch of sun as its own .
A mongrel still scrounging around, probably for a bone
A beggar hunting for some golden speck in the wide, blue spaces;
Refusing to be fooled by the flaming horizon in the east.

6 thoughts on “A patch of sun

  1. Kamlesh

    A beautiful poem with powerful imagery, slowly moving from dark images to light. Loved it, Santosh M’am. 🙂


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