A Blank Sheet of Paper

There is a blank sheet of paper,

a sheet of paper with nothing written on it;

but interpretations vary;

Nothing is written there

but people have read different things into it;

Is this the original blank sheet of paper

or a copy?

One has to be sure,

there are so many forgeries about

that even look like the real thing;

Disputes invariably arise as to the intentions

of whoever it was left that

blank sheet of paper to be found;

Some go so far as to question

whether it wasn’t simply discarded

and the discovery of it

merely chance.

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4 thoughts on “A Blank Sheet of Paper

  1. VijayNair

    A fascinating and enigmatic write inviting the reader to contribute his/her perspective.I am reminded, obliquely, to some of Wallace Stevens’ poems.

  2. keith

    Encountered too many blank sheets of paper of late. Testament in my case to block. Should have investigated more thoroughly and I may have seen what you see !


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