A Fire and a Prayer

Sky high, fire spitting dragons

haunt my dreams.

Channels flash news of people

smoked out like

rats from holes.

From the curling smoke

screams for help crawl out.

My love resides in

a distant terrain,

trapped inside cubicles

of gigantic skyscrapers.

Everyday she hurries

through breakfast,

hastens to her workplace

scraping down bits and

pieces of humdrum existence.

Through meandering roads

she trudges back at night

holding on to tomorrows

enmeshed in an eddy

of revolving days.

I fold my hands and

a prayer slips through unspoken.

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About Madhumathy R

Former Professor of English from Kochi, India. Holds doctoral degree in African literature; loves to read and write poems; has published poems in journals and would like to engage in discussions on literary themes.

10 thoughts on “A Fire and a Prayer

  1. suzette portes san jose

    each day is a day of new hope as we keep on living… each day comes so many struggles in life we keep on holding on …trusting in prayers… nicely written realization… (Y)


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