A Child’s Heart

“I collected twenty rupees.”
Said the ten year old girl with gleaming eyes.
“I got just six”, pouted the six year old
Tightly holding on to his meagre prize.
Bigger became the child’s pout
When a man, arrogant looking and stout
Waddled towards an ice cream vendor
Into many little pieces broke the child’s heart tender.

Crinkling his acne- scarred nose in disgust utter
Patting his capacious stomach, he did mutter,
Spitting an expletive loud,” these despicable beggars!”

A pleasant looking man watched the duo from his car
“What will you have, a chocolate cone or an orange bar? “
He stepped out of the car, and said
A kind hand on the tiny one’s head.
While the brother –sister duo gorged on ice-creams,
Smacking their lips
The stout one, hands on hips, stuffed his mouth with a burger huge
The kids’ faces broke into grins, they had found their refuge.

The man with the rapacious look and capacious paunch
Now slurped away at a huge glass of mango shake
Wiping his bulbous lips with his branded shirt fake
Perhaps trying some centennial thirst to slake?

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