A Lovers’ Dream!

Hear the giggles

Hear the squeaks

Come inside and take a peak –

for a marriage takes a twist

Look at what you both can give.


If it’s wanted really true

Love Eternal, both to you.

Love divine, ohh soo sweet

for a marriage nothing’s fake

From it both you dare can take!


Just remember tho’ my friends

What you reap, is what you sow.

Those who dare, are those who win

Hark now listen, to this Lovers’ Song!


Hear the giggles,

Hear the squeaks,

Come inside, do take a peak

for this marriage now takes a turn

Look at what you both have learnt!


God bless you both,

Your love so pure,

You both deserve your love divine,

Remember well, this Lovers’ Song!

(c) sew 2008

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